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24th August 2007

Dirty Laundry
We send the laundry out sometimes and others times we wash. A lot of our clothes will dry overnight. This is a long time to be gone. We are not seeing any U.S. news and have no idea what is happening. This has been a fascinating trip but not one that I would recommend for everyone. See you soon, E
From Blog: Pristina, Kosovo
23rd August 2007

E and W, Have really enjoyed your blogs but you need to come home(if you can stand the heat of 100+ temps for 20 days straight). You are both missed. Didn't realize you would be gone so long. Are you sick of your clothes and where do you wash them? Have a safe trip home!!! Can't wait to see your pixs. The Anniston Star will want to publish your blogs again. You write so well. Robin
From Blog: Pristina, Kosovo
21st August 2007

Finished your entire blog...
..... and learned that you two were in the Far East last Oct/Nov when Eric and I were traveling a very similar path! Bangkok, Singapore, HK, Vietnam, Taiwan, Okinawa, Nagasaki (amazing!), Shanghai and Beijing. We missed Laos, and Cambodia, and did not get to Xi'an, much to our dismay. Keep the fascinating info coming! You are providing great travel insight to your readers. Be safe!
19th August 2007

Photos for Van
Llila, Did Van get the photos that I sent? I believe that I sent 3 last week of interesting motorcycles. I just wondered if you received them. Thanks, E
From Blog: Durres, Albania
19th August 2007

Everette forgot to say that the perp wiped his fingerprints cleaned from everything that he touched. I later saw him dropping the bag from the train and watched two men pick it up. They were watching me watch them. I guess that I am now on someone's hit list. Oh well, we will be out of Serbia tomorrow, but they may have long arms that reach west. Walt
18th August 2007

As Homer Simpson would say, and so would I! I'm happy to know that y'all are having such a wonderful time and getting a chance to share experiences with the locals. Getting to meet people has always been one of my favorite parts of travel. The hot train rides make the experience even more unforgettable! =)
12th August 2007

Bus to Tirana
My husband, Walt, is going to send you the details on the bus between Tirana and Thessaloniki.
12th August 2007

tirana-thessaloniki bus
please could you give me more information about this connection tirana-thessaloniki? where the bus start? what is departure time? bus route? price? thanks a lot. Isabel
8th August 2007

Your trip
Sounds like you two are having an adventuresome trip!! Hang in, have fun, and be safe.
From Blog: Durres, Albania
22nd June 2007

Krystal, It was good to hear from you! Walt has been gone since May 1st on a Harley trip out West. I joined him for 4 weeks of riding. We visited 7 national parks together and enjoyed the ride. Good luck with your racing. I hope to see you again next year. E
18th May 2007

Wow, so cool!
Hey Everette, I finally got the chance to look at your blog and I love it, so many adventures. Of course I have not read them all through so that will take some time. Anyways, Thanks so much for having Irma and I stay, we had such a great time in your beautiful city, it was wonderful. We miss it already. Racing is still going so we have had some good places and not so great places to stay but it is all in fun. Take care and I will keep on checking this to see where you are every now and then! From your Canadian Cyclist, Krystal
28th March 2007

about Sri Lanka
Hi, Thanks for the some comments abot Sri Lanka. Actually if you want to enjoy Sri Lanka beuity and understand our people please visit outside Colombo. Relatively we are ppor in economically but we have well established culture. If you visited places like Sigiriya, Anuradhapura even Matara u can understand what amazing thing here. THere are many buitfuly and amzing natural beuity here. As one of you said we are facing big problem which is linked with world terrorisam. Please help us to eradicate this terrorist group from our country. We are ling as one family in this country but this terrorist group gave hell of lot of problem to our country. If you are real peace lover please pass the message what kind of terrorist are these LTTE group. they are killing innocent young tamil people even for few people personal targets.
From Blog: Sri Lanka
12th March 2007

I bet Walt went swimming for the first time in 20 years.
11th March 2007

Hotel in Izmir
I'll bet Walt thoroughly enjoyed the activity in the pool!!
4th March 2007

Your trip
So glad you are having more wonderful experiences!
4th March 2007

Turkish Baths
A friend of mine who travels a lot with his job, just got back from Turkey. He mentioned the Turkish baths and how great they were supposed to be. He never got a chance to try it because he was so busy. Hope you two enjoy your time there.
4th January 2007

Welcome to My beautifull country Srilanka
Yes As you guys said Srilanka is really nice place. It's beautifull country as a island you can find beautiful beaches every where in country.there are lots of nature parks and historical places.really nice place to visit.Hilton is good hotel in colombo to stay at your vacation.
From Blog: Sri Lanka
14th November 2006

Melissa, we believe everything that you said. It was a little uncomfortable being there.
14th November 2006

Coming Home
Annette, We are currently at the Hong Kong Airport and will be leaving later this afternoon. We plan to spend one night in San Francisco and then head home. E
From Blog: Our Day in China
14th November 2006

I've never been to Burma, but have read much about it. The military junta commits many egregious crimes against its people, and are also extremely paranoid. Foreigners, especially Americans, are always followed. And the country's citizens place themselves in grave danger if they tell foreigners anything negative about the country.
14th November 2006

When are you guys headed back? I am tired just reading your adventures.
From Blog: Our Day in China
12th November 2006

My heart goes out to Caroline with the death of her boss.GA beat Auvurn and LSU beat AL,JSU beat Sanford. Thunderstorms predicted for Wed.See ya' then.
12th November 2006

Interesting Info
I am loving all of this. Thanks, Everette. Yes, you will be terribly spoiled! sam
12th November 2006

Everette, your fun continues. How wonderful. How sad for the CEO of Wellstar. That is just horrible. Auburn took a real beating from Georgia today. Be glad you're too far away to have seen the game. It's bad for us Auburn fans living in Georgia. Continue your wonderful journey. Sandy
10th November 2006

E and W, Your writings have been so fasinating! It is time for you to get home! See you next week. Safe traveling on your return. Can't wait to share travel pixs although mine are a little bland compared to yours, I'm sure. Janice is bringing shrimp and cooking for bridge at your house in Dec. Robin

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