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10th February 2019

What a beauty
Nice pic. I've posted it in our 'Animals with character' thread in the Photography Forum. Check it out.
10th February 2019

A trip to remember indeed!
Great photos, your inimitable descriptive words, great memories. Yes, it was a remarkable journey and I was delighted to share my love of India - familiar and new, spiritual and spicy, wild and wonderful - with you, big brother.
5th February 2019

I have no idea there were so many types of camels either. And I definitely didn't know they could swim! I grew up thinking camels were foul tempered animals, but I now wonder if we wouldn't all be equally foul tempered if we were treated the way they are... and I'll take smelly surly camels over scurrying rats any day :)
4th February 2019

No rats for me
I will never knowingly go to the rat temple! I hate rats. Love your bird photos.
2nd February 2019

Trip 8... wow
We've decided you should write an India travel guide.... well, I guess you have with your blogs. Great information. We love following your adventure. We enjoy reading your non-tourist adventures. Happy travels
3rd February 2019

India travel guide
Hi Dave and Merry Jo, Good to hear from you. It’s my little brother who should be writing the guide of course. THe proble mis that he has so many friends in Rajasthan that he has to visit them every time he goes and it then leaves him with little time to go elsewhere! What’s next on your list?
2nd February 2019

Thank you
Once again a magical tour as I sit in my armchair with morning coffee
2nd February 2019

That visit was too short.
Khandela, as I think I mentioned in my blog, is the real Rajasthan. I could have happily spent more time there - and will be sure to do so next time. Raisalji made us so welcome too. Fond memories. Some terrific photos - but, oh, it looks like I need to stick to a veggie diet or cut down on the rice!
3rd February 2019

Less rice?
I presume you’ll let me know if I make any outrageous errors! And you’re ok the shape you are! Big Bro
31st January 2019

It seems like a long time ago!
Oh, yes, it was a long time ago! Thanks for the memories - there are some photos there that I haven't seen before too. I still have a couple more blogs of our trip in the pipeline - well, not so much 'in the pipeline' as 'in my head'. Maybe I'll get around to publishing at least one of them today. Tomorrow will be today tomorrow, won't it?
11th December 2018
Glorious Letchworth State Park

Letchworth State Park
Another reason why US State Parks are so great. Great pic
1st December 2018

Wonderful report as always. If it your swan song, a brilliant wind up to your entire body of work. There is a book there I believe. What I don’t believe is that the GHNs are done communicating their adventures. You will find a way. Until then...hike on.
1st December 2018

Welcome home!
Okay, I know you've been home for ages and that you're missing North America (who wouldn't miss its over-exuberance at this time of year, eh?) - but the UK weather's a bit similar right now. Oh, and I've printed out this latest interesting blog, just in case...!
30th November 2018

Clearly, you're not feeling motorhomeless!
Great sights, good weather and some excellent accommodation. Super photos too - I particularly like the one of Montezuma Wildlife Refuge (I recall experiencing his Revenge on occasions!).
25th November 2018

words from Waseosa
Another great blog; maybe my favourite. Gee I wonder why... Pleasure to wander down memory lane with you while you report on the Muskoka leg of your trip. We enjoyed every minute of your visit and would happily have you back every year if your weren't so set on exploring every corner of our tired globe. You made Kingston actually sound exciting David. A testament to your observational skills and writing skills. Good to hear that the rest of the trip was similarly good and we look forward to the next instalment by the Grey Haired Nomads. cheers, Tom
23rd November 2018

More memories?!
Thanks for sharing these memories, both new and refreshed. This has jogged my memory about our month in Canada in 2011, which included the Thousand Islands - but my blogs only went as far as part way through our west coast tour. I never did get around to writing about the east coast. Memories? Mine's awful! P.S. In case you weren't aware, the email system that automatically notifies your subscribers of blog publication hasn't worked since 11 November. You may want to email them yourself.
24th November 2018

More memories
Hi Mike, Good that you found us. I was suspicious that the subscribers were not notified! The next blog is ready, but I'll delay publication if it's still not rectified. Speak soon - if I remember, David
23rd November 2018
Lake Waseosa sunrise

Pull up a chair
I opened a Pintail Pale Ale from San Diego, California to read your blog David...closest thing I could find to where you are to enjoy the sublime time you seem to be having. Sometimes one can only dream what other folk out there are doing. I'll dream can do the enjoying!
24th November 2018
Lake Waseosa sunrise

Pull up a chair
Hi Dave, That's a very special place for us as you doubtless realise. Keep drinking the beer! David (I'm a David though brother, Mike, always insisted on calling me Dave!)
21st November 2018

Thanks for the memories...
I also spent some summers at a campground on the Muskoka Lakes, and crossing into Canada and having to put up with the Border agents who thought I was going to Canada to dodge the draft. It's good to have friends everywhere.
22nd November 2018

Hi Bob, Janice would happily live up there in Huntsville, but we keep travelling and eventually find our way back here, to our home in Norfolk, UK.
27th August 2018

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