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13th February 2014

Searching for spectacular views
I held my breath as you went around those hairpin curves along narrow mountain roads. Cyclists are always amazing....I loved the decorated cows. Stunning views around every corner.
13th February 2014

Just before taking the it
12th February 2014

I don't like heights
Wow, For someone who doesn't like heights I can only imagine what it was like to go round those hairpin bends. I'll settle for seeing the photos when you're back and we can enjoy the gentle hills at Thetford GC. Incidentally, I've had lessons from Stuart Smith for a few years now. What I like about him is that he demonstrates what he teaches. He has a message for you when you next see him. Enjoy the break. You're not missing much here as you may know. Rain, floods, more rain and now gale force winds. Even our fishing lake is closed because of floods! It's unsafe. Can't see where the lake edge is. Keep smiling you two. Cheers, John
11th February 2014
Lunch stop!

Lunch with a view
11th February 2014

Searching for enlightenment
Meeting up with friends along with way is always so much fun. It adds to the experience to have a rendezvous. I've always wanted to see Chamonix and your description reminds me we need to get there. Switzerland seems to offer everything- the mountains, the valleys, the rivers the flowers and stunning beauty. What a fantastic lunch spot you found.
11th February 2014

Hello Dave and Merry Jo, Yes, indeed, Switzerland has incredible beauty, particularly if you love mountains as we do. Sadly we only touched a little corner of it on this journey, as you will see when the next Switzerland blog comes in a day or two, having been to other parts before. I'm afraid the weather beat us on this occasion and we departed for the lowlands, and a visit to Verdun, on our route home and a long time on our list. We're currently in Spain and the wind is blowing a gale! That was not in the plan either! David
10th February 2014
Awesome post .i hope everybody will like your post
9th February 2014

Norway has replaced Switzerland...
at the top of the Economist's Big Mac Index, making it the most expensive country relative to Purchasing Power Parity. I just read Masiondebonheur's blog about Japan being cheaper to travel in than Thailand...can't believe that! Anyway, caravaning in Switzerland seems to be the way to go! Thanks for filling in the gaps for last year.
9th February 2014
Barrage de Mauvoisin

wonderful pics! Thanks for sharing!
I'm from a small place near Lyon. Been living abroad for many years. Maybe I should get back home... years of traveling, looking for amazingly beautiful places when things are actually gorgeous in my backyard. Thanks again for sharing
9th February 2014

Feet up, chin up, catch up...
Looks like you're making good use of your time in the sun while we shiver in the wind and rain of an English winter - which reminds me: I should do something about my blogs from our 2011 visit to Canada!!
6th February 2014

Sounds idyllic...
such a wonderful way to spend a winter away from the Isles with like-minded friends from many countries.
6th February 2014

Hummmmmmmm, the French rack up the tolls? And how do you think they manage to have the best road network in the world? Looking at the pot holes here at the moment with all the rain, the UK feels like a third world country. All above said with a smile of course but still true. So pleased you are having a great time and I can see sunshine too. Come and stay with us when you are back. you are always welcome. Love XX
30th January 2014
The north of Norway

Very interesting
I recently came across your blog and I like what I have seen. Subscribe me please. You may find mine at
3rd February 2014
The north of Norway

Motorhome News from Norway
Hello Roger, Many thanks for your comments. It's always good to know someone gets to read some of my nonsense. We did get a mention in an article in the Toronto Globe and Mail (is that right?) some years back following our return from around North America including coast to coast Canada. You'll find our current blogs a bit confusing. We're actually now in Spain, but other commitments have delayed some earlier blogs from 2013 - France, Wales - and Switzerland still to come! The first from our present trip will come in a few days! I'll take a look at your blog when Wifi time permits - we're on campsites in our RV right now. David
22nd January 2014

Where in the world?
Hi you two, At least we now know where you are !!!! Hope you are enjoying Spain and look forward to seeing you in March. Am I supposed to talk about Wales? That was the first place my father let me go with Roy on the motorbike so fond memories. Love Sallyxx
20th January 2014

murder you
18th January 2014

As 15% of the Welsh population - plus a handful in Patagonia - might say: Stori diddorol arall gyda lluniau gwych. Cadwch gwenu! (Translate into a more familiar language at imtranslator!)
21st January 2014

Hello Boyo!
Thank you little brother. We do try! David and Janice
17th January 2014

I absolutely adore your writing style. Picturing what your describing is very easy. Have you ever considered writing a book? Anyways, it sounds like it was an awesome trip. I visited France a few years ago and absolutely loved it. Such a beautiful place. Keep the amazing posts coming, Victoria
19th January 2014

Thank you for your kind comments, Victoria. We love France for its scenic variety, its generous space, passive lifestyle and its respect for motorhomers. I have had a go at writing in the past and have a diploma to go with it, but getting published is another thing! I keep promising myself some free time to have another try but living seems to get in the way and I prefer that at the moment! I quite like poetry too as you might have noticed if you go back far enough. Thank you for reading my ramblings. That's reward enough for the time-being. David The rear half of the grey haired nomads
17th January 2014

Welcome back...
Great to see that you are writing your blog again - have missed reading your adventures. Looking forward to seeing the photos from France - I'm sure they will be as good as ever. I will be interested to read your Switzerland blog having travelled extensively, over the years, in that wonderful country. Happy travelling & blogging in 2014 !!
17th January 2014

What a joy to read
We dream of visiting Wales and your prose excites us beyond words. We long to see the "swatches of buttercups, ferns and pink campions along the narrow lanes". We imagine Wales to be blustery and it does sound so by your description. How fantastic to be exploring this wonderful land. Sorry you missed the grave but the cliffside walk and the train sound just perfect. Happy travels.
17th January 2014

Yakki Dai
As you can see I have no idea how to spell this well known and well used Welsh greeting but I'm reliably informed that I pronounce it like a native. I hear on the grapevine that the National Trust are to issue a new £4.00 coin for use in their car parks. It's called the Fossey and in true National Trust spirit it's only available to members for a nominal handling fee of £1.00. Buenos Notches
19th January 2014

Iechyd da
Hi John, Good to see you're still with us after three years up the Amazon. We're now actually in Spainfor the winter, returning home in early March - Wales was last summer but I've been so involved with marketing at the golf club, my blogging has got rather behind! (We have 114 new members last year and it's still going strong I hear) I always thought of it a 'yakky da' (good health) until i saw the headline here written in the window of the shop where we bought the Welsh Whisky. I went inside to find out what it meant, realising that was the correct spelling, and came out with the bottle (now empty) and the answer to my question. See you sometime soon and hope you are both well and smiling. The blog for this trip will follow Switzerland, wip! David and Janice

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