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January 10th 2017
Published: January 10th 2017
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Rated #1 water park in Asia and #2 in the world, Waterbom Park was today's destination and we were all pretty stoked at the thought of going.

Normal breakfast to start with and already the plans were looking shaky. Every time Tom eats he get an upset stomach. We let him rest for a short while and, fortunately, he picked up again quickly. So, a quick trip to reception to book a cab to the park and we were soon on our way.

The ride started normally enough (normal for Bali anyway) - crazy driver playing dodge-em with the motorbikes and other road users - until, out of the blue, the driver winds down the window and calls out to someone on the side of the road. No idea what he said but he suddenly pulls off the road and into a vacant parking lot. To be fair there were some pedestrians wandering through but it was otherwise empty.

At this stage, I was starting to scrounge through the bag I was nursing to see if I could channel my inner McGyver and fashion a restraint out of a sarong and a tax receipt or perhaps something even more advanced like a weapon made from a belt, a camera lens and a ballpoint pen refill. I had just started concentrating the sun through the camera lens to begin melting the pen refill when we finally worked out that the driver was trying to avoid a transport union demonstration. Apparently the taxi drivers are protesting against Uber starting up in Bali and virtually all were on strike today. Our guy even got pulled over and questioned as to why he was on the job. Obviously his answer was good enough as they let us continue on our way.

After about 30 minutes we arrived at Waterbom Park and hastily proceeded to get our tickets, get changed, and head to the slides. I was keen to get our to the "real" rides like the Green Vipers, the Constrictor and Smash Down 2. I could tell just from the names that these rides were going to be great!

However, on the way over, Pamela and the kids decided that they wanted to "warm up" on something more basic so we grabbed some pool rings and basically floated around in a water channel in which the most exciting thing about it was that it had a bend that formed something like a corner. Yes, I hear you. How could we stand the adrenaline rush?

Luckily our venture to the narcolepsy pool was short lived and we quickly made our way to the more interesting rides in the park and spent some hours trudging up flights of stairs to the top of edifices that serve as the launch pads for these great rides. We all had fun going down virtually all of the rides in the park.

After lunch and a bit of a rest, we decided to try for a massage. Unfortunately they were booked out but we managed to have a session in the fish pool. This is where you stick your feet in a pool with tiny fish who then proceed to nibble the dead skin off of you. It feels like your feet are in a glass of alka seltzer. Quite tingly and surprisingly pleasant.

It was after this that things took a turn for the worse.

Pamela, Thomas and I decided to have one more ride before we headed back to the villa. We chose one of the few rides that we hadn't been on yet and started the climb to the top. It was a slow queue and it took a while to get to the top and, just a we got there, Pamela said she was feeling queezy and didn't want to do the ride any more so she headed back down the stairs. To be honest, I thought it was the sound of the screams coming from the ride that had put her off.

Tom and I finished the ride and headed off to find the girls. When we got back to our meeting place, we were greeted with two very sick looking girls. Both had similar symptoms to what Tom had a couple of days ago and were looking very pale indeed. We decided to head home straight away but by the time we had finished getting changed, Pamela could barely walk and needed to be taken to the Waterbom medical centre on a wheelchair. Emily managed to walk there but ended up lying on the couch virtually straight away. I'll spare you the gory details of the next couple of hours suffice to say there were several tablets and a needle invoked As well as some small bags that should never be opened again - ever.

Eventually, when the tablets kicked in and they felt well enough to travel, the park organised a taxi for us and we headed home. About 5 minutes into the journey the cabbie would have been regretting taking this fare as Emily began vomiting into a bag beside him. A further 5 minutes later and Tom and I were wishing we had caught a different cab also as Pamela began to vomit beside us in the back seat. Luckily they were both adequately prepared and no cleaning fee was required.

When we got home Emily was feeling terrible still so I contacted the on-call Doctor through the villa. Luckily he was just around the corner finishing up with another patient and was with us in just a few minutes. His diagnosis was acute gastro and we now have antibiotics and other medicines to sort things out. He even left something to help Tom get completely over what he has had also.

I'm really proud of the girls for how they coped under such trying conditions. Being sick at home is one thing. Being sick in another country where you can't communicate with the medical staff properly is another thing entirely. Hopefully this passes quickly now and that's the last of it on this trip.

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10th January 2017

So sorry to hear that you are not well. Thinking of you and hope you are all well soon. Went and saw Dusty last night. Was certainly not one of my favourites. love Granny xxxx

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