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I'm going to travel around North America starting in New York. Ill be doing a few places on the east coast then along the bottom of Canada and down the west coast after Alaska and maybe stretch out to Hawaii.

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Winnipeg May 28th 2010

I got up early as I realised that everyone was going to work and I wouldn't be able to say goodbye to anyone. So I got up at 8 and said goodbye to Curt and N-loth and watched TV for a while until Marie came down. I packed my things and waited fro D-loth to appear which he never did so I never got to say goodbye and thank him for the use of his bed as he had been sleeping in the basement. Marie, SY and I went to The Mint which was very interesting. It was all about the how they make the money- they make money for 75 different countries and I learnt that 10c is a dime, 5c is a nickel, $1 is a loonie and $2 is a toonie. After an ... read more

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Winnipeg May 27th 2010

As usual I had a slow start. SY was already working but we decided to see Sex and the City 2 which I wanted to see but was mainly SYs suggestion as he wanted to see hot girls. We went in the afternoon and I loved it-I don't think it was quite what SY expected. After we went home to get D-loth and met his parents and N-loth at the Chinese. We ordered an array of different food and it was super tasty so I had 3 plates. It was my last night and D-loth and N-loth were going to play basketball so SY and I went with them so we could shoot some hoops and watch them play as I wanted to see a game which was on TV. I couldn't believe how fast the ... read more

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Winnipeg May 23rd 2010

We went to Viva for lunch which is a Vietnamese restaurant which is ridiculously cheap and exceedingly tasty. We had springs roll and then a dish of noodles, lettuce,soup and meat and the peanut butter sauce was super tasty. We packed some things and end for the lake which was just over an hour drive on the most straight, flat and wide roads ever. The cabin was beautiful and reminded me of when I went camping when I was younger. Marie, Curt, Marie's mum Mamay and her sister Jeanne and her husband were there. We had taken some beer and wine so we cracked open a beer and relaxed and watched the black hawks vs San Jose. We strolled down to the lake which was about an 8 minute walk. The lake was massive and the ... read more

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Winnipeg May 20th 2010

Curt picked me up and took me to Marie's school again. It was great to see the children again and I went in on a great day because it was rainbow day which meant that the children came in wearing different colour clothing and they stuck rainbows on card and ate rainbow ice cream which the teachers got as well. It was rainbow day because the children had learnt all the colours in the rainbow. We took them out for play time where the children picked daffodils and I would make chains out of them for the children. At lunch it was a pot luck so all the teachers had taken food and main so good but the deserts were super tasty-unfortunately I was wearing my white dress which was fairly tight at the time so ... read more

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Winnipeg May 18th 2010

We headed out about lunch time and set off for an hour odd drive up to Narcisse. There were 4 snakes dens on a 3 km walk so we walked round and there were a few in the first den so we carried on to den 2 where there were loads. We were able to pick one up which was weird as you forgot you were holding them if they didn't move. It felt like rubber and I was fine holding it until it started moving, I was scared of being bitten but it was fine!!We all held it except for Anoja as she was to scared. We carried on to den 3 and 4 where there were no snakes unfortunately. We went back to the car and as it was about 29/30c we blasted the ... read more

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Winnipeg May 17th 2010

I had an early start as Curt was picking me up and took me too Marie's school. She met me and took me on a tour of the school and then I went to kindergarten class. Diane was the teacher who was in charge and she was very friendly. The morning group had 24 children in but they were all so sweet and funny. I helped prepare the snacks and then all the children read to me their caterpillar books they had stuck fruit shapes in. We went out to play on the slides and then the children went to daycare. I had a break about half 10 and Marie met me for lunch at 12 and we went along with the vice principal to a restaurant where I had my first quesadilla which was lovely. ... read more

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Winnipeg May 14th 2010

I relaxed at Ajs and waited for SY to come round. SY went and got beer and pizza and we played rock band for a while and waited for AJ to finish work. We all went for dinner at Earls and met SYs brother Nick aka N-loth. We went back to AJs and pre drank and then went to the block party (happens at someones house at the end of every block) This party was insane- you paid $20 to get in and you could eat and drink as much as you wanted. There were redbull girls walking around giving out free redbulls and the bartenders were the lecturers from med school who were great. There were about 40 odd pizzas ordered which were great and then in the basement there was a proper DJ. It ... read more

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Winnipeg May 13th 2010

I got up and watched TV, spoke to my parents and sorted out my blog. It was really nice to relax and be by myself for the first time in a month.... read more

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Winnipeg May 12th 2010

Got up so late and when I came down Kayla had brought round poutine and chicken sandwiches from KFC. They were really nice but not after being awake for 10 seconds. Once AJ and I were both ready we headed to St Vital Mall where we shopped around for a bit and I tried my first Booster Juice which I absolutely loved. We waited for Ashan to finish work and then went home, we watched TV for a while and then went to Kyles’ house for a fire. It was really nice sitting round a small bonfire with Kyle, AJ, Alex and Kylie. AJ had only got one bag of wood because Alex had said that, so we ended up burning Kyles’ recycling bin. Due to which we discovered half a phone book in a clump ... read more

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Winnipeg May 11th 2010

We went to Osbourne Village and Cordon. Osbourne village was good but there weren’t many shops, there were a few boutiques and lots of restaurants but it was nice to see other places. Cordon was good as we went to Sugar Mountain where they had chocolate covered bugs. They had chocolate covered ants and a mixed box of insects as well as plain worms and bacon and cheese flavour crickets. Unsurprisingly we didn’t buy any as AJ had tried worm before and said they weren’t great. They also had lolly pops with worms in and a jelly with a butterfly in. Looked pretty but wouldn’t want to eat it. We wondered down to a bar had a pint and came home.... read more

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