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24th January 2007

What the Heck?
Tana, SO, can you give us your occupational direction?..... What's up w/ so many lame people who don't comment on your blog? Thanks for adding all the extra pics here. :-) Be well. Korky
23rd January 2007

So are you gonna tell us or WHAT???????? :) jeeeeez...
20th January 2007

Would the correct answer be "a photographer, doofus"??? Or "professional Crazy Cat Lady"? (Though you can't have that one--that's MY job.) If it's neither of the above I'm guessing "travel writer" or "full-time cave-dwelling Frappucino-guzzling hermit". No one ever said I was decisive. :)
20th January 2007

Civilization, nice....
Tana, Glad you finally got off the dirt/mud/rock roads and on some pavement. Any Starbucks in the civilized world? :-) I would guess what your epiphany was, but I can't guess worth a damn! ;-) Have a good rest of your trip!!!!! Your son misses you. Korky
9th January 2007

Tana, this is amazing! Keep the blogs coming!!! What an amazing trip! I have a warm room and free parking ready for you whenever you finally get home, if you're interested! :) Keep warm, my friend!
7th January 2007

Ice? Ice!!!
Tana, Jeezzzzz.... It's like the Cool Runnings movie. I'd have thought you weren't allowed to visit the glacier, 'cuz you would melt it w/ your space heater!! (or, did you NOT bring that???!!!) hahahaha It is SO cool to see you exploring all the way to the END of the World!! :-) Glad you're ok. Miss you. Write when you can!
3rd January 2007

Happy 2007
Tan, You must have been completely frozen. Remember the parades in the cold weather? I'm sure this was WAY colder! I cannot imagine. The southermost city in the world, though very scenic, looks also very dreary. Can you imagine living there? The penquins look like that movie about penquins. Are you into the warmer climate now, or soon? Take care. The pictures are great though I am sorry about your camera. Love, Mom PS Looks like you are in GREAT shape (and your hair is getting long too!
3rd January 2007

Happy New Year!
We've missed you. I've been anxious to hear from you and as always it was worth the wait. Your glacier walking and those hikes you have survived and the cold...... You are tough. What if you start loving the cold? I didn't want the photos to end. Thanks so much for keeping us in the loop with you on this adventure. We sure are boring in comparison. All is good here and since the ice storm a month ago it's mostly been above average temps and only a few rainy days. Happy New Year! :-) Oh, and good work with the kitties. Good thing you came along when you did, huh?
3rd January 2007

You drank a glacier???
Man, I want to drink glacier cubes! Sucks about your camera, though...still, you had a way better new years than I did--I filed two years of bills and paperwork. Exciting start to 2007... hopefully it just gets better from here! As always, great pix, and cute penguin!! Lisa and I went to the zoo at Xmas and saw the penguins there, but I'm thinking yours are way cooler! (literally and figuratively...) I'll send a real e-mail soon...
31st December 2006

sorry, i got this late. don`t remember the name of the place but it was right on the plaza 25th mayo. the guy´s name was david. good luck
22nd December 2006

Digital camera repair man?
Hi, my camera has also given up the ghost and we´re heading to Sucre next, please please could you let me know where you found the guy who repaired yours??
14th December 2006

Happy Holidays
Wow!! You have had a wonderful and exciting 6 months!!! I am so jealous, that is of most things. The bed bugs, scorpions and tarantulas are just a few of the things that I could not have handled. I do admire you!! Thank you for the gift you have given to all of us that get your blog, the chance to see the beautiful places you visit. I have enjoyed it so much and look forward to each entry. As for me here in SC, I will not bore you as I have nothing to share that begins to compare with your adventures. I hope your holidays are happy and filled with new and exciting things. Merry Christmas!!! PS While sitting on Santas lap, did you ask for a husband?
From Blog: Happy Holidays!
13th December 2006

Oh, my goodness. I'm all weepy after reading your recap. I have been enjoying each and every blog, but yet when you put it in that format and I read one after another of your extreme experiences I was overwhelmed. I cannot imagine how you are feeling. Words cannot express. I can't thank you enough for sharing it with us. I look forward to hearing from you and your next installment. Happy Holidays! Did you wish for more kitties on Santa's lap?
From Blog: Happy Holidays!
13th December 2006

You forgot...
"was crapped on by monkeys". I'd call that a highlight! (Okay, I wouldn't call it a highlight if it happened to ME, but since it happened to someone who's NOT me and I heard about it, I'm calling it a highlight.) :) This is better than New Years Eve with an itchy cat on your feet and a cantankerous roomie on the sofabed, I'll bet...Hope your tour goes well! Post soon...and happy whatevermas!
From Blog: Happy Holidays!
13th December 2006

Wow Tanya! You've sure been busy. I enjoyed the re-cap, really sounds wonderful! I hope you enjoy your holidays abroad. I am sure it's an amazing experience. Take care, and thanks for writing so much!!! :-)
From Blog: Happy Holidays!
13th December 2006

wow, what a year!!!
No way I can top that, though I had previously thought I'd had an eventful year!!! :) love to you, my traveling friend, debi
From Blog: Happy Holidays!
12th December 2006

Glad you are out of Bolivia!
Tan- Great pictures, as usual. I'm glad you got your camera fixed. What kind of mine was it? Looks like they were just mining a bunch of rocks! The bed bugs sound gross. How were you able to sleep in that bed? I'm itching just thinking about it. The salt flats look like salt flats. What's the big attraction? i don't think I would want to stay in a hotel made out of salt! I bet you had to pay an arm and a leg to get something to drink in that place. Was it hot there? I don't know why I am asking all these questions since you probably won't reply to them in your blog. Maybe I better send you an email full of questions. Stay safe and send more blogs-- Love, Dad
12th December 2006

good timing!
hey there- John just said to me two days ago that we hadn't heard from you in awhile. I told him that whenever I had that feeling that within a day or so you always sent a blog and once again you came through. :-) As always your photos are beyond belief and your escapades amaze me. We just love hearing from you. The happy colored houses are great. Thanks!!!! Many people around here went 4-6 1/2 days without power last week due to an ice storm. Many trees lost lots of their branches and power lines were down everywhere! The sunshine in your photos looked very nice! Thanks!!!!
11th December 2006

When soap makes you emotional, you know it's time to come home. :) And monster, what the heck? You know what happens if you pray to the devil-shrine for a husband?? You get JEROME. He's out there somewhere, you know. Glad your camera is alive, though I'm looking for a pic of the hostel cat and I'm sorely disappointed at its absence... Stupid question: What happens at the salt hotel when it rains??? 'Nother stupid question: Are you standing on a giant can of PRINGLES??????????? How did corporate rat-crap get into the desert??? so confused..... I think I should go around to my neighbors and see if I can persuade them to paint their houses happy colors like in those pix of Valparaiso. (Which I cannot, no matter how much I try, stop associating with a city in Indiana. Less mountains, though. Post again soon, enjoy your toilet paper, and don't let the bedbugs bite. (Seriously. Gross.)
11th December 2006

So amazing to read your blog!! I am sooooo jealous!!! I still fantasize about packing the baby on my back and doing a version of what you're doing one day.....keep the dream alive, Tana!!!! xoxo
11th December 2006

Tan, Absolutely amazing pics. I cannot imagine the salt flats - even with the pictures. Do people use the hotel? I also cannot imagine going down into a mine -- even a US one. I wonder what the life span of one of those miners are? The rest of your trip sounds horrendous -- you must be very physically strong right now just to be able to tolerate the trip. Stay safe. Love, Mom
6th December 2006

OH lord Tana.....What an exhausting month you had. The pictures are truly amazing and what an experience. I can't even imagine the insane chaos that you breifly described. Im happy you got out of there alive though, it sounds like you left just in time! Stay safe, and enjoy every minute of this crazy adventure! (the pictures remind me of Cambodia.....only with a little different flavor!)
6th December 2006

Tana, your mom came to visit today and brought the beautiful turquoise scarf and the lovely Indian doll. Thank you ever so much. I really appreciate your thinking of me. It was delightful to see her and hear about what has been going on with her, your dad and Scott, as well as you. I look forward to your next entry and hearing the latest about yoru travels. Jane
27th November 2006

Tana, Jeez, it sounds like you had a momentous couple weeks in the wild! SO glad you didn't get mushed on the front of a big truck. Monkey babies peeing on you? hmmmmm maybe not quite what I thought you'd had in mind...... :-) But, the sleeping baby pic is SO precious! Please take care, Peanut might want his mommy to come back!!! :-) Kwirk
26th November 2006

Happy Thanksgiving
Tana, I am so glad your memory chip survived the monkey theft. Your photos are wonderful, and i am so enjoying the vicarious travel to places I cannot imagine ever seeing in person. I am very grateful for all the effort you invest in keeping us apprised of your experiences. I hope you have had a wonderuful weekend and had meals more interesting than the turkey that so many here think is essential. I admire your resilience, courage and sense of humor so much. I cannot imagine telling my mom I'd been swimming with crocodiles. Jane

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