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19th January 2013

Enjoying Sri Lanka
Looks like you are having a grand time and are negotiating well. Great elephant photos. Keep those blogs coming.
From Blog: Safari and sun
17th January 2013

Amazing elephants! And beaches. Wow. What a great trip! Can't wait to see SL someday.
From Blog: Safari and sun
13th January 2013

Sri Lanka
I read this blog, to find out if Sri Lanka is a place I would like to go. I sure love the idea of that train ride you took. :)
From Blog: Hello Sri Lanka
3rd December 2012

Glad you are back on the road again.. how much longer does Lou have to be in plaster? I read this just after reading Scott & Vicky's blog and thought wow they were in the same place at the same time I wonder if they will realise.. and you did! Nice to see that you met up. Hopefully you will both be fully back up & running again soon.. mind you if I was Lou I'd quite like Chris carrying my bag all the time so I might stretch it out a little more!!!
4th December 2012

Luckily she's not in plaster, just slings. She's already took the left one off, but the right arm is still a little painful. Going to get more x-rays done in Bangkok and see how things look. Bags wise, luckily we decided to travel with just carry-on size luggage, so the weight isn't so bad. Also - I need the exercise!
2nd December 2012

That's great you made the effort to meet up with fellow Travelbloggers...
I often read blogs that are about the same town at about the same time, and wonder if those writing the blogs also read them and make the connection. It doesn't happen often enough.
17th November 2012

sorry to hear about Lou's accident!
So sorry to hear about Lou's accident. I was in a bad accident in Vietnam--hit by a motorbike--7 fractures in my leg, and in Vietnam they didn't find any. If you have any doubts about the care you're getting, go to Bangkok. Bangkok Hospital was wonderful to me. Email me if you need more info or advice. I've been there. I'm back in Bali, and it's always wonderful to be back in SE Asia, but I'm still scared crossing streets. Feel better!
16th November 2012

Oh no! Here's to an easy and speedy recovery! But it sounds like it's bringing you close together in unexpected ways (fun and .. er.. unfun) - and it's the silver linings that will make those three weeks pass quicker than not.
16th November 2012

hope you feel better soon!
hey there, sorry to hear about the break. hope it heals ok and that you can continue your travels. take care, Kathie
16th November 2012

Tripped arse ;)
That is what you get for tipping back too many pints of beer. Drinkers elbow is nasty....ouch. Joking aside, I do wish you a speedy recovery :)
15th November 2012

We are sorry you broke your elbows...
but take this opportunity to relax and heal. We hope that the next xrays show the bones have mended and that you can continue on your way.
15th November 2012
Oh dear, poor Lou x

Oh No - both arms!
Wishing you a speedy recovery...
14th November 2012

Should I stay or should I go?
oohff! That has got to be one of the hardest things to deal with, illness or injury on the road. Get well soon Lou, translated loosely sadfsdfs lkjkljk werwersdfe sdfpjkj!!
14th November 2012

OUCH indeed!
Sorry to hear about your accident, good to see you still smiling Lou take care!
14th November 2012

Hi both Sorry to hear about Lou's injuries! Hope you get better soon and are able to carry on with your travels. Great piccies by the way!! Love Rob, Susan and Megan.xx
14th November 2012

Unplanned relaxation!
Louise and Chris - so sorry to hear about your accident, take care, love to you both, Hilary xx
6th November 2012

Thanks for the update!
We too are really looking foward to going back to Bangkok.. it will have been nearly 3 years since we were there last so it will be interesting to see how it has changed especially as we are introducing my parents to it for the first time :o)
From Blog: Back to Bangkok
9th October 2012

naked gill
Why is gill naked on boat?
From Blog: The Gili Islands
9th October 2012
Gili T

These can't be your feet babes, your toes are painted!! xx
From Blog: The Gili Islands
10th October 2012
Gili T

they actually have been painted since i left and still are now dear :)
From Blog: The Gili Islands
9th October 2012
Boat to Meno

Ha ha ha, the head scarf that Chris hates!! ;O)
From Blog: The Gili Islands
29th September 2012

I'll be back in Bali November 14th!
Hey, I've been back to SE Asia once since last seen, and now I'm moving there. Going to Gilli Meno to do some relaxing and studying before I take the CELTA course in Thailand. Then, I'll be teaching English somewhere in Asia. It would be realy fun to run into you along the way!
29th September 2012

that's nice posting
that's nice posting , I like the places that you share.. Last week I went to your place too,, I viewbali with many to domestics and International tourism there ..Thanks
28th September 2012

welcome back!
hey there, enjoy your next adventure! I found traveling is pretty addictive, once you realize how easy it really is to quit your job and leave everything behind. take care, Kathie
28th September 2012

Oh how I've missed these updates! xx

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