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14th February 2012

back for only two days and want to be again in cambodia...
5th October 2011

the pictures are very funny, the animals are so familiar with humans, even up to take pictures .... jiwa
5th October 2011

the pictures are very funny, the animals are so familiar with humans, even up to take pictures .... jiwa
25th September 2011

Mt. Hiko-hike
I agree with you! The hike up to the summit of Hiko is not easy, unless maybe you are a more than average hiker and do lots of leg workouts! I don't think the average hiker would be able to scale those rocks using chains! I made it but most people I know wouldn't be able to do that hike. Happy hiking!!
25th July 2011

Hello there! I taught there in 2005-2007, so way before you :). Sounds like your experience was amazing playing rugby in Japan! I myself played on a touch rugby Japan. I miss the country!
25th July 2011

somewhere outside of Phnom Penh
25th July 2011

I know he's not a monk, he used to be one so he could be educated
25th July 2011

The address is 48 Ngo Huyen St, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
25th July 2011

sorry for late response....unless you knew someone at the school (like the English Teacher) I think it would be really hard to go and participate just for safety reasons. But good luck if you try!
11th March 2011

Ummm so is it a anime Konvensyen
10th March 2011

Can anybody go to these festivals? I really want to go to a high school one just for the experience, but I'm afraid that I will be too old (my parents say I can go when I'm 18, lol), or because I don't go to the school, that I won't be able to participate. I really want to be a foreign exchange student there. It would be fantastic!
8th March 2011
Hanoi Backpacker Street

backpacker st
YES, picture good BUT name of street??????????????????? thanks rob
21st February 2011
Monk? Really?

This guy is not a monk! Monks are NOT ALLOWED to be touched by a female and vice versa!
29th October 2010
Cambodian Scarf

where is this picture taken?
21st June 2010

Akiminami High School
Hi my name is Jared Jensen i was just reading through your blog and saw that you were a ALT teacher At Akinan. I was a scholorshp student for rugby at Akinan for a year and a bit i got there at the start of 2009 when were you at Akinan??..
13th January 2010

10 years in
Good travel review Casey. VN is me first, me first! If you don't trample your brothers and sisters then you will get nothing. Hope you enjoyed Laos, the culture there is much more civilized.
8th November 2009

Thank you
i have to thank you, really, for giving so much joy to quite a number of Filipinos. That you have enjoyed your adventures, and shared them with the locals you've met all around this country...........thank you! I have truly enjoyed reading your blogs, and will likely be busy catching up in the next few days.
8th November 2009

Great read.....
How could I have missed this blog? I thoroughly enjoyed reading your piece, and vicariously lived through your adventures! I am a Filipino , who has yet to watch a cock fight!!!! You girls beat me to it. Cheers!
13th August 2009

Welcome to Vietnam
I hope you come back and visit Vietnam again. And I also hope that you sympathize with what make you uncomfortable.
30th June 2009

wow, enjoyed reading your views and opinions on sihanoukville, me and my boyfriend were there for xmas and new year! best time of my life and i miss all the lovely people from dolphin shack sessions and utopia! will definately go back again soon. thanks for the memories safe travel kate
9th February 2009

kapan bunkasai di bandung
kapan bunkasai di bandung di ada kan !!
7th October 2008

Go American Go!!!
I totally understand your position. I am so proud of you. I liked your pics too. I didn't expect you to be so cute.
29th August 2008

HOw do you contact uncle tans
I am interested in going to Uncle Tans however the email address won't work, do you have a contact for them?
30th May 2008

Cucumber or Rat?
If you had too...would you eat the urine-infested cucumbers or the dead rats? Either way it will be followed by larvae for dessert! Dude, the scary bus stories just took me back to our overnighter from Banaue to Manila. How many times have we escaped death? :)

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