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6th July 2006

Wonder pics!
Hey Tan, Glad you got where you were going! Your bus ride sounded like quite an adventure. You pictures are absolutely fantastic!! Keep them coming. What is your work assignment? Hope you have time to have some fun. Love, Dad
6th July 2006

Great Pics
Tan, The pictures are beautiful! Not exactly my terrain though! Thank goodness you are in good shape. I bet you have lost weight since leaving the Us. Take care. Love, Mom PS Read some of the diaries so I know what it's like where you are,.
6th July 2006

Tanya, Oh my goodness. It doesn't even seem real. It sounds like you are doing all the things you want to do and who knew you'd find eco/vegie type accomodations? Too cool! It is wonderful to get to read about your adventure and then the photos are the icing on the cake. Thank you for keeping us in the loop. Feels like we are there with you.
1st July 2006

Bug Patrol
Tana, Peanut said he would have chased that bug away. Or... That bug would have chased Peanut away. I can't understand him when he mumbles..... :-) Cheers
30th June 2006

I'm travelling right there with you. Its great to follow your steps! and very exciting to show my son your pictures, so beautiful, keep them coming. Did you reach Anahi, my friend in Quito? Sigue escribiendo y practica tu español
28th June 2006

Wow! Las islas son hermosas y el agua es tan azul. Deseo que estuviera alli. Buena suerte con las lecciones espanolas. Muchos abrazos.
27th June 2006

Check out the water
Hey Tana, the water looks so beautiful! Im going to Thailand on my way home so hopefully I'll get to spend some time in crystal blue waters. Snorkelling with the sea lions must've been amazing. take care. xoxo
26th June 2006

Hi Tan-- Great Pics! Send more. Hope you are having a good time. When do Spanish lessons start? How are your accomodations? Love, Dad
26th June 2006

Glad to see you are having such a great time. Living vicariously through you! Love the Roach, remind you of anybody? Ha ha. G.
26th June 2006

Giant Roach
See, the giant roach would have been the first and last thing I saw of South America. Because the minute I finished screaming like a girl, I would have run my butt back to the airport and gotten on the nearest bug-free plane back home. But that's why you're travelling the world and I'm staying home in the 'hood. :) Gorgeous pictures, T!!!
17th June 2006

Just thinking of you!
Please try and take pics I'd love to see what you're doing. Love you and don't forget the alarm!!!
From Blog: G'day Mate
17th June 2006

Tana, You sound very happy. Keep enjoying this amazing experience. We love hearing about it. Thanks for sharing! love, john and holly
17th June 2006

Hi Tan, Sounds like you are having a ball. How long did you swim with the dolphins? Post some pics. Love, Dad
15th June 2006

You Can Do It Tana!
You go girl! I wish you all the luck in the world. Be safe. G.
From Blog: Miami Bound!
14th June 2006

Good luck!
Can't believe this day has finally arrived! Have a safe flight and I hope our advice came in handy. xoxo
From Blog: Miami Bound!
10th June 2006

Miss you already!
I have such mixed emotions about you leaving. You are my friend, baby sister and ex-coworker. Please, let's try to get together by Wednesday, even if it's just for 1/2 hour. I'm so very proud of you and excited about your adventure to say the least. You and I are starting a new life at the same time. How exciting is that!!! And I told Kirk that I will be checking in on little Peanut so he better be expecting me. Love you so much!!! Kathy
From Blog: G'day Mate
2nd June 2006

Wishing you lifes best
Hey Tana, hope you have a wonderful time. I am so proud of you for following your dreams. Keep us all updated on things when you can.
From Blog: G'day Mate

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