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9th June 2018

Hi, Laura. Enjoyed your blogs. Congratulations on checking something (or somethings) off your bucket list! Steve & I have often wondered how you are doing. Now we know. Congrats also on your recovery. We miss Seattle! Absolutely beautiful there.
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6th August 2017

I have just read your blog and i would very much like to do some volunteer work with children. I am a qualified child care teacher. When is the best time to come to Ventiane . I have visited your country a couple of times. Best wishes. Lyn
7th April 2017

this just amazing and so beautiful to see how much help and support those kids got from you.i would like to be a volunteer for few days if possible and bring some of my help and knowledge to those children ..just email me back and let me how to i be a volunteer best regard
5th October 2013

Please help keep the Library Boat afloat!
Hi - Glad you had such a great time on the Library Boat. As you rightly said, the boats rely directly on donations, to continue distributing books to over 10,000 children, as well as teaching life skills and other learning activities. It costs just $1 per month to supply one child with books and activities. To find out more please visit our website, and don't forget to give us a big LIKE on Facebook. Thanks:-
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6th January 2013

très jolie photo
11th November 2012

Elephant Nature Park
If all the Elephants of the world should be so well!
28th October 2012

Hey there - routeburn track
Hey there! Excellent blog on routeburn! It provided so much info that I was very interested in. I am going to the track in 1 month, December 3rd. I am wondering if you did the walk in November as the post was posted in November, this will give me a good idea what I may be able to expect in this time of the year. Kindest regards, Joel
6th November 2012

Routeburn Track
Joel, I did the Routeburn Track in November, and they told me it was the coldest Spring they'd had in 30 years! Should be warmer in December... That was back in 2008, but if I remember correctly, I had to register for a permit to hike, which I did in while in NZ. Enjoy! One of my all-time favorite hikes.
23rd October 2012

my dream...............
i´d dream of this......being there for the touched me deep inside....i wish i could be there one that possible????is it expensive????if possible....i´d wait for an answer..............God blesses everyone for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10th October 2012

C 'est super ce que vous faîtes pour ces éléphants qui sont si beaux et si gentils ! merci pour eux !
1st October 2012

Ils sont magnifiques longue vie à nos pachidermes à l'abri d'etres malveillants.
27th September 2012

What a beautiful work!
Thank you so much for these WONDERFUL pictures, and for your LOVE to my friends the elephants...
24th September 2012

15th July 2011
Pilgrims relaxing after a long day of walking

El Camino :-)
I like this image and fondly remember this wonderful time on the Camino.
23rd March 2011
Snow dogs

i think that these are thebest show dogs ever
21st February 2011

Celtic La Guardia, Galicia, Spain
I enjoyed the article. I would like to see maps and more history of La Guardia. town where I was born. Thanks
14th January 2011

Garrett Hotrich
Hello Laura, Do you have the contact info for Garrett and Joanne Hotrich in Laos. I'm an old friend from Maine and lost their contact data. Thanks, David Agronick
23rd November 2010

What an Inspiration
Thank you for sharing Laura. You have an amazing perspective and you took the steps to bring about your dream. As the Aussie's say "good on you".
12th October 2010

lost memory card
Sorry, I was there in Jan 2009. I also lost a memory card... so I can relate to the frustration of that!
From Blog: Vietnam
12th September 2010

lost memory card
Hi guys, nice pics! I'm writing because I lost a memory card with pictures from the same parts of vietnam that you are showiing here, also from singapore an australia, I with treking in Sapa when this happened. Maybe sombody fuond this and is trying to find out who is the owner, that's why I'm leaving the message, if you get any info please contact me at thanks
From Blog: Vietnam
8th September 2010
Image of Buddha head entangled in tree roots

4th May 2010

mt cook looks tall. i have never seen it but from thoes pics it does.
9th January 2010

wow the routeburn
Am about to do the tramp next week Was good to read your story to help with what I should wear and take I hope its not slippery as my hip is not 100% after an overstretch injury Any comments could help Cheers
26th October 2009

what you are doing is wonderful
Elephants are wonderful and amazing to me. I have always loved them thank you for taking care of them
8th July 2009

want to visit again
Kuang Si Waterfall is very nice place to see. I love clean water and calm, quiet atmosphere. It's really fantastic natural place and I promise I want to come here again and again.

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