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1st April 2011

Congratulations on becoming husband and wife! Such a perfect way to end your round the world trip. Hope you are both settling back in to life in the UK. Will miss reading your blogs!
25th March 2011

Great stuff. Congrats!
22nd March 2011

Could Lou not be bothered with her section?! lol
23rd February 2011
Great photos!
From Blog: Vegas & Chicago
13th February 2011

Almost the same pictures!
Hey guys, take a look at our blog from L.A. it's almost the same! Guess we all do the same tourist track. Nice Pictures and blog. Regards, Roel
From Blog: Californication
3rd January 2011

Hey there! Just thought to congratulate you on the new engagement. Best wishes to both of you! Kathie & Jordan
From Blog: Sweet As Bro!
4th December 2010

Chateau Thomas
Hey guys, Great to have you stay, we really enjoyed your company! When did Hotel Thomas get upgraded to a Chateaux! LOL! Sorry to hear about your dramas with Qantas check in and your luggage. I hope you are giving them what for! Have fun! Rita
From Blog: Sydney Baby!
22nd November 2010

Terima kasih
Like reading your blog and hope you come back again to Malaysia
From Blog: Goodbye Asia
17th November 2010

Thanks for sharing .... nice blog!
5th November 2010

A word of caution: be careful when bringing your precious collection of shells in to NZ; The MAF/DOC guys get pretty hysterical very quickly over things like that especially if they have come from their arch rivals the Aussies!! See you in about 3 weeks time. C :-)
5th November 2010

Kuala baby
Is that a kuala u r holding or are u dressed all in grey and are 9 months pregnant?? Hee hee sorry had to say that. Hope u get less rain soon. It's rained here for the last week and of course today as it's bonfire night. xx
1st November 2010

Hello mate, still enjoying your blog. We had the same thing when we travelled for 9 weeks around Oz. We did 4 weeks in NZ straight after though and loved it, wished we'd done it the other way around. Christmas is a weird one there, just tuck into all the lovely food and forget about roast turkey. Mark
From Blog: Beached out
31st October 2010

im still tryin to get mats phone number he says he was goin to send me a message but he hasnt got in touch yet
From Blog: Beached out
31st October 2010

road rage
Don't indicate Smack the bastards ! , when tailgated just slow down to about 10mph then when they go to overtake just keep pace with um , they'll shite themselves when they see a wagon coming in the opposite direction !! travel can be fun eh!! love Dad xx
From Blog: Beached out
31st October 2010

I'm Reading it
Hiya. I'm reading it! and thoroughly enjoying it. Gill x
From Blog: Beached out
31st October 2010

You sound like you're in a bit of a funk dude.... I was exactly the same when we first got on the road in Oz for about 3-4 weeks... Combination of sleeping badly, (our mattress in our van was seriously crap), eating rubbish, usually out of a tin (we used to talk endlessly about what we were going to eat when we got home) and long stretches of samey nothing while driving for hours... It got better though and we really got in the swing of things. Wait till you get to north QLD, seriously beautiful up there mate... Travel safe peeps! Mike.
From Blog: Beached out
31st October 2010

we are still reading and loving all the stories! hope you get a nice change of scenery soon xx
From Blog: Beached out
21st October 2010

Loving the blogs!
Hi guys, here at home, hope you are safe and having a ball!! xxx
21st October 2010

If my memory serves me right you should be arriving in Coffs Harbour soon, make sure you get a picture outside the Big Banana - it really is very big!
From Blog: Pushing North
8th October 2010

Singapore seems like a popular 'goodbye Asia' stopover! how did you like the airport?? (I could have spent a day there, I'm a bit airport fan though) Kristy
From Blog: Goodbye Asia
8th October 2010
Singapore bonkers

I'm so glad you said boat. we met a guy at our hostel who kept calling it a plane without wings. :x
From Blog: Goodbye Asia
7th October 2010

Yes, we're going up to the Gold Coast. Should be there in 2-3 weeks I reckon.
6th October 2010

are you going anywhere near the gold coast my mate mat lives out there
3rd October 2010

Back Home
Hi you two, Thanks for the two blogs You have certainly added some miles to your little van. you're right - Canberra is kind of a non-place. It's only called the capital because parliament sits there, not because it's a big city! thanks for your kind words about our roast. I had a fun night too. We got home today to a loooong lawn, loads of weeds and camelia petals everywhere so after cleaning that up we are settling down to a pizza for tea. Stay safe and keep enjoying yourselves. Cheers, Marg
3rd October 2010

I had to .....
take a look just because of the wounderful photos ..... thanks I really enjoyed my visit!

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