Rhonda Delaney


Rhonda Delaney

Well this old pair was tired of the young whipper snappers doing all the traveling so we decided it was our turn. This trip has been in the planning stages (very loose description for the imagination stage) for about a year. We plan to have the time of our lives not only with family but with strangers along the way

North America » United States » Washington » Ferndale September 27th 2015

The RetroMod is about to get serious!! Building is up and Gwendolyn is on the operating table. We are excited to get started albeit a bit intimidated :) First up for Trevor is to take out the existing motor and transmission and then replace it with a motor and transmission from the cadaver vehicle. The good news is the the cadaver motor started up like a charm while Gwendolyn's wouldn't start. Thank goodness for the tractor. We pulled the project vehicle into the building and there she sits, waiting for our tender loving care. Lots of work ahead of us. First we (meaning me and anyone I can drag here to help!!) need to take EVERYTHING apart, mark where it came from and box it up in an organized fashion. Morgan & Seebs will continue to ... read more
Logic Bear watching the activity
Auntie Time
Feeding the work crew

North America » United States » Washington » Ferndale April 11th 2015

Thanks to Greg Posel, our IT maestro at Totally Chocolate, for suggesting I use the same blog platform as our European Trip!! I found it so easy to use and I'm up and running again. Nothing fancy just capturing all the glorious ups and downs of this AWESOME journey. Gwendolyn has great bones but really needs help inside & out. Trev has decided on the structure that will be built to house this endeavor but not sure when it will be constructed. Once that is done the first order of business is to completely gut her including the floors so that he can swap out the motor and transmission. He bought another gorgeous (sarcasm big time here!!!) motorhome (for lack of a better word) with a great working motor and transmission already. I'm really looking forward ... read more
Cool Windows
Door is actually curved top and bottom
Rear Window above bed

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens August 6th 2013

Off to Pireaus/Athens today. Lazy morning packing up and then down to the Konaki Cafe for breakfast. Another awesome omelet, cappuccino and greek yoghurt with fruit around 9:45am. Finished the blog for Sifnos and then about 10:15 our taxi driver arrived!! WHAT??? we said 11. He comes up and ask if he can come back between 11:15 & 11:30 as he had another fare. We assured him that we were fine with that and he took off. Maria came and collected the key and we said our goodbyes. After a bit Popi came out with a bag full of rolls & bread. She told us it was for our trip…so we wouldn't be hungry. One loaf had orange and vanilla in it and the rolls had anise. Trev isn't a fan of licorice so we shall ... read more
Kamares Ferry Dock
Athens Port
Athens Apartment

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Sifnos August 3rd 2013

We finished our time on Santorini with a visit to Pension George. So sorry to leave the tranquil idelic spot but the trip must go on. Tara, Morgan, Kailey and Melissa you will be happy to know that Helen sends her greetings and says you need to come back! 11 of us piled into the Pension George Sprinter van and headed for the port. Warm and windy today. Got there about 5:15 and ferry was to leave at 6:15. We decided to sit and relax with a salad and cold drink at a port cafe. Great view of the managed chaos that is the port when ferries arrive and depart. Our drama for the day was 3 or 4 groups of people thinking that they could enjoy the chairs and shade without purchasing anything! What are ... read more
Pension George Apartments
Pension George Apartments
Pension George

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini July 26th 2013

A few final observations about the area of Crete we were in. There are many abandoned shells of homes as well as many unfinished. You can see the rebar up through the existing floor but nothing more. When we asked Savario about this he said 2 things happen, they build like this so future generations of the family can add on another level or they ran out of money!! There are also miles and miles of exposed black piping which we assumed was water. Many cisterns along the roads with these black pipes traveling to them.Up at 7:30 today to meet at the car rental office for 8:30. They agreed when we rented the car that they would drive us to the port this morning as part of our rental package. ADRENALIN RUSH!!! Our driver was ... read more
Create buildings
Highspeed5 Ferry
Highspeed5 Ferry

Europe » Greece » Crete » Heraklion July 20th 2013

Well that was a very short night! We rested until about 8:30 and then went in search of an internet connection. Found one close to the apartment and I completed our Venice blog, checked emails and searched online to make sure we knew exactly what to do for our flights to Greece. Spent about 1 hour there and then wandered down the street. Heard a lot of singing and clapping so checked it out. It came from a little restaurant so we stopped to eat and join in. Was a great family experience for our last evening. 3 of the servers/owners? were the entertainers. The one man had an incredible booming voice. Such a warm evening so no jackets or sweaters needed even at 10 o'clock! Packed everything up and set out clothes for tomorrow. Set ... read more
Venice Airport
Munich Airport
Munich Airport

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice July 16th 2013

Left the apartment about 9 this morning. It is amazing how much faster the walk back to the train station was than the walk to our building!! We knew exactly where to turn. A few days in a city make all the difference in getting your bearings. Had a tasty croissant with ham and cheese and a cappuccino on our way. The train we chose was a high speed one, 2hr 20min from Florence to Venice. Had a bit a trouble with the ticket machine EVEN in English!! Managed though and we had about a 20 minute wait until boarding time. A lot of the trip was in tunnels but did see some very hilly countryside to start with and then it became very flat. Lots of farming. Hay bales as well as the hay rounds ... read more
Inside our Train

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Florence July 14th 2013

Nice leisurely start to the day. Breakfast at our favorite spot, Caffe Matteo, and then finished up the blog while Trev took a few last minute shots. This is definitely a MUST RETURN TO spot. Went back and pack up our things and headed for the village square to wait for the bus to the train station. We've got this handled....train to La Spezia, piece of cake. I actually put my big girl panties on today and used the ticket machine to book tickets to Firenze (Florence) instead of letting some other ticket personnel do it for me. I did the famous arm circle dance, oh ya, oh ya..she's is definitely ALL THAT! Chuckling as buying the ticket is simple, now lets see if I picked the right trains. First one to Pisa worked and was ... read more
Firenze Train Station
Florence Street Scene
Florence Street Scene

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Cinque Terre July 12th 2013

Interesting start to our last morning in Nice. Left the apartment to find some breakfast. Went the opposite direction of the last couple of days thinking we would explore some new territory. Bad move…..no shops, restaurants or boulangeries! Turn around go back to our old stomping ground and took a new street. Oops….cafe au lait only - best and strongest we've had on this trip and then across the street to the boulangerie. Pain au Chocolat for me, sausage rolls for Trev. Got back to the apartment to eat them and Trev realized that "sausage" was actually "hot dog wiener" HE HATES HOT DOGS!! Wrapped up in pastry though he said they were pretty decent. Spent some time confirming our plan of attack for the trains to Corniglia and found a place to actually book them…tried ... read more
Journey to Cinque Terre
Journey to Cinque Terre
Journey to Cinque Terre

Europe » France » Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur » Nice July 10th 2013

Managed to get Trev medicated up so that he felt somewhat human and able to fly. Head, sinus and down to his chest so he is hacking, snorting and blowing! Ended up at the airport with lots of time and once we were all loaded on the plane it was announced that we couldn't depart for 1 hour!! :) Captain assured us he was working on getting the departure sooner. Apparently there was thunderstorms in the Nice area and something about the Brussels tower....not sure why Belgium had any say about when our flight from Barcelona would take off!! Odd. Good news though we were only delayed 25 minutes. First delay on our trips far so can't complain. Arrived in Nice to overcast skies and warm temperatures. Took a bit to find the bus depot but ... read more
Nice Apartment
Nice Apartment
Nice Apartment

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