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18th February 2012

World War 3
You had me laughing so hard with your turtle and Bali Belly...sorry you had to experience that but it made for a good laugh if that makes you feel better.
20th August 2010

that snake looks like its bout ready to strike at something or somebody better be careful them things r vicious
20th August 2010

that snake looks like its bout ready to strike at something or somebody better be careful them things r vicious
11th December 2009

Thank you for this. My boyfriend and I are heading to CR for Christmas and this place was recommended to me by a friend. After reading this blog, I fully intend on staying here. THANKS!
31st October 2008

Come Jam In David Panama
I love the part about you all jamming together, at our hostel in david we play all the time, the owner knows a million songs like clash, mano chau, morrisey/morrison/zeppelin..they also play all kinds of ska...come visit us sometime new international backpackers hostel with a deluxe pool and garden!
23rd October 2008

he,he,he! i like u
23rd October 2008

next stop,tofino!
From Blog: October Session
15th October 2008

lookin' hot free range. the travel life suits u well.
11th July 2004

Your account makes me want to go!
Hey, you know how the internet be a quick ride that drops you off at an unknown corner of the universe? That's how I've felt as I've been reading about your whole trip. Thanks a lot - I think Thailand will be in my near future. Caroline
11th July 2004

u funny
haha...had a good laugh when i read your advice for peeps to smell the pillow...hehe, if it smelled of ass pass on thru? well, i'm older so i get to travel first class with no ass...but u sure sound like you're having fun...u just need better timing meeting gurlz, right? continue and have fun bro! best, schwann
2nd July 2004

"going to get a facial and thai massage" dan
Hey danno! Sounds like your having a great trip. Thanx for the detailed messages and letting me live my vacation through you. Wish I could send you a cookie. Your headin to get a facial eh? Who's that from? hehe cheers! kirk
21st June 2004

SQL Dan arrives
I arrived yesterday and now am beginning my trek. Spent a night at Khoa san, its\pretty cool. I haven't slept yet running on adreliane. I'm now waiting for a plane to goto samui chaweng noi area. where i'll stay here for a few days and do some diving. I don't know where you guys are. I'll be in phuket after, so I may actually see you guys this trip :)
From Blog: Phuket HospitaL
20th June 2004

Baggin's sister
Hey Baggins! Check your mail for pix of Ga Yung. She's so beautiful! :). Miss you. Funny posts, enjoyed reading them. Big Sis.
From Blog: Phuket HospitaL
16th June 2004

Way to go Dan! Keep the points for Canada going! Miss you Long Time! NikkiB
From Blog: Chef Baggins
16th June 2004

Hey hey Prickly heat, my arse I bet your got pricked by your lady boy friend... ha ha okay not so funny to you... we miss you long time, wish I was there too... hope you're experiencing the true Thai lifestyle, couldn't expect anything less from good ol'Baggins and keep up the messages there awesome. Love WJ
3rd June 2004

Fear and panick thinking of baggins departure
As the days go by faster,and your departure date approaches, your crew gets restless and worried "what about those dere apples, what are we going to do without baggins?". But I also worry that baggins will not come back to his hobbits to be their fearless leader once more. My instincts tell me he will be captured by the forces of darkness...
From Blog: The countdown

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