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Asia » Philippines » Bohol May 2nd 2006

Philippines: Definitely the most underrated Southeast Asian country. I myself did not have a burning desire to go to the Philippines. But last January Lisa said "Let's go to the Philippines for Golden Week." I thought, sure...beach, sand, fun....let's book it! So for Golden Week this year (I guess you could say the Japanese Spring Break. There are three national holidays in one week so many people take the time to travel travel travel = expensive prices!) Lisa and I, with two late additions Misha and Ryan, headed out to the Philippines! What an incredible, beautiful, and wonderful country. I hope that my entries about our trip and the photos can do it justice. I seriously can't wait to return someday, and I hope it is in the near future. Fukuoka: Never a Dull Moment! So ... read more
Mode of Transport

Asia » Japan » Kyoto April 14th 2006

So just about a year ago from this time I received my acceptance onto the JET program. I remember shaking as I unfolded the paper, then went screaming through my sorority house that I was indeed moving to Japan in July. Then I called my parents. Before saying congratulations, my dad said "Oh we are coming to visit you during Cherry Blossom (aka Hanami) Season!!!" Hard to believe that a year has gone by since that time, and even harder to think that my parents were on my stomping ground. I was very excited for them to see "my" country, indulge in the tasty cuisine, see the old/new Japan, and get to see what I do everyday in this crazy country. Their adventure began in Tokyo on a tour. From there they went to various places ... read more
Matsumoto Jo

Asia » Hong Kong April 8th 2006

So how do I start to explain my trip to Hong Kong....I guess my best explanation/justification for my random/last minute trip to Hong Kong would be that "I am young, I only live once." and to abide by my quote of life "Carpe Diem." You see, mid March these 2 guys from Cal happened to be in Hiroshima visiting fellow JET/Cal grad/fellow traveler partner (see past photos) Jeff. There names are Ryan and Misha. This guy Misha, well we hit it off pretty well. I may have even found a bigger Cal fan than myself, only being rivaled by mic woman Kate. After a fun night/day spent together carousing around Hiroshima and Miyajima, I thought it was over as he took off on his 5 months trek from Japan to Spain, and well I would be ... read more
Our Palace
The Victoria Peak Cable Car
More Hong Kong City Lights

Asia » Japan » Osaka March 25th 2006

This weekend was a mixture of old Japan meets new Japan: Sumo and Universal Studios Japan. I was extremely excited for this weekend for numerous reasons. A) I think sumo is awesome. B) We were going with an awesome group of Hiroshima JETs ready to leave their mark on Osaka, and C) Who doesn't love theme parks! I have never even been to Universal Studios in California! So we set out in our bus, of course one person was late, as always, same ordeal on our way to Mt Fuji (same person always!)! Sumo was awesome, again. Yet the atmosphere was VERY different than when I was in Fukuoka. Osaka was the last tournament of the year for these big boys. They were not as genki as they were at the Fukuoka Tournament. They were not ... read more
Sumo In Osaka
Sumo In Osaka
"Look at the Buns on that one"

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima March 20th 2006

Before coming to Japan my winters consisted of few rainy days, snow once every seven years, and flip flops. I mean, in SUNNY California especially in the the northern, valley, snow was considered a special treat. Upon coming to Japan, I now know what seasons really are. From the first snow during the first week in December, until this PAST TUESDAY (March 28...are you kidding me!) I now have decent idea of what it is to live in snow! In a place where central heating is scarce and I have paper walls, I am ready for this winter business to be over (that is until next year, as many of you know or don't know, I am staying a second year in Japan!) As the temperatures dropped and the days were shorter it was no longer ... read more
Stop #2
Happy Birthday Brian!
Our Kombini

Asia » Japan » Okayama February 18th 2006

The title of this blog alone should attract more visitors than any of my other entries! The third week of February I was lucky (unlucky?) to go to the Naked Man Festival, better known as the Hadaka Masturi. There are naked man festivals all over Japan, but I think the one in Okayama-Ken is the oldest and most famous. If you have no interest in reading the blog, check out this guy Josh's video. It is very enjoyable, showing Hiroshima JETs in their finest form and parts of the festival as well. Honestly, you had to see the festival to believe it. Loads of fun!!! To begin my blog, I would like to point out how customs around the world are not that different than the Naked Man Festival. At first I though, "this is ... read more
Okayama Castle
Okayama Castle
Okayama Castle

Asia » Japan » Hokkaido » Sapporo February 7th 2006

OOOOHHH what an adventure we had at this years Yuki Matsuri, meaning "Snow Festival" in Japanese. A few things to preface this blog entry. I have a teacher at one of my travel schools who is originally from Asahikawa, Hokkaido. When I told him (way back in September when we booked the tickets) that I was going he called his sister on the phone and she was more than willing to show us around. When we started planning our itinerary we were not going to have enough time to make it up there. Second thing to take note of; my teachers kept tell me how it is soooo cold in Hokkaido and how I need to be careful walking because its very slippery. Last note; Japan has some of the best electronics in the world...right? So ... read more
Crazy Train Ride
"Suntory Times"

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Tao January 4th 2006

From the moment I stepped off the boat to Koh Tao and started to wander the beach, I fell in love with Koh Tao. Before coming many people told me that I had to go to Koh Tao because it was the best island in all of Thailand. I had this picture perfect place envisioned that was only real in my dreams....I was wrong. I enjoyed Koh Tao more than I ever expected. Before coming to Thailand I had this idealized idea of a country full of little bungalows, longtail boats lining the beaches, chill backpackers lounging at beach bars watching the sunset, fresh fish, cheap beer, and an absolute paradise. I guess I had been reading too many tourist books from the 80s and early 90s! Indeed the beauty of Thailand had surpassed anything I ... read more
Seashell Resort
Koh Tao
Koh Tao

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Pha-Ngan January 1st 2006

We took a flight from the Adaman Sea to the Gulf of Thailand to check out some of the islands on the eastern front. We heard that Koh Samui was similar to Phuket so instead of spending much time there we just used it as a stopover one night before heading out to Ko Pha Ngan the next morning. Up to this point our lodging has been great. It seemed the further you wander into island life the quality of the lodging seemed to dwindle off (more on the Koh Tao report). I would have to say that our lodging in Koh Samui was bad. Embarrassed to say I was the one that booked it. It was through the phone with a lady who barely spoke English....I was a tad skeptical, but was trying to be ... read more
Spirit Temples
Leela Beach
Leela Beach Bungalows

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phuket December 29th 2005

Aaahhhhhh Phuket....once the gem of Thailand....and parts of it still are but I must admit I was definitely disappointed with parts of Phuket. The wrath, aka "the Beast," of tourism has definitely take over part of Phuket. After our 5 hour layover in the Bangkok airport (which was not planned) we arrive in Phuket. We avoided Patong Beach at all possible costs because we heard it was just awful with tourists. At the airport their were buses of Eurotrash getting on their buses headed to such places as Patong. No thank you! Instead we chose to stay on Bang Tao Beach. We had no idea what to expect. We pulled into our cute little hotel, put our stuff down in our bungalow and headed straight for the beach. It was amazing. By the time we arrived ... read more
Bang Tao Beach
Bang Tao Beach
Boat Loungin'

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