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23rd May 2015

I really enjoyed reading this post. I will be traveling for 2 weeks in Bolivia this July, and the first leg of my journey will be similar to yours. My fiance and I will fly into Santa Cruz, then travel to Cochabamba, La Paz, then Lake Titicaca. The outline of our trip is starting to shape up, but any advice you could offer would be much appreciated. I need to figure out specifics for each city, such as travel to and from, activities, food, and lodging... I would certainly appreciate any advice you might like to offer.
21st August 2013

I finally sat down and looked through some of the photos you have posted. Needless to say, they are amazing. How fortunate you are to be able to enjoy all these beautiful places and people. I'm looking forward to the photos from Ireland. That is my dream vacation. I'd love to visit the western coast, stay in a cottage and mingle with the locals at a real "pub"!
26th January 2013

Still enjoying blogs and reminders. Jean
From Blog: Ecuador
24th January 2013

Everette, so glad I get to travel the world and you and Walt get to foot the bill for me. I love seeing your pictures and reading about all the places you see. Wonderful trip for all of us who still sit at home. Have fun for all of us!!
From Blog: Ecuador
17th January 2013

Your blogs are most interesting. We have been to some of these places so can enjoy your pictures. we have had an interesting event regarding Vera Cruz just this week. Will explain later. It's snowing here. Maybe 2 inches. Not sticking. Can't think of any news. See you soon
16th January 2013

What a trip!!!!
Beautiful photos. Interesting blog. Can't even imagine all that you have seen and experienced.
2nd January 2013

Blog and photos
I sure do enjoy your blog and looking at your photos! Thank you so much for sharing them.
2nd January 2013

enjoyed reading about your trip
The falls sound incredible
17th November 2012

Communism vs Socialism
One definition of Communism is "extreme Socialism." Cubans get very cheap food, free education, free med, cheap transportaion, subsidized/free housing--even free funerals. In a recent "legal" trip to Cuba, I saw the results of Communism--squalor and poverty, virtually no cars or motorbikes. There is no incentive to work-no ambition. MDs and degreed architects make abot $40 per month (US equiv). Why would anyone bother to train to be a profession? Best-pay comes from tips as a tour guide--a bus driver gave up his Dentistry practice, because he makes more in a week or two (tips) than he does as in a year as a dentist. Everyone seems to be happy with their "free stuff." Think Joe the Plumber and "income redistribution." Reminds me of the Democrats. Oh well, you got what you voted for. Saul Alinsky would be proud. Signed: Bubba
9th November 2012

Your photos, etc.
Hi Everette! I enjoyed reading your blog and looking at the interesting photos! For me, I think it would be very depressing to live in such a place with so much oppression of individual freedoms. I'm happy that they can express themselves with music of some kinds, and other art forms, but I could not live like that. Cuba will never make enough money to lift upthe people out of endless squalor and hopefulness. The limited interaction b/t Americans and the few Cubans must be extraordinarily exciting for them. Walts gifts must have made them very happy! Like my oldest sister used to say, "That's another star in your crown". Doing such a simple thing as giving some caps and tees will influence those folks in incalculable ways! Blessings for you and yours, Everette!
From Blog: CUBA
28th October 2012

The women who saved Walt
So glad to make your acquaintance and to read of your travels. I'm one of the Wednesday Scotch and Cigar crew. I basically rant and get smoke blown on me but I love hanging with old timers like Walt. He is always very honest about his life experiences. He told us that you saved his life. There is no higher praise that I can think of. Hugs to you my new friend. Enjoy Cuba.
5th March 2012

Very interesting blog! I feel you provided some great information for anyone considering a trip to Bermuda. I love the pictures. I also wrote a blog on Bermuda. Please check it out! http://www.accentontravel.us/blog/view/?blogid=320
2nd December 2011

Everette, Many thanks for your wonderful pictures and travel stories. Happy that it all turned out so well. If you ever see us at a PAX terminal, you owe me a cold beer! Happy traveling, Marv Jacksonville, Florida
24th October 2011

Nice to know you're enjoying Tokyo! We love the photos! You should ride the shinkansen (bullet train) to compare it with the one you rode from St. Petersburg. You can take the train all the way to Iwakuni, and visit the Marine Corps Air Station, which is a few miles south of Hiroshima. Across from Hiroshima, you can visit the Miyajima island with the famous Torii. Space-A is also available from MCAS Iwakuni. Further south, you can also visit Nagasaki, which is also near US Naval Station Sasebo, on the island of Kyushu. BTW, you can also take a ferry from Kyushu into South Korea. Enjoy!
25th October 2011

Wow! Edgar, thanks for all the cool information. We are going to try to fly out day after tomorrow. Some of these ideas may have to be saved for our next trip. I wish I had asked you more questions before you headed home. Thanks again, Everette
20th October 2011

Enjoyed the blog with pictures, all very visible. j.
15th October 2011

What a great trip you two are having. We are enjoying every blog. The pictures have been really good. Be safe and continue to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime trip!
3rd October 2011

Everette, One hundred blog entries is very impressive. I\'ve certainly enjoyed keeping up with you over the years. Is it just me or does Dad look a little like Ghengis in the photo of you two in front of the statue? Thanks and have fun, Brian
1st October 2011

Everette's Adventure
Following you via your blog is wonderful, Everette! It's almost like you take your friends along with you. These photographs are beautiful and gives us a good idea of your overall experiences during your latest adventure! Thanks for including me on these swell travels! John
27th September 2011

WEll, that dinner sounds delicious! You are so blessed to be doing this.
27th September 2011

What at train trip....
it does not sound like the Trans-Siberian train has changed much since we did it nearly 25 years ago. They did have a dining car then...not great but it was the only food we had since we had not taken any with us. looking forward to sharing stories. c
27th September 2011

I always thought that the eastern part of Russia was considered to be in Asia. On Travelblog, Russia is only listed under Europe. I am not sure why.
27th September 2011

Your Blog
I enjoyed reading your blog and seeing the photos, especially of the train.
26th September 2011

Thanks for sharing. It sounds fantastic. I know this will be one of your favorite trips.

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