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Asia » Japan » Hiroshima October 11th 2005

The Monday after the sake festival we had the day off. Sunday we were supposed to go to Hagi in Yamaguchi Ken...we did not move most of Sunday! Sunday was spent happily getting Italian food at my favorite place in Kabe, and romping around the Fuji Grand department store. Lisa and i are entertained very easily. Monday we decided to take a day trip to a town in Hiroshima Ken called Takehara. According to our Hiroshima Ken Guide Book, it is the 'little Kyoto' of Hiroshima because of its preserved historic buildings. It once used to be a thriving town through salt mining, but since then I believe it has become pretty poor. They can't even afford to have JETs at their schools (which may not be a bad thing, hiring us is expensive!). There ... read more

Asia » Japan October 9th 2005

At the end of September I had my welcome enkai (drinking party) with my English Teachers. Like most enkais it was a nomihorai (all you can drink and eat). Due to events earlier that week and the idea of drinking with my English teachers made me drink one too many drinks. After dinner we all went to sing Bon Jovi this time. We stuck to Backstreet boys :-). The following Monday Ogawa Sensei comes up to me and gives me a tons of information on the Sake Matsuri (sake festival) the second weekend of October. I guess from the enkai he realized how much I enjoyed a few drinks. Yet I was already well informed of the Sake Matsuri as most of the ALTs in Hiroshima-Ken are in attendance. Let me tell you, the ... read more
Sake Masturi
Sake Masturi
Sake Masturi

Asia » Japan » Fukuoka September 28th 2005

For my four-day weekend I decided to take off down to Kyushu. The original intention was to hike some more (possibly Aso-san, the largest caldera in the world) and meet up with my friend Jonathan. It quickly involved meeting up with many other people and turning into a fabulous trip...although I think I needed another vacation after!!! It included, hiking, shrines, boat cruises, drinking, dancing, street performers, hitching, a baseball game, and complete chaos....just the way I like it. Those random trips are the best. I hit up Shimonoseki and had some incredible sushi. Then I headed down to Fukuoka to get lost amongst the shopping malls with the clothes I could not afford and meander along until I found some cool shrines to check out. I did see the largest wooden buddha in Japan. Looks ... read more
Fukuoka Temple

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima September 23rd 2005

The same weekend of the Undokai I went to the inaka to watch a traditional dance called Kagura. The next day Lisa and I went on an excursion to a small town called Iwakuni. Kagura is a traditional local dance/performance. The performers wear elaborate kimonos and different masks. Each performance tells a story and is accompanied by traditional music. It was all in Japanese yet the stories are pretty straightforward through the dancing so it was easy for us to follow. I am not exactly sure where the dancing all originated. Since it is so localized there is not much stuff about it on the internet. There was a huge Kagura exhibition in a town called Chiyoda. There were 10 of us and we rented 2 tatami areas to sit in. They do not have ... read more

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima September 17th 2005

It does not matter what grade or what school you attend, every Japanese school as an Undokai, which means sports day. From kindergarten to high school, every school has one. It would be more accurately called 'relay day' because the students do not really play sports, they play games and have races. The students had been practicing for sports day for at least a month so I was very excited to see what all the practice went to. I was soooo excited for my sportsl day. I even got to participate in one game...jump rope....with the rest of the teachers. We were not very good. The students killed us! Let me give a rundown of the Undokai and maybe it will all make sense: I. Opening Ceremony The school is broken down into 2 teams, ... read more
Returning the Flag

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima August 22nd 2005

The weekend after our Hiroshima Jeff and I did a little "Island Hopping" around the Seto Inland Sea, just off of Hiroshima. Orientation was actually very important, as we met all the other JETs and learned about life in Japan (basically learned all the stuff I needed to and missed bc I went sightseeing in Tokyo. We learned how to take care of the tatami mats, avoid cockroaches, and why the heck there is a huge raised yellow line in the middle of the sidewalk (its for the blind people!! All along I thought it separated the bike path and walking path!!). Of course we had some time to drink and get to know each other...alcohol seems to help loosen up everyone and we got to know each other a lot quicker. After the orientation I ... read more
Good Times
Good Times

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima August 6th 2005

August 6, 1945 the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima City. Right before I left for Japan there was a cover article in TIME magazine on the upcoming 60th anniversary the following week. I feel very fortunate that I got to be there for the event and witness it first hand. In the morning there was a serious ceremony where the government got up and spoke and there were survivors from the a-bomb dropping as well. Due to the time of the serious ceremony and not to forget to mention the whole thing in Japanese, I opted out of going to it. In addition, it was pretty damn hot and humid. The humidity I experienced later that day was enough. During the afternoon my English club met up wtih me. Kabe Senior High School made ... read more
60th Atomic Bomb Anniversary
60th Atomic Bomb Anniversary
Peace Park

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Shinjuku July 30th 2005

Konnichiwa!!! FINALLY!!! I have started my blog like I promised!!! Now instead of me writing the same thing 100 times or sending out a mass email (because I know everyone loves those impersonal things), I have this blog where I can update everyone on what is going on in Japan. I have been here officially for a month. It seems like forever and yet not so long at the same time. I start teaching this week. All of August the students are on break, yet I still have to go to school and sit there...doing nothing. I have also had many orientations on living in Japan (ie how to avoid cockroaches and tatami bugs) and I got to connect with many of th 130 JETs in Hiroshima Ken. There have also been some interesting differences in ... read more
Berkeley takes on Japan

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