Antonina and Ernesto

Antonina and Ernesto

Antonina and Ernesto

South America » Peru » Ica » Nazca » Nazca Lines June 30th 2015

Bienvenidos a Peru! Beautiful country full of history, culture, traditions, great food and the best PISCO (if there is something left after Ernesto) ;) !!! After relaxing time in the capital Lima, we continuied our adventures to the south of Peru and the first stop was Nazca. Nazca - very small town and by itself does not bring much interest, what makes this place unique is a mystery drawings of some figures and animals in the middle of the dessert. The name comes from culture that inhabited this lands from 100 BC to 800 AD - Nazca culture. No one really knows what was the purpose for them to make this drawings. We found this culture to be very advanced - this figures can be seen only from the plane which simply did not exist at ... read more
The Hummingbird
Ernesto before take off
The Astronaut

South America » Ecuador » East » Cuyabeno Reserve May 15th 2015

Who never dreamed of seeing anaconda in wild? or taking a boat trip on the river full of lovely crocodiles and piranhas? Of course we did!!! And that's how we got into this incredible world full of disgusting spiders (all very dangerous), tarantulas, snakes and other unknown creatures... After 13 hours bus ride and 3 hours boat ride we happily arrived to our lodge (very basic and very eco-friendly hotel). Our guide offered us to take a refreshing river bath (of course forgetting to mention about Candiru fish) which we (luckily for Ernesto) did not take. Still very excited we took a night walk with a guide through the jungle... It was a very interesting walk even though there were two bad sites: 1. I do not see much in the dark 2. My Spanish (at ... read more
Fishing piranhas
Making Yuca bread
Yuca bread

South America » Ecuador » Gal├ípagos May 11th 2015

Hola Amigos! We decided to start our travel with incredible experience in Galapagos islands. We were lucky to get an opportunity to take a cruise ship that takes you around 5 different Galapagos islands. This cruise was crazy not very relaxing - it was a real expedition with a wake up call at 6 am and a first wet landing at 7am.. Wild beauty exists in many places around the globe, but here the feeling of being a guest strongly exist.. Due to some factors such as total absence of predators and plenty's of food animals do what ever they want behave differently. They are not frightened or bothered by you, instead they are very curious and brave towards people. Not even one mockingbird could stop me in order for her to cross the road before ... read more
Chilling sea lion

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