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11th April 2018
The Royal Bengal Tiger - at last!

Brings back memories
Wow! I saw a tiger back in 1979 just before I met Greg, crossing the road in front of the elephant we were riding. The feeling is like no other. Thank you for reviving that memory. Jean
3rd April 2018

Memories fade and spirits are soon refreshed
Can't imagine seeing this burial ritual from a boat at sunset. That must have been an amazing experience. History and archeological sites abound.Thanks for the travel tips and where to stay.
2nd April 2018

Great article. I love the ‘make it snappy’ advice.
30th March 2018

The Pied Pipers
Mike might gather the locals but you David weave the spells with your enchanting turns of phrase that compels them along.
4th April 2018

Turn of phrase
Thank you Dave. Mike’s knowledge of the country and its people, plus all his years of experience in the travel industry make the whole thing possible - and he has a handle on all the facts! David. I’m never quite sure what is more important for Travelblog readers, the story or the facts. I do have the benefit of a creative writing diploma earned in retirement some years back!
28th March 2018

One Of The Oldest City In India ...Older Than History Varanasi is a great city ....
27th March 2018

What an extraordinary photo David. Has a real wow factor.
25th March 2018
Mirzapur - 8am on the chilly Ganges

Mysterious and full of history.
26th March 2018
Mirzapur - 8am on the chilly Ganges

Hi Dave and Merry Jo, Always good to hear from you. This was my third visit and it gets better every time. How fortunate I am to have a brother with such good connections there - this was his twelfth visit. There's more to come as you will realise from Mikes version (keep smiling) - he sees very different things to me! We're off to Ireland in the motorhome soon; must remember to take the umbrella. David
23rd March 2018

Travel broadens the mind
Indeed you are so right. Each trip is a magnificent education. The Beatles experience paved the way for many to come. loved your comparison of traffic to a Hitchcock scene. Mike needs to write a book. Glad you two are traveling together again.
21st March 2018

Nice to read about a part of India I have yet to see. My experience with the trains didn’t deter my overall enjoyment of India. I’d sure like to go back but for now your blog and pictures will suffice. Thank you for sharing!
18th March 2018

Hello David and Janice, You are amazing. So nice to get your story and photos of this trip to India. Fortunate that Mike could travel with you. As you may remember we met in
may remember Barry and I met you at the campground in Newfoundland in July 2006. Thanks for sending me your blog. Love, Sally
18th March 2018

Hello Sally, How could we possibly forget you both and your lovely little caravan in Newfoundland! Wonderful to hear from you and hoping you are keeping well. There's more of India to come. We have another new motorhome now and will be in Ireland sometime soon. Love, David and Janice
17th March 2018
Aarti at Haridwar

Its beautiful i have seen the arti and i also like the arti of mahodadhi the ocean of Puri, its my site
16th March 2018

Return to India
A brothers trip is always a grand affair. Glad you are having a good time. Thank you for taking to a location we've not seen. I would love to see all those kites. Happy travels.
17th March 2018

Return to India
Hi D & MJ, Mike's knowledge of this amazing country is endless and his planning faultless as much as India will allow! Great to hear from you again.
14th March 2018

I sit agog reading your latest missive David...transported to the mass of colour, devotion and humanity that are part of your return to India. Wow!
17th March 2018

Hi Dave, There are so many things to blast the mind in India. More to come yet!
6th March 2018

Enjoying your blogs
Hi David, just a quick note to let you know that Jan and I are very much enjoying your blogs! So keep at it. We are currently at a campsite in Navajas, north west of Valencia, on our way home after 7 weeks in Spain and Portugal. We’ve had a lovely time and the weather has been great - a good bit better than the UK!!
15th March 2018

Seven weeks!
Hi Peter and Jan, Fantastic to hear you,re still getting the most from motorhoming and enjoying the sunshine. We‘re taking a break from those long journeys south for winter and will shortly be off west to Ireland for a month -new territory for our motorhome. There’s more of India to come shortly - down the Ganges, into the forests looking for tigers and leopards and out in the desert! Will be in touch sometime soon. D &J
5th March 2018

A second trip
India is charming, yes and assault on the senes but if you can't look past that your travels will be limited. . A Brother trip is always a good thing.... glad you've been unleashed! Sounds like you will be on FB pages around India. Thanks for taking us along on the travels. MJ
3rd March 2018

Now look what you have done
We haven't experienced this area of India, we need to get planning. Travel experiences certainly broaden the mind, it should be compulsory. Fantastic photos, I love the panoramic ones. Have tried to add these on my blog but it keeps telling me the ratio isn't right, how do you do it?
4th March 2018

Now look what you’ve done!
Hi Moi and Graeme, Hello you two adventurers. Love your blog too! What an adventure you’re having. You’re amazing. Panoramas are not really difficult if you have any photo editing that allows you to crop pictures. it’s best to duplicate your picture first if you can otherwise you will only have the cropped version left. Just crop long and thin - at least three times as wide as deep. Email me if you have difficulty. Keep going! David

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