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Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai December 26th 2005

On the morning of the 26th (mind you, morning as in 4:30 AM) I realized that my Bangkok escapades the night before were not the wisest. The flight that Jeff, Jason and I took from Bangkok to Chiang Mai coudl have possibly been the worst flight of my life. To begin with, the flight was late. To get to the plan we had to get on a bus and drive to it. We literally drove in a whole circle and ended up 50 yards from the original terminal...for some reason we drove an addtional 10 minutes what could have taken less than a minute. Then on the airplane the intercom was loud and scratchy and gave you that feeling of when nails scraped on a blackboard. All this plus a little drunk/hungover....makes you think about things ... read more
Elephant Camp
Elephant surprise!
Coconut Juice

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Ayutthaya December 25th 2005

First of all, Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah!!! Definitely not the most tradition Christmas but still it was a fabulous day. For a Hannukah gift Leah's mom got us a guide and driver for the day to take us on a tour of the place of our choice. We decided to go to Ayuthaya, the old capitol of Thailand. Ketsara (pronounced Kate-serah) was our guide and was great. I learned so much about Thai history and traditions. Fro example: The tower-like tombs scattered throughout Ayuthaya and a key architecture throughout Thailand usually has 8 rings because there are 8 levels of Buddhism to go through to reach enlightenment. The monks wear orange robes died by tumeric so that they did not appear dirty all the time. Thailand used to be called Siam. So as you can ... read more
Local Market
The Thailand Crew
Ayuthaya Temple

Asia » China » Shanghai December 24th 2005

Finally...the adventure begins. Thailand here I come! Yet first Jeff and I had a 10 hour layover in Shanghai. By taking China Eastern and having this layover in the Pudong Airport we saved $300 and got to spend a day in China!!!! Jeff and I paired up with two other English teachers in Hiroshima that were going to Myanmar, Larissa and Eric. I was a little worried at first since getting in and out of China usually requires a visa and a bunch of paper work. I mean...what if they never let us out of China once in? Worries aside we went into the city. It was quite interesting trying to get out of the airport. They had a special counter just for us 'transit' passengers and gave us really cool stickers to wear (sidenote: ... read more
Magnetic Train
Famous Teah House
Old Town

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima December 22nd 2005

Yeah, yeah, that's almost as corny as my "Leaving on a JET plane" quote from one of my first entries. So yes, as many of you have heard, I am headed to Thailand this Saturday, Dec 24. This blog is to inform everyone what Christmas/winter has been like in Japan! I have been a busy lady ever since I have been back from my sister's beautiful wedding. I got back and after the first day of being extremely exhausted and my teacher telling me "just go home and get some sleep, okay?" when they are usually commenting on having too much energy than is humanly possible, it was as if I had never left. It was such a short trip that my time never got adjusted. I was basically on Japan time the whole time I ... read more
Electric Slide
Not a bad idea...

North America » United States » California December 4th 2005

I will never forget when I found out my sister was engaged. I had been in Japan for less than 12 hours. I was checking my email amongst many other JETs in the Keio Plaza. I get this email with only exclamation marks in the title from my sister. I open up the email and alas, Erin, my older sister was engaged. This was a moment we had talked about our whole lives, coming true. Scary and exciting at the same time. This was no surprise...we had been expecting Fin to do it for a while. So, I am sitting around a bunch of strangers freaking out about my sisters about a goo first impression. :-). They all probably thought I was crazy! Then through much discussion and confusion of where the wedding would be ... read more
The siblings
Casey, Erin, Fin, and Barrett
The Wedding Mobile

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima November 26th 2005

Oh the wonderful wonderful Autum days in Japan. Unlike California, Japan has 4 real seasons. I have been thoroughly enjoying all the beautiful leaves and nice crisp air. First I went up to Sandankyo Gorge to hike around and see the leaves. The last weekend in November I went to Miyajima, my second time there, to do a hike and enjoy the beautiful island. The koyo was amazing. It really looked like some of the trees were on because the colors were so beautiful. These photos do not do justice to the beauty on Miyajima. It was a relaxed weekend and I had fun trekking around solo. There were plenty of j-folk on the island to keep me company. When I was hiking up the mountain passing all the Japanese people they kept on saying to ... read more
Attack of the Japanese Tourists
Red Torii and Casey

Asia » Japan » Fukuoka November 19th 2005

So when you think about Japan there are many things you associate with it....sushi, kimonos, karate, and of course SUMO!!!! I was fortunate enough to get to experience a sumo wrestling tournament this weekend. It succeeded my expectations. I had such a good time and would definitely go to another sumo match in the future if I was given the chance. Originally we were supposed to go with the AJET group, but things fell through. That did no stop us from going. There were 9 of us in our crew headed to the tournament, me, Lisa, Nikki, Marc, Mercedez, Jen, Ellie, Julie, and Simon. The weekend started out a little chaotic. I was running late and thought I was going to miss the bus to Shimonoseki. As I am running in the direction of the bus, ... read more
Hard Rock Cafe
Hiroshima in Fukuoka

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima November 13th 2005

It has been a while since I have posted an entry, but that doesn't mean that I haven't been busy doing stuff and seeing things! Right now it is the end of Fall and the leaves in Japan are amazing. In Cali we really don't have an Autumn, so coming to Japan was a special surprise to see all the leaves change into beautiful red, orange, and yellow. I will also add that Japan is getting cold. I am not used to cold weather. Rigth now it is as cold as it gets in San Francisco...a nice crisp 40 degrees. Its going to be a heck of a lot colder in January and February!!! The problem with Japan is they don't have insulation in any of their houses. You would think a country that has ... read more
Hiroshima Peace Marathon
Streets of Hiroshima
Jintensha no Keishi

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima November 2nd 2005

Well that is your Japanese lesson for the day, "Happi Harroween" is Happy Halloween in Japanese. Tough, I know. So, yes, this past weekend I celebrated my FAVORITE holiday (what can I say, I love costumes!), HALLOWEEN!!! Japan does not really celebrate Halloween, but that was not going to stop me from dressing in costume! As a matter of fact, it is becoming a bigger holiday because of the foreign influence. You think they would all trick-o-treat and make jack-o-lanterns becaues of all the Halloween paraphanalia they sell starting in September, but then again they really don't celebrate Christmas and they already have huge displays of Christmas stuff out and its not even December. I definitely had a blast this Halloween dressing up in costume and dancing like crazy. First, I celebrated Halloween with my English ... read more
Eat that Doughnut
Eat that Doughnut
Pin the Nose on the Jack-o-Lantern

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima October 15th 2005

OH WHAT AN INCREDIBLE WEEKEND!!!! Lisa and I had no idea what we were going to do. I talked to my other friend Jane for the first time in a LONG time and she said she was going on this bike ride that this guy Rob was planning. Lisa and I kind of invited ourselves and found ourselves on a great adventure that none of would ever forget. We ended up riding our bikes from Onomichi in Hiroshima Ken on Honshu across the many islands in the Inland sea to Imabari, Ehime Ken, Shikoku. The ride itself was 75 km, but since we got lost it actually turned out to be about 90 km...THATS THE FURTHEST I HAVE EVER RIDDEN A BICYCLE!!! And, we did about 40 km of it in the pouring rain!!!! But as ... read more
Innoshima Hashi
Ikuchijima Hashi
Sexy Rainsuits

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