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23rd November 2006

Tan, You are lucky to be alive! What a horrendous experience. I hope the rest of your trip will be more enjoyable. I know you enjoyed the monkeys (until they got your camera), but it seems quite dangerous. Winter has arrived in SC. Happy Thanksgiving! In case you are unaware, that is tomorrow, Thurs, 11/23. Take care. Be careful. Love, Mom
23rd November 2006

Feliz Dia del Pavo
As always, having so much fun reading about your adventures. I always read them with Jon Carlo and he really enjoys the pictures. It's cool that you are providing him with an adventure too. Just wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and mucha suerte so you don't encounter more death bridges. Un beso de tu amiga Elena
23rd November 2006

And I thought MY house was insane with all the k-words! Yeah, monkeys, definitely NOT SO MUCH. They're cute, but all while I was reading your stuff I was like "Man, T, that sounds TOO much like you're working at a day-care center full of bratty suburban toddlers--except with TEETH!" R.I.P camera, and I hope you find a new one soon--you know how I feel about your pictures! Glad the mem chip survived, at least... I'll e-mail you soon with an update on my job yet!
23rd November 2006

Happy Thanksgiving
hi Tanya, We are getting ready to cook turkey on the grill and all the rest of the feast tomorrow. It is quite warm here, like in the mid-60's so we are lucky. Your monkey photos are wonderful. They are so adorable. I think I'd enjoy cuddling them. Sure am glad your memory card was ok and good luck with the replacement camera!!! Happy Turkey Day! love, holly and john
23rd November 2006

Have you any idea how TOTALLY different your life is than mine at this moment!?!?! It almost sounds unbelievable when I read your blogs...but oh, the stories you'll have to tell to your grandchildren and others for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!!! Send me some monkey kisses! Happy Thanksgiving, my traveling friend! xoxo
9th November 2006

Tana, the photos of Peru are gorgeous--justt breathtaking scenery and sites. I cannot imagine how stunning it msut be in reality. Thanks so much for taking time to share what you have seen and experienced. I hope and pray that you have better tour companies and more honest, reliable advice in the future. I admire your resilience and adaptability. jane
6th November 2006

hey kate, great to hear from you. i am in monkey park, altho it probably would´ve been better to put me in quarentine, because it will be a bloody miracle if i don´t murder a dumb tourist there!! Fidel is quite the pocket thief, but i haven´t met the other 2. I´ll keep an eye out. We have lots of cute little babies! Hugs! Tana
5th November 2006

Hey Tana, Hope you're having an awesome time. I wonder if you're working in the Monkey Park or Quarantine. Give Chayan, Jenny and Fidel lots of love from me. Can't wait to hear what's going on there. I'm working with some ex-IWY volunteers here to organise a fundraising event for the refuge so hopefully we can send some money for the cheeky little trouble-makers soon. Lots of love and hugs, Kate.
5th November 2006

So what's the deal with why you can't bring a camera for the first week? That sounds.....cultish, or something. And gossip-hound that I am, I wanna hear about that first hostel. It sounds like a hell of a bad-travel story. Not to detract from your cool-as-always adventures--but oh my god, SO much monster-news. (But don't read my blog--there are sad kitty-stories there. Not about MY kitties--but you don't wanna know.) I'll e-mail you.
5th November 2006

Tan, Are there actually tigers running loose? Again sounds rather primative. Do you like the monkeys best? Are they more human-like? Take care. We will all like to know more about this place. I got on the site -- not many pictures! Love, Mom
4th November 2006

Colors of the rainbow...
Tana, Wow! The colorful textiles are so amazing. I'll bet you just loved that! Machu Picchu photos are sureal. I can't believe you get to go to so many amazing places. Hope you know we miss you back in the states! Take care of your self. Enjoy!!!! Korky
4th November 2006

Bus Ferrys....
Tana, Sure looks like you had a great time in Copa. It looks like the bus on the ferry is kneeling down to take a drink! Can't believe how peaceful the water looks! Hope you are just soaking in all the amazing things you're showing us! Be safe. Korky
4th November 2006

Loved the Outfits!
I loved the outfits you wore to the dance. They look comfy and warm. Love hearing about your experiences. It is so sad to know how much so many people devalue animals. What can we do about it?
28th October 2006

Tan, Some really scary, sub-human experiences. I would have hopped a plane months ago back to civilization! Some of the outfits in your latest pictures remind me (again) of Afghani outfits -- probably same cold climate. The pictures of the Copacabana are very beautiful. Way too many mountains for me. Be safe. Love, Mom
27th October 2006

I want a reed boat
I think we should get John and his mom working on a reed boat for our pond, don't you? You are having some amazing experiences. How cool that you got to dress up in their local clothes and go dancing!! These are some of my favorite photos. Actually made me want to experience some of that. I don't think I'd handle it like you do, but it's fun to dream. Keep up the great work! love, holly
27th October 2006

Hi Tan-- Great pics!! Those reed boats are really works of art. I wonder how long it takes to make one and how long they last. I don't guess you saw one under construction or you would have taken a picture of it. The costumes are so colorful and you have captured some very interesting moments. So, have you received any book offers yet? You pictures and narratives would make a nice coffee table book! By the time you read this, you should be in the jungle. I hope you enjoy Bolivia. Takes lots of pictures! Be safe. Love, Dad
26th October 2006

You Never Did Like Public Trans.
You should have asked them to let you ride on the sofa. Prob'ly would have been comfy! And I'm quite jealous that you found a sweet Brit to chat with. You know how I am about accents. Two posts in a week!! You'll spoil us... :)
26th October 2006

Good timing!
hi- Gosh, yesterday I was just thinking that it was time to hear from you again and here was your blog today. Thanks! I wasn't sure if I should worry and if I should worry then what? These photos are unbelievable and you look wonderful. Have I thanked you for sharing? It got down to 24 night before last here. Brrrrr...... Keep having fun. love, h and j
25th October 2006

That scarf? so five it's eighteen. :) And that butterfly is TOTALLY calendar-worthy. As always, your pix are wonderful! Good to hear from you again...I was wondering if Peru had eaten you, or something.
15th October 2006

Tana, I am sorry to hear you had such an unpleasant time in Peru. I continue to enjoy your travel stories so very much and am grateful for the opportunity to visit all these places vicariously. Your ability to convery the flavor of the communities and the people is remarkable and the photos are fabulous. Thansk so much for taking the time and investing the effort to share so mcuh fo your experiences with the less adventurous of us.
14th October 2006

Hi Tan-- Peru doesn't sound too great but some of your pictures were very very good. The clown on stilts was really something! Was he running? The littered beaches were a shame. Doesn't seem like there is too much pride in Peru. Did you take any pictures of the Andean condors? I saw one once in the zoo in San Diego. Impressive birds! So how long will you be in Bolivia? Are you going back into the jungle? Will you be on a tour? Send more pictures! Be safe- Love, Dad
14th October 2006

Hey there!
Okay so I was lost and now I am found. I lost the web page info and then when I finally got it from K. it wasn't working. You are AWEsome! You really sound like, despite some drama, you are having a blast. I especially enjoyed the Monkey reserve or whatever it was. Just a short. mess. for now. Just wanted to let you know that I am still here. Enjoy for us all. LOVE the Llama. G.
14th October 2006

Glad ya found some. I bet you could find a Starbucks in the middle of the desert! But did they know your name?
12th October 2006

you are amazing!
hi Tanya, Gosh, are you having the experiences of a lifetime, or what??? I sit at the edge of my seat reading your blog, oohing, ahhing, and gasping and sometimes even talking to you. I was very sad about the food poisoning, but you just roll with the punches, don't you? Your photos keep getting better and I didn't think that was possible. It got cold here overnight. Frost on the pumpkins! Thanks! love, h.
12th October 2006

Food poisoning...yum!
How funny--I just had nacho-based food-poisoning as well, though yours sounds FAR worse. (Note to Self: DO NOT eat the expired sour cream.) Glad you're over it... Based on your blog entries I think I'm gonna cross Peru off my "places to go eventually" list. Oh, by the way--want something to gloat about? Guess what it's doing here? SNOWING. :::sigh:::

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