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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Nusa Dua January 19th 2017

The start of the final day in Bali today. We’re looking forward to getting home to see Sasha but there is plenty of Bali that we haven’t seen so we’ll be sorry to see that opportunity disappear for now. Pamela and Emily started the day with a quick swim. Emily is very proud of the fact that she swam every day while on holidays – even those days that she was sick. They didn’t spend long however as we had to have breakfast, finalise our packing, check out and head to the airport all before 10:30. Sadly, for my tastebuds (but perhaps not for my waistline), today heralded the last time in the foreseeable future that we will have our vanilla crème donuts as part of breakfast. We savoured today’s sugar bombs just that little bit ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Nusa Dua January 18th 2017

I was up at 3 this morning as I couldn't sleep with my back. I think this will take a few days to get over unfortunately. It's our last day in Bali today so the plan was to have quiet day relaxing by the pool and chilling out in the morning and then visit the orphanage in the afternoon. The kids and I went to the pool and we're having a nice time splashing around when I had a sense of something going on behind me. I turned around to see someone splashing in the deep part of the pool. It took a couple of moments to process the situation but I realised that they couldn't swim and were actually drowning in the pool. For someone who is competent in the pool it seems crazy that ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Uluwatu January 17th 2017

One of the nice things about Breakfast in resorts is that you get to eat things you don't normally eat. For example, Brett and Emily have discovered the joy of freshly cooked donuts covered with vanilla cream; a far cry from their normal bacon and eggs. Not a habit that they will return to Australia with but fun while travelling. When walking back from breakfast to the room we saw a worker who was inscribing messages and designs into sand gardens inside the hotel. We've been looking at these each day as they have been changing on a regular basis. He had cleared all old messages and was starting fresh today so we asked him if he would write a message for us. We kept it simple "Happy Holiday Crosby Family, Bali 2017". It was amazing ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Nusa Dua January 16th 2017

When you travel you can either see things or do things and today was to be a nice mixture of both. We had planned to go to Turtle Park today to see some wild turtles, or at least that is what the brochure would have us believe. After trying to contact the water sport team for about 30 minutes we had basically given up on the idea however, when we went down to the beach we ran into one of the guides that we had spoken to yesterday who told us that we could still make a tour. Because we had thought that we couldn't go today, Pamela had gone to make other enquiries and was nowhere to be found. After a frantic search of the grounds we found her and then headed to reception to ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Nusa Dua January 15th 2017

One thing about travel is that it forces you to look through a different lens from time to time. I was sitting in one of the pool cabanas and complaining about the fact that my green juice was more froth than juice when I started to think of the orphanage that we are going to visit later in the week. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't mind the froth! But that was late in the day. Let's look at how we got to that point in time. Resort life is as little strange really. Every blog entry could simply read. Wake. Swim. Breakfast. Swim. Lunch. Swim. Dinner. Swim. Bed. Then rinse and repeat for the duration of the stay. It's great if you like sitting by a pool and sunbathing - but that's not really my thing. ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Nusa Dua January 14th 2017

Today was one of those lazy days that you have on holidays. Everyone is basically well but probably fair to say we're tired from the heat and from being sick earlier in the trip. We all had a decent buffet breakfast this morning and then took it in turns to either do an exercise class and a swim (Pamela and Emily) or a relax and a swim (Brett and Tom). Because of their time outside in the exercise class the girls are now quite pink from the sun despite taking precautions. Hopefully this settles overnight. We had lunch basically on the beach but the humidity is making it uncomfortable to even sit down unless there is a breeze blowing. Another swim after lunch and we then went for a walk to a nearby shopping centre to ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud January 13th 2017

So the upset stomach finally got to me overnight and I really wasn't in the mood for breakfast or food in general. I stayed in bed and rested while Emily and Pamela went for breakfast. The staff worked out that I wasn't there and, when they found out I was a little poorly, followed the girls back to the room with a tray of fruit, yoghurt and pastries. The gesture was nice but I really couldn't face it. We had a call from our travel agent this morning informing us of some issues with Tiger Air and flights from Australia being cancelled. Hopefully this is sorted before we are due to head home next Thursday as I don't relish the prospect of getting stuck here indefinitely. He seemed confident that whatever the issue is it will ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud January 12th 2017

I'm not sure what's worse, listening to the sound of mozzies or hearing nothing but still being bitten. I had a pretty ordinary night's sleep Last night as I scratched the night away. I couldn't work out why as we had a mosquito net over us which should have kept them out. It was only in the full light of day that I saw that one corner of the net was still tied back that it all began to make sense. Won't be making that mistake again. At least everyone else woke up feeling better. rmily has colour in her cheeks again and tom was perky also. We went for a swim to wake up, and then had breakfast. Unfortunately it seems that every time anyone eats something it triggers a reaction and they feel lousy ... read more
Emily leaving the villa to head into Ubud to see the Monkey Forest
Pamela trying to get the perfect shot
Taxi to Ubud

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud January 11th 2017

So, everyone better this morning - at least better than they were last night. Actually everyone still pretty poorly and struggling to keep upright at this stage. The mere mention of food around Emily is enough to drain the colour from her face and start the sweat flowing. I'll keep the details light here other than to say it was a very restless night for Pamela and Emily. However, despite how everyone is feeling, today is the day we headed to Ubud and the Santi Mandala Spa and Villa. Our original plan was to hire a car for the day and stop at a few places on the way to Ubud. With Emily virtually unable to walk we shelved that plan and caught a taxi straight here without stopping. Unfortunately the heat, humidity and fever got ... read more
Slow start
Driving to Ubud
Chicken coops

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta January 10th 2017

Rated #1 water park in Asia and #2 in the world, Waterbom Park was today's destination and we were all pretty stoked at the thought of going. Normal breakfast to start with and already the plans were looking shaky. Every time Tom eats he get an upset stomach. We let him rest for a short while and, fortunately, he picked up again quickly. So, a quick trip to reception to book a cab to the park and we were soon on our way. The ride started normally enough (normal for Bali anyway) - crazy driver playing dodge-em with the motorbikes and other road users - until, out of the blue, the driver winds down the window and calls out to someone on the side of the road. No idea what he said but he suddenly pulls ... read more
On way to Waterbom Park
Sickest person in the front seat
Sights of Bali

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