Mathew Gornall and Amber Coleman

Amber and Mat

Mathew Gornall and Amber Coleman


Europe » United Kingdom » England » Surrey » Camberley May 6th 2011

Zambia - Malawi - Tanzania - Kenya. After being home for four weeks I finally find some spare time to blog about Africa. And now I just don't even know where to begin! Perhaps the airport where my brother and I were reunited...What a disaster! My last words to Jourdain before he left "I will meet you at arrivals and we will check into our connecting flight together. Don't board the plane without me." At Heathrow they checked Jourdain onto both flights (heathrow - Jo'burg &  Joburg to Zambia) so he was never directed, or needed, to come out at arrivals. Cue two and a half hours of pure panic. My flight from Perth arrived in jo'burg at 5am and Jourds landed at 6.57am. I literally watched the clock for two hours getting more and more ... read more
Vic Falls
Jourd and the gang

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Pontefract March 14th 2011

Why didn't anybody tell me it was going to be THIS cold?! It's Monday morning, and i'm sat next to the radiator. I've made a start on our traveling DVD and trying to keep myself occupied as much as possible. I told Amber that I definitely wouldn't have the 'travel blues', but now it's hit me like a freight train. Coming home on a weekend was a blessing, as my family were off work and I really enjoyed catching up with everyone. Then, this morning, Dad went to work and I woke up to an empty house; And a stark realisation that this really was a return to the real world. When you go away for a fortnight and come back home, your house feels spacious and unfamiliar. Well imagine that feeling x1000. I feel like ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Melville March 11th 2011

So, this is it. After a few minutes of considering what to write Mat gave me a big cuddle and said "I'm scared" to which I responded "me too". Traveling has been our way of life for the last six months; unpredictable, encapsulating, educational. We've had so many highs and some lows in there too, which we have learnt are just character building. There have been some national tragedies along the way which, at times, seemed to be following us. I said to my Dad last night "we've been pretty unlucky" to which he replied "no, you are the lucky ones." He is so right of course. People said you will come back changed people and I was dubious, they were right too. It will be very hard for us when we return to not always ... read more
Our new home!
London Court
Perth CBD

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Melville February 26th 2011

Nar then! Im writing this blog on a very turbulent flight from Cairns to Perth, so please accept my apologies if my writing is a bit wonky ;-) We last blogged in Airlie Beach, which already seems an age ago. Everything seems like a distant memory when you're traveling around, even if it's only a few days. We made our last long bus journey to Cairns, an overnight one so it wasn't too bad... Apart from the fat bus driver who decided to talk every half an hour through the night. Safe to say we're happy to have no more bus journeys for a while!! We arrived in Cairns and headed for our hostel, which was also the last hostel we have to stay in! See the trend? We explored the centre of Cairns and found ... read more
I'm a firestarter...

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Cairns City February 20th 2011

So it's 6am and we have just arrived in Cairns, our final stop on the east coast. I normally try and write chronologically but this story is too funny to leave until the end of this blog. At 4am this morning, Mat started shouting "Dad!" in his sleep at quite some volume and he was getting louder and louder. I woke up on the first "Dad!" and was nudging him by the second but my arms were all wrapped up in my sleeping sheet so I couldn't shake him. I knew he was having a nightmare and by the 6th "Dad!" (at this point it was ridiculously loud) Mat woke up. I would just like to add that the bus we were on was full! As soon as he woke up he knew what he'd done ... read more
75 Mile Beach
Time to Ocean Raft!
Hill Inlet

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane February 10th 2011

Nar then! Before arriving at our 4th Wwoof hosts we stopped off at Surfers Paradise. Not many surfers. Not much of a paradise. As we were only spending one night there we decided to make it a big one! Ended up being a small one as I got absolutely smashed on wine (i.e - going out of the clubs and downing a couple of bottles so save on moolah!!) We met up with the same lads with spent Australia Day with which was cool although Amber had to take me home at midnight after I had lined the main strip with vommit. All was not lost, however, as Amber bought a pair of high heels (she was on cloud nine!) and i've caught her staring at them occasionally throughout the week. Originally $100, down to $80 ... read more
Our home for the week

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay February 1st 2011

We have spent the last 9 days with a family in Byron and have loved every minute. This family is quite a large one; our Wwoof hosts, their 6 children (ages 8-17), their cat Rascal and their dog Tara. For most of our stay there has been 2 French Wwoofers here too, Laure and Anthony. Absolute chaos! The family is 15 minutes away from Byron Bay and on top of driving the children around they also dropped us off in Byron pretty much every day! Note to parents: If you thought you had it bad dropping/picking us up, you haven't seen anything!! Anthony and Leure had been here 5 weeks before we arrived and were sleeping in the caravan so we were given the cabin. When we arrived it was all kinds of colours, so our ... read more
Amber hard at work
Celebrating Aussie Day!
Time to surf...

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Port Macquarie January 23rd 2011

After a successful first week Wwoofing, we headed to Port Macquarie with our spirits high, and we were not to be dissapointed. Our second hosts have been so hospitable, we find it remarkable that people can be so welcoming considering we are strangers in their homes!  The lady of the house is so motherly and called us her 'children' from the day we arrived. She is Burmese and has cooked some beautiful Asian dishes for us, she is also the cousin (by marriage) of Aung San Suu Kyi, which we thought was pretty impressive. Our hosts have worked on numerous projects for the UN all over the world; they are very interesting and giving people. They have recently opened a school in Burma and are in the process of constructing a clinic; we have been invited ... read more
Professionally picked...
Our trusty catamaran!
Our neighbours

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Port Macquarie January 19th 2011

So the last week has seen a change of scenery for us as we've been residing in the bush! We stayed with our first Wwoof hosts, lived on their 400 acres of land and worked on thier projects with them. Our hosts have three mahussive plant nurseries and sell their plants at the Farmers Market in Newcastle; they are also herbalists who specialise in treating incurable diseases through herbal medicine and have created their own cosmetic range too. They are both very anti orthodox medicine and believe it is the drugs that pharmaceutical companies make that create illness and disease. To begin we found their views quite hard to digest and their way of talking about those who do take orthodox medicine a little condescending. We questioned the things they said that we couldn't quite comprehend ... read more
Consultation Room
Morning mist over the valley...
Farmers Market

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Newcastle January 9th 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! After a night sleeping on the floor at Melbourne Tullamarine Airport (we just couldn't risk missing this flight!) and a short flight later we arrived in Sydney. It was a slightly odd experience sleeping on the floor of an airport; you fall to sleep and it's deadly quiety and are later rudely awaken by excited travellers all checking into thier flights. I bet Mat and I were a beautiful sight crawling out of our sleeping bags, bogey eyed, with a look of 'what the hell are all these people doing in our bedroom!' We met with one half of our Vietnam travelling family and once we'd exchanged our sectret Santa sex toys (the theme was nothing to do with us!) we headed to Glenbrook, which is one hour west of Sydney towards the ... read more
Sydney Opera House
Feeding the 'roos!

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