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May 15th 2015
Published: September 25th 2015
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Who never dreamed of seeing anaconda in wild? or taking a boat trip on the river full of lovely crocodiles and piranhas? Of course we did!!! And that's how we got into this incredible world full of disgusting spiders (all very dangerous), tarantulas, snakes and other unknown creatures...

After 13 hours bus ride and 3 hours boat ride we happily arrived to our lodge (very basic and very eco-friendly hotel). Our guide offered us to take a refreshing river bath (of course forgetting to mention about Candiru fish) which we (luckily for Ernesto) did not take. Still very excited we took a night walk with a guide through the jungle...

It was a very interesting walk even though there were two bad sites:

1. I do not see much in the dark

2. My Spanish (at that time) was not so good to understand the pre-cautions that the guide was giving us

So these two circumstances led me to almost break a spider net with my face and Ernesto to have even more fun 😊

By the time we returned from the night walk our neighbours were greeted by unexpected guests in their room - 20 cm tarantula was quietly awaiting for them in the bathroom. That happened to them quite often, all houses had no windows, and therefore any creature that feels like entering - does it. However us they never bothered (or maybe it was an advantage of my bad vision)

Next day 5am we woke up for a birdwatching.. we saw a lot of different parrots and other kinds of rare birds (they better to be rare - to wake up at 5 am..)

In the following days between walking in the jungle and riding the boat along the river observing animals, we went for a piranha fishing and had a cooking class on preparation of Yuca bread from stage "0" (yuca in the ground) to the final baking stage.

Our guides were very excited to find for us an example of local food - lemon ants (you have to eat them alive) and coconut warms (they can be fond in jungle coconuts and have a sweet taste). And as they did - we had to try it!

After 3 days of living in the hell jungle without shower and sharing bathroom with all kind of reptiles in the world, we had nothing to do but to try a real Tarzan jump in the middle of the jungle... Incredible!

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