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June 30th 2015
Published: September 28th 2015
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Bienvenidos a Peru! Beautiful country full of history, culture, traditions, great food and the best PISCO (if there is something left after Ernesto) 😉 !!!

After relaxing time in the capital Lima, we continuied our adventures to the south of Peru and the first stop was Nazca.

Nazca - very small town and by itself does not bring much interest, what makes this place unique is a mystery drawings of some figures and animals in the middle of the dessert. The name comes from culture that inhabited this lands from 100 BC to 800 AD - Nazca culture.

No one really knows what was the purpose for them to make this drawings. We found this culture to be very advanced - this figures can be seen only from the plane which simply did not exist at that time, this people had no written system and were successfully doing trephination!

It was the most scary flight we ever had! Plane was for 5 pax, while we were boarding the driver was allocating the seats according to our weight to keep the balance... Turbulence is nothing in comparison to how this air-coffin shakes in the air... However the lines are incredible, astonishing and leaving you with no answer....

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