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Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris January 8th 2018

Well I'm finally getting around to finishing up our Portuguese Camino blog. We arrived home on the 7th of December only to jump right into Christmas preparations. Here you go. Hope you've enjoyed it. Tuesday, November 28th, 2017, to Madrid, Apartamentos Tirso de Molina. We went to our favorite place for breakfast in Santiago, Butafumeiro, for coffee and croissants slathered with chocolate. Yum. We said goodbye to Santiago and caught a 12:00 train to Madrid. I really wish we’d spent more time in Santiago. We actually got on the right train (don’t ask me about the Torino/Tirano fiasco in Italy a few years ago). It was a pretty comfortable, uneventful 5-hour ride to Madrid. We negotiated Metro ticket buying, managed to fight the rush hour crowds, got off at the right station, only to find it ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela November 28th 2017

Saturday, November 25th to Picaraña, Pension HK, 26.5 kms. A day much like yesterday, but without the rain. We saw more pilgrims today and passed and were passed by some we met yesterday. The Dutch/Spanish couple we met yesterday we again saw at our “second breakfast” and again tonight, as they are staying at the same place. We are staying well past Padron – the usual last stage before Santiago – to give us a head start for tomorrow, leaving us with somewhere between 14 and 17 kms. to Santiago, depending on who you read, plus a good sized hill we hear. We figured better a long day today than tomorrow. A cold, windy, but good day, our longest day. Sunday, November 26th to Santiago, Pension Libredon, 17.2 kms. We’re here. We made it to Santiago. ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia November 25th 2017

Wednesday, November 22nd still in Redondela. Another vacation day lost. I had a bad night with lots of pain where my leg joins my foot, plus the new blisters. I’m exhausted and so we decided to stay in the apartment for another day. We slept until 10:30. I stayed off my feet for most of the day. Charlie made breakfast – scrambled eggs with ham and cheese, yogurt and orange juice – the best breakfast we’ve had in a long time. We planned to ship my backpack ahead to our next place to give my feet a break, but they wanted 25 euro (vs. the 5 euro regular charge) because it’s off-season. Yikes. I’ll pass. There’s a 70% chance of rain tomorrow. I’m not optimistic about our walk tomorrow. Thursday, November 23rd, to Pontevedra, Hotel Madrid, ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Redondela November 22nd 2017

I'm trying to get caught up on my blog posts, so you may see several in the next few days. We're actually In Madrid now, having made it to Santiago last Sunday. Sunday, November 19 to Baiona, Hostel Santa Maria Playa, 12.3 kms. It was dark again when we left at 7:45 and stayed that way for quite a while as we had mountains to our right that blocked the sun. Although it was just 12 kms. to our room at Baiona we were trying to catch the 12:00 or 1:00 Mass at Santa Maria de Baiona, a 13th century built church.. Again, no breakfast until 9:00, it being a Sunday, but the hotel made us a small tray of bread, oranges and juice, but no coffee! We thought we’d find something on the way, but ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Northern November 22nd 2017

Thursday, November 16, 2017, to Vila Praia de Ancora, Pousada Farol do Portinho, 18 kms. We again placed our faith in the GPS trace and this time were not disappointed. Most of our way today was on the coast or near the coast except for a jaunt over to the N-13 highway for something to eat. After walking out of Viana do Castelo, past the shipyards and castle for which it’s named, we came across our 1stboardwalk of the day. Each municipality along the coast has a sign showing the parts of the boardwalk project completed and the parts under construction. Sometimes they’re up to date; sometimes not. “Under construction” we found could mean a couple of things – already complete and open or working on it. We saw them working on a section – it ... read more

Europe » Portugal November 22nd 2017

Monday, November 13, 2017, Sardines and Friends, Povoa do Varzim, 22 km. A beautiful day today, much less wind, with most of our walking along boardwalks right next to the ocean. We are getting more "Bom Caminhos" - there seems to be more recognition of what the Camino is than there was south of Porto. We met a pilgrim from Germany walking with her 5 year old daughter. She's a professional photographer and is collecting photos and stories from fellow pilgrims. She took several pictures of us and asked us a bunch of questions for a photo story she's doing. We're in an interesting and funky hostel tonight called Sardines and Friends. It's a family room. We're in twin beds next to each other plus there are 3 bunks, but nice sheets and pillows and thick ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Porto November 14th 2017

I'm behind in entering my blogs, so if you've been worrying about us, we're fine. We're actually in Spain now, hoping to get to Santiago by 11/23 November 10, 2017, Day 2 Porto. We're enjoying hanging back, relaxing and catching up. I completed 2 blog entries today. We're near where the action is - the Luis I bridge, cathedral and railroad station. There are lots of tourists and tour buses here for the weekend. We made the mistake of having breakfast in the "tourist area" this morning. (Note to self - never eat in a Portuguese restaurant where the menu is also in English.) It was good, but pricier than we're used to. We took a walk around the area of our Airbnb apartment and bought some breakfast groceries and good bread and snacks. - after ... read more

Europe » Portugal November 10th 2017

Tuesday, November 7, 2017, to Oliveira de Azemeis, Hotel Dighton, should have been 19.1 km. Much the same kind of walking as yesterday. We again met a pilgrim going to Fatima, this time from France. Between my poor French and her poor English we didn't talk for long. Near mid afternoon I got a terrible stomachache, and we stayed a long time at our lunch stop. We stopped again soon at a gas station with a cafe for a Coke to settle my stomach. It didn't work so Charlie went to ask the barman to call a taxi to take us the last 6 kms. One of the other customers overheard him and said he would drive us to our hotel. Such a nice guy - Carlos. After our experience freezing last night I wanted a ... read more

Europe » Portugal November 10th 2017

Saturday, November 4, 2017, to Mealhada (Sernadelo), Hilário Residence, 24.5 km.We had a long walk today -more than we usually do and so we left Coimbra before 7. It was a lovely walk out of Coimbra along the river, past a park and onto gravel paths that were created just for the Camino. We passed through many small towns and by many cafes (yay!). The Portuguese dog communication network seemed to monitor our every move as we moved from village to village, passing the word along that dangerous pilgrims were passing through their territory. Thankfully it was cool all day with some drizzle at times and downright chilly by late afternoon. I think the weather is finally starting to change. Mealhada is famous for its roasted sucking pig, and there were many ads with pictures of ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Central November 3rd 2017

October 31, 2017, to Rabacal, Casa do Turismo, 17.5 km. We had a late start this morning Breakfast wasn't served until 8 (we had already paid for it on Also our clothes that were washed the night before had not arrived back. A nice walk along country roads and narrow paths. The morning was cool and shady - the afternoon hot with no shade3. It should be reversed. We had an almost perfect spacing of cafes today - 5 kms. to our "second breakfast" and another 8 for our lunch stop. I got my first blister today, on the tip of my little toe. Hmmm. I'm wearing my Wright Socks with built-in liners that guarantee that you won't get blisters. Again, 3 days in a row, we are the only ones staying in the Residencial. ... read more

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