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Its January cold and dreary so time for another mini adventure! This time to the central American counurses. After that a short trip to Mexico city and surrounding area. Finally to Baja Califonia on Mexican Pacific Coast to watch for whales and their newborn. . So if my brain engages and the phone camera works Panama should be the first script sometime towards the end of January so take a look if time permits x

Costa Rica the smallest of the Central American States after Belize and El Salvador has a population of around 3.6 million about the same as Panama . It seems to have moulded itself as a destination of choice for tourists particularly the Americans and offers wonderful beaches and active participation in its many public and private parks and nature reserves. It has shielded itself from world troubles with no army , no palaces of Government and has become wealthy from coffee production. Costa Rica is a well established democracy celebrating over 120 years and has one of the highest standards of living in Central America . Having said all of that San Jose the capital did not float my boat! There is a different feel from the laid back Panama no pretty old town ( every ... read more

Asia » Burma » Yangon Region » Yangon January 30th 2015

This Website could Not cope with inputting Myanmar so Not much hope for me getting it right ! We are now at the end of this short but beautiful journey. It has been different from many though I'm not sure why. Perhaps its the delightful people, the amazing geography and sights , its po!itical history , or maybe just that for so long its been a closed country. It is a country full of contrasts trying to cope with an influx of tourists but without much of the infrastructure or know how to support it. A country of around 55 million with 8 ethnic groups dominated by the Burmese and boarded by two great nations India and China not to mention Thailand and Laos. India and China have influenced the culture food and development of Myanmar ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hertfordshire January 10th 2015

Well this was rather a last minute journey but one to be taken in less than a week!. so off to magical Myanmar and then on to Laos , watch this space! X... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana February 3rd 2014

Its been a fascinating experience, and as some if you may know we have not had access to WiFi until we returned to Havana for the third time at the end of our tour..local Cubans have the Intranet, most have no access to the wider world. Our group was small but perfectly formed , All very interesting, widely travelled with views to match!! I was the only singleton so to speak and all made me feel very comfortable so thank you guys for your support and enclusion. The tour was packed with a variety of different places to visit food to taste people to meet and snipits of knowledge was passed on to us by our fab guide Ellie who turned out to be an accomplished musician ,writer, band leader as well as her guiding skills ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hertfordshire January 3rd 2014

Well its January 2014 so it must be travel time again!! So I'm off to Cuba in mid Jan doing a small group tour right round the island using local home stays to get a real feel for what I hope will be a spectacular journey. Al will join me in Havana at the end and we have 4 days exploring the capital with a spot of salsa I hope!! We then head off to Mexico to the Yacatan peninsula to follow the Myan trail. So until then my friends........ read more

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Isabela Island February 20th 2013

Helloifor the last time! It was with great excitement that we contemplated our trip to the amazing Galapagos. A very early start saw us on the coach to the airport a 2 hour flight to Batra some 1000 kms from the Ecuadorian coast . It is a very arid small island that was the base for the US during the second world war. A further coach trip to the port where we took a taxi boat across the bay, another coach across the island of Santa Cruz one of the 5 inhabited islands amongst the 16 that make up the Galapagos. And that is when the rain started ! The final port destination was in chaos , what with road repairs carnival time and elections pending. The coach couldn’t get through the road works so we ... read more
the Ecuadorian coast

South America » Ecuador » South » Cuenca February 8th 2013

Our journey onwards from Quito , i briefly mentioned in the last blog, we had a wet old day visiting a number of towns and not seeing the errupting valcanoes and finally spent the night in a lovely converted Hacienda. we were off again the following morning with two main events planned , the 2 hour train journey on a near vertical route using the switch back techinque - i will explain!! and visiting th e only Incasite in Ecuador of any note - thats what the itinerary said!!! The morning was taken up with the train ride when the engine pulls the carriages up on one track and then moves backwards to change tracks to onnce again journey up the mountain . It is too steep to do this any orher way!! We did this ... read more
On Route to the valcanos

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito February 6th 2013

Hola my Cherubs. Finally arrived in Quito capital of Ecuador after a long old journey going up north to Bogota in Columbia and then down south again to Quito, a total journey time of 7 .5 hours, Direct flights to decrease the carbon footprint do not seem to be on the agenda! Anyway was totally exhausted after the previous days delays and fell asleep in my room and missed the group briefing – so that was a good start! We are 12 people all from the UK and very different , there are electrical engineers, a barrister, civil servants, a voluntary organisational manager and more, most retired, only 3 of us still working- quite an interesting bunch. Ecuador is the smallest of the South American countries but very compact , the guide books say you can ... read more
Old Quito

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago February 4th 2013

hello my friends , this will be very short as was my stay in the Capital of Chile. less than 24 hours due to our wind battered plane disaster and a long wait in punta Aranos. Poor Al and Lucy didnt get a look in they missed it altogether. ! have to say the hotel was the best so far just fifteen rooms newly converted from an old colonial house and very beautiful it was too so sorry Lou ! I had a guided tour in the afternoon of my arrival and so much information was thrown my way that I remember very little now . I had had virtually no sleep for 36 hours and really could have laid out on one of those inviting sunlouges for the next few hours and had a kip! ... read more
View from my bedroom!- i shall be in there
Thought this was real its not!
The lovely hotel

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Torres del Paine January 29th 2013

Southern Patagonia is wild ,desolate , windy and home to Chile’s most famous and well visited national park- Torres del Paine. Its crowning glory are the three stunning granite towers (torres) and the whole area is a hikers heaven!! It is full of spectacular lagoons, glaciers, rolling untamed grasslands, and high snow covered peaks. It also the site of Chile’s oldest human habitation , indigenous peoples now alas no longer. The park has an array of wonderful wildlife apart from sheep cows and amazing horses, and we saw foxes, guanacos (a relative of the llama tribe) by the score, the Andean condor ( check out my photo!) and the nandu described by Darwin ( resembling the ostrich but smaller). We also found flamingos, many ducks and the lesser spotted something or other!! We travelled from Punta ... read more
our journey to the park
enlarge the bird its an eagle!
First views of the Torres tho not the last!

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