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January 12th 2017
Published: January 12th 2017
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Wandering LizardWandering LizardWandering Lizard

This fellow left the water and took a leisurely stroll down the path while we were watching.
I'm not sure what's worse, listening to the sound of mozzies or hearing nothing but still being bitten. I had a pretty ordinary night's sleep Last night as I scratched the night away. I couldn't work out why as we had a mosquito net over us which should have kept them out. It was only in the full light of day that I saw that one corner of the net was still tied back that it all began to make sense. Won't be making that mistake again.

At least everyone else woke up feeling better. rmily has colour in her cheeks again and tom was perky also.

We went for a swim to wake up, and then had breakfast. Unfortunately it seems that every time anyone eats something it triggers a reaction and they feel lousy again. Not as lousy as the time before but still not good. It seems to pass however and we jumoed on a shuttle bus and headed into Ubud to look around. Ubud is apparently an expat area and it is set up with spas, boutique shops and generally a pretty nice place to visit. We got dropped off in town and then had a short walk to the Monkey Forest.

This is not named by mistake. There were hundreds of Macaque monkeys wandering around and they were familiar enough with humans to just wander up and take a banana from your hand or climb up and sit on your head. It was pretty exciting the first time that happened.

It is only a small area but quite hilly so, combining the stairs with the heat we decided to grab a drink and cool down so headed for the exit. On the way our there was a pavilion area where people and monkeys were gathered. We were taking photos when one of the monkeys climbed up Brett and sat on him. He seemed quite at home until either something spooked him or he just had enough when he realised that I didn't have any bananas. As he was getting doen he but his mouth around my arm and did a light bite so now I'm waiting to see if I develop any super monkey powers or an infection on my arm. Truthfully, the bite wasnt hard and the skin wasn't broken. We also had antiseptic spray with us so all is good. Nothing as exciting as even a red mark almost 24 hours later.

We had Lunch at nice place but Emily and Tom both feeling lousy again. After a short rest to recover we caught a taxi to the Royal palace to Look around but much of it appeared to be closed for renovation. We got glimpses of the actual Royal dwellings (current royal family live there) and it is s very ornate and beautiful place. Ww walked through Ubud towards the pickup point stopping to look in some of the shops and browse. when we arrived at the pickup point I went into the supermarket to get some drinks to cold down. when paying I managed to drop my camera when paying and smash my lens cover. Luckily this is a sacrificial piece and cheap to replace. We have decided that we must not continue to kick or step in offerings to the gods again (which we soon to do regularly) or we won't get out of Bali in one piece.

We hadn't actually booked to return on the shuttle so, when there was no shuttle at the pickup point at the designated time, we caught a cab back to the villa. That in itself was an interesting experience. The prices they quote for some trips was outrageous. However, with the prospect of waiting another two hours in the heat or paying the higher amount (in reality about AUD$2) we chose to pay the pirate and headed back for a swim.

We had booked into a tour that night at Bali zoo to do a night tour and feed the animals. We got to do a meet and greet with orangutans and an albino snake before heading through the zoo to feed the elephant and view the other animals. When we got back to the meeting place I discovered that my wallet was missing (those gods have really taken offence to us kicking their offerings around). Luckily it had already been found and returned so I was able to enjoy dinner, and the rest of the trip, in peace.

At one point they asked for volunteers to meet one of the animals. Brett found himself up on stage where he was told to bend over and not look backwards. Despite never being given that particular command in his life previously he complied, at which point a large bear cat was put on his back. The bear cat then proceeded to wander up and down the volunteers backs using them as a walkway.

We finished with a dinner and a fire show which was very spectacular.

The plan was to go for a bike ride through the rice fields in the morning but well just have to see how everyone is feeling in the morning as the post eating crash is hard to work through. We may just pack and do other things on the way to our next stop.

Additional photos below
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Leaping MonkeyLeaping Monkey
Leaping Monkey

The shot isn't completely clear but you can see a monkey jumping through the air which had just snatched a banana from my hand.
Frog StatuesFrog Statues
Frog Statues

I never found out why but there are statues of frogs all over Bali.
Cooling drink at lunchtimeCooling drink at lunchtime
Cooling drink at lunchtime

After visiting the Monkey Forest we went for lunch at a nearby cafe. It overlooked a small rice paddy and the breeze that came through was very refreshing.
Up closeUp close
Up close

Tom took this shot and I think he nailed it.
Post lunch fatiguePost lunch fatigue
Post lunch fatigue

Emily and Thomas were still feeling terrible every time they ate something. Today was no exception.
Building workBuilding work
Building work

There was a line of people on this building site who were passing buckets of concrete to each other from where it was being mixed to where it was being used. I think I would have done about 2 buckets before collapsing from the exertion in this heat.

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