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May 11th 2015
Published: September 25th 2015
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5,5 month of fun by Ernesto and Antonina

Hola Amigos! We decided to start our travel with incredible experience in Galapagos islands. We were lucky to get an opportunity to take a cruise ship that takes you around 5 different Galapagos islands. This cruise was crazy not very relaxing - it was a real expedition with a wake up call at 6 am and a first wet landing at 7am..

Wild beauty exists in many places around the globe, but here the feeling of being a guest strongly exist.. Due to some factors such as total absence of predators and plenty's of food animals do what ever they want behave differently. They are not frightened or bothered by you, instead they are very curious and brave towards people. Not even one mockingbird could stop me in order for her to cross the road before in my life.... but here is somehow natural.. and among thousands of different birds - blue footed bobbies, red footed bobbies, frigates and many others you feel that you are a sort of walking plant which they don't mind to observe..

When was the last time you swam with a group of sea lions, sea turtles or penguins? Here you don't have choice 😊, you are in their territory but they kindly allow you to enjoy their waters! What is less appealing is that you as well as sea lions and the rest of sea world have to share these waters also with the sharks!!! But, of course, according to the bullshit words of guides they are harmless "vegetarian sharks"...

Emotions together with tiredness were overwhelming us and by the end of the day we hardly remembered what we did the day before... But luckily we took some pictures 😊

Almost forgot... there was one very crazy jumping whale whom I luckily captured on my phone:

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