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12th April 2009

All I can say is that you and Walt are much braver than I. I know that you are having experiences that you have never had before, but....I do have to admit that the pictures you have posted are gorgeous! I get excited each time I see that a new blog is posted!
10th April 2009

Great story
Everette, I'm really enjoying your travel reports. I printed them to take for Bernice this weekend. See if you can get Pop to write a few words! Happy Easter.
3rd April 2009

I am loving your blogs!! It is all so interesting, but I'll bet that you are happier than ever that you live in the USA!!! Keep the blogs coming!
1st April 2009

I am glad that things are better than they were in the first entry! I was beginning to wonder how much fun this trip was going to be! It is wonderful to hear about your adventures and to see pictures. Be careful!!!
31st March 2009

Everette, you're the MOST adventurous person I know. Always look forward to your next blog.
31st January 2009

Everett, What beautiful places and what a great break from the winter! The pictures are great! Keep on having a great time! Gloria
31st January 2009

Well, you really went from one extreme to the other, didn't you! I would have loved the zoo and the beauty there is amazing. Continue to have a glorious time!
31st January 2009

Thanks so much for including me in your list of blog recipients! I am jealous. It all looks so beautiful, and I can't wait to see that early anniversary present! Continue to have fun!
28th January 2009

What a wonderful adventure you two are having! Continue to enjoy and be safe. We loved the pictures.
28th January 2009

Everette, I was born in Dunedin, Florida. So, this caught my eye. Looks like you are having so much fun.
21st January 2009

Sheep Skin Factory
We lived in NZ for six NZ summers--we don't do snow anymore. We always went to the sheepskin factory. I found it was cheaper to mail something home than to pay the GST. I had an 8 skin cover sent home I'm still using on my bed. It was waiting for me when I got home. We lived in our RV and stayed in the park in Hastings behind the race track. You can take your folding chair and drink and watch the "gallops" from the backside. I always liked to sit a few feet back in case one of the horses came through the fence. Enjoy your trip. Lyn
From Blog: New Zealand
19th January 2009

A great Trip Everette.
Hey there Everette. Nancy sent your blog. Jim and I would love to make this trip someday. If you happen to be in Christchurch and have a minute, my sister's daughter is a large animal vet there. Her name is Lillian Bonner. She has been there about 3 years and enjoys the animal life there. Have a wonderful time. Hope to see you when you are home again. Take care. Ellen
From Blog: Home of the Kiwi
17th January 2009

New Zealand is one of our favorites!
Hi Everette and Walt, Eric and I are soooo jealous! We love NZ and Australia. I could live in the South Island!! We have sailed twice with Celebrity, including the Millenium.... great ship; enjoy!! We r in NOLA for my brother's girlfriend's 50th! Good food.... good times! Safe travels. As always, I can't wait to read your next blog!!! K Ray
From Blog: Home of the Kiwi
24th January 2008

It happens to everybody sometime!
Unfortunately it happened to me in Santiago as well, about a year ago! I had my purse snatched near Plaza Italia. My roommate, who was Chilean, told me that she had had her purse snatched a couple of times in Santiago as well. I'm so sorry to hear about it, and I hope that it hasn't ruined your trip or thoughts of Chile. I still love Chile, even with all the mishaps.
23rd January 2008

crime and punishment
i'm really sorry you got robbed in chile. chile does not have a lot of crime and is in fact the safest country in latin america. to be clearer, it does not have a lot of the types of crime (violent crime, assault, murder, kidnappings) and corruption that the rest of the continent has. however, as you found out the hard way, what it does have a lot of is petty theft (opportunistic swipings of purses and wallets, as well as pickpocketing). chileans themselves are often on the defensive in crowded areas, especially downtown, and even the starbucks has special chairs where you can literally hook your purse so a passerby can't just snatch it and run. there's no need to be paranoid, but don't do silly things with your wallet like leave it on a counter when paying or carry it in your back pocket. also, don't put money away while walking down the street, do that in the shop. i had a similar thing happen to me in europe so this could have happened in any big city. i hope the rest of your trip goes well. coming home with one robbery story is enough. cheers!
23rd January 2008

Ouch! So sorry to hear you guys were the victims of theft in South America. Reminds Eric and I of living in Lima, where everyone at the embassy had a theft story to tell. Be safe, enjoy yourselves. Where to next?
21st January 2008

Everette, you are the BEST at detailing your travels. I really enjoy everything you put on your blogs. Bobby came to visit for four days and he and his wife are in Germany for two weeks visiting her Mom. They'll come back through here soon. He's stationed in Colorado Springs, CO.
18th January 2008

Doctor on Board
Sounds like you two are having fun as usual. I hope you continue to enjoy your adventure. Be safe and hurry home. Everette, I miss your E-mails!!
From Blog: Southern Chile
17th January 2008

Sandy, I hope Bobby got home safely from Iraq. Where is he going to be stationed next? Thanks for writing. E
17th January 2008

Yerba Mate
You are both braver than me. The drink looks like it has grass floating on top of it. Do you want me to try to buy some to bring home for you? MB, thanks for sending the names of good Chilean dishes. I hope to try several when we get to Santiago. I may have had eel yesterday in a pasta dish. We are going to try to go by your winery for a tour. E
From Blog: Buenos Aires
15th January 2008

Yerba Mate!
Carley and I are huge yerba mate fans! It's a delicious tea popular in many South American countries. We've both become accustomed to enjoy it here as well. The gourd is fun to use to enjoy the drink, but it's fantastic without it.
From Blog: Buenos Aires
9th January 2008

The rats
Everette, Your "incident" reminds me of Lima, except the street people, if not selling Chiclets or cell phone covers, were trying to steal a purse from the car. Windows up, and doors locked! We haven't been to BA yet, but it's on our Bucket List. Enjoy, and be safe, Karen
From Blog: Tango City
4th January 2008

Lima, our former home
Hi Everette, I wish we had known you were going to Lima. We would have had our "adopted daughter" Amabel meet your plane and take care of you. She worked for us when we lived in Lima, and was my "right hand". Mira Flores was our favorite area of Lima... the surf, the great shopping and hotels. Keep a sharp eye on all of your belongings when traversing the Lima Airport; everyone at the embassy had a theft story to tell when we lived there. Enjoy your trip, and travel safely. K Ray
From Blog: Starting Point
27th August 2007

Everette, you do an extraordinary job of making everyone feel like they're traveling with you and Walt. Tom and I have really enjoyed your blogs and appreciate you for the time you have taken to do so. I'm glad to know someone that's so adventurous.
24th August 2007

Did U go to Lokrum Island? Great spot for photos
beautiful place

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