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Asia » Japan » Kyoto September 16th 2006

I was sad to be headed back to Japan; my trip to America was just a little too short. Yet lucky me, I already had a slice of home (well kinda!) waiting for me in Osaka. My friend Kelle was in Japan coming to visit me! She is a slice of one of my many homes (Japan included, I now have 5 places I consider home). Kelle and I met spring 2005 ‘studying’ in Barcelona. We use the word studying loosely, as more time was spent living the high life in Barcelona with crazy senoras, endless supply of 2 euro wine, Spanish boys, tapas, travels, getting lost on trains, absinthe, beaches, wrestling boots, mullets, and dancing till dawn. What can I say, it was one of the best semesters of my life. Kelle, Lindsey, and ... read more
Capsule Hotel
Capsule Hotel
Capsule Hotel

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston September 8th 2006

I didn’t think I would be returning to America until after I was done with JET and my travels, meaning November 2007 (yikes!). Around June last year I was beginning to really miss home. I also had a special someone I wanted to visit back in Boston. What can I say….I caved. I was bound for the motherland. Maybe there is something in the water in Hiroshima left over from the a-bomb or something…because somehow I booked a flight not to California, but back to Boston to visit Misha (see HK and Philippines blogs), bringing the Southeast Asian romance to the Western Hemisphere. Lucky me with parents that love me, they flew out to meet me as well, and I have a bunch of friends now in Boston, so I got to see more than just ... read more
Charles River
Sailing...kinda  ;-)

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima August 12th 2006

The temperature heats up, the humidity is on overdrive, and all the students are off for the summer. As for me, what summer vacation? Although no students are at school and there is nothing for me to do, I have to be there! I could be traversing the many incredible destinations in Asia, yet I guess instead it has been a summer of saving money, and relaxing in Hiroshima. So, what did I do to fill the rest of my time in July and August? Well, tons! In fact, it was a great summer relaxing, doing fun things, meeting all the new JETs, and definitely doing all things humanly possible to beat the humidity and heat. FESTIVALS Japan is definitely the place to go if you like festivals! Since festivals usually consist of fun costumes, dancing, ... read more
I'm a Japanese Princess!
Hiroshima Summer Festival
Yassa Yassa

Asia » Japan » Tokyo July 28th 2006

July 31, 2005: I arrived in Tokyo Japan wandering the streets in amazement, excited about the life I was about to embark on. I will never forget how scared I was too, nor the look on our faces when we had our first glance at a train schedule written in kanji. A year later, July 31,2006, I found myself again wandering the streets of Tokyo, yet I was no longer like a fish out of water. Walking the same streets that I walked exactly a year before in Shibuya, I couldn't help but be nostalgic over the past year and what has happened between then and now. A full year in Japan! Growing up I never thought I would be living in a foreign country, especially as one as foreign as Japan! Yet here I was, ... read more
Random Tokyoites
Imperial Palace

Asia » South Korea » Seoul July 13th 2006

Quite possibly the most overrused title for visitors to Seoul, yet I feel this title perfectly describes my experience in Korea. My 'soul' was rejuvenated a) because I got a break from the monotony of my job (all July and August I sit at my desk and do NOTHING- good way to spend my time...thank god for sudoku!) and b) I met up with some old friends from Berkeley, which was a nice slice of home. Given the short time I was alloted for summer vacation, it was a quick trip into Seoul and the DMZ, then back to Japan. The organization of the trip itself is noteworthy. My friend Naomi , a fellow Cal alum, is living in Tokyo and her and I were planning an escape from Japan. A month earlier than our estimated ... read more
Gyeongbokgung Palace
Our first meal
Korean Beef

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima June 24th 2006

This entry is not terribly important, but I wanted to show you a high school festival because they are very important in Japan, and something we don't have in America. This weekend was Kabe Koko's Bunkasai, or in English, culture festival. Pronounced boon-ka-sai. Now, this seriously has to be the best day of high school for these students- it definitely was my favorite day of work! So much time and effort goes into the bunkasai, and the results are phenomenal. Each homeroom is responsible for something. All the third year homerooms make food booths and each booth has a different theme. Themese ranged from World Cup. to a Frog, to a Pig, to Rasta colors. The students all wear matching t-shirts as well. The second and first years do a class project- it can be some ... read more
Kabe Bunkasai
School Band
Hip Hop Club

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima June 17th 2006

I have had a bit of "blog lag" so pardon for not writing the past 2 months. I have been thoroughly enjoying my summer thus far...only now is it becoming extremely humid and hot! This weekend adventure (back in June!) took us to Tottori. Every year there is a beach party in Tottori Prefecture. Tottori prefecture (guess its not a major tourist spot, not even listed on the blog location list above!) is northeast of Hiroshima. Japan is roughly the same size as California. Knowing this, it shouldn't talk too long to go anywhere in Japan. On the contrary- due to huge mountain all over the place and rather inefficient road systems (all the R&D spent on that shinkansen gig) it took as a good 4 hours to drive to Tottori prefecture. There was Nikki behind ... read more
The Finished Product
My Crew
Tottori Beach

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima May 28th 2006

May has been full of all sorts of fun events- I have traveled to the Philippines, watched the Hiroshima Carps WIN a baseball game, played rice patty mud volleyball, dropped my cell in the river, went to the recontracting conference in Kobe (I ate Kobe beef!), danced till dawn at a club in Osaka with a Japanese man named Yoda, and even got to see my friend Brian perform in a German Opera in Japan. The last weekend in May I felt like I was transported back in time. I spent the last Sunday participating in Taue, or in English, Rice Planting. My friend Stephanie from Berkeley was in town. She definitely picked the BEST weekend to visit because no other time in our lives will be able to participate in something that was so cultural, ... read more
Getting Decked Out
Suck it In!

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Miyoshi May 21st 2006

This weekend I participated in one of the funnest things I have done since coming to Japan. Yeah its not cultural and yeah there are a lot of gaijin-still it was soooo much fun! It was the 10th Annual Rice Patty Mud Volleyball Tournament held up in the countryside of Hiroshima-Ken. For more info see the website There were numerous teams composed of foreigners, Japanese kids, families...anyone who wanted to play and brave the mud. Clearly the point of the event was not to necessarily play volleyball, but to throw each other in the mud AFTER the game. I ended up playing on 2 different teams- neither advancing to any of the final rounds. I felt like I was famous while playing. There was a whole 'papparazi' section. There must have been 20 or so ... read more
Miyoshi:  Home to Hiroshima Mud Volleyball
Game Plan
Mud Volleyball

Asia » Philippines » Mountain Province May 7th 2006

The Philippines is such an amazing country because it has so much to offer. We went from lounging on incredible beaches to hiking among lush green mountains. Next stops on our trip: Cebu, Manila, Banaue, and then out of Manila. Like the first half of our trip, the adventure never stops. Cebu We left Bohol early to get into Cebu at a decent hour so we could sightsee around town. We found Magellan's cross. On Magellan's trek around the world he was stopped dead in his tracks (literally) in the Philippines so he himself did not make it all the way around the world (let's hope that Ryan and Misha's world adventure doesn't end the same way). He got in a brawl with some of the locals. Magellan thought he was all high and mighty coming ... read more
LOOK!  Rice!
Terraces Up Close
Wanna Ride?

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