Gee on the Road


Gee on the Road

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Schiphol-Rijk June 10th 2019

Stayed at a very nice hotel at the airport last night and are enjoying a simple breakfast - purchased at a well stocked grocery store in the airport - as we wait for our flight home. Gee noted this morning that we have traveled through 4 countries on buses and trains, through cities, towns, villages and countrysides and haven't seen any liter or homeless encampments. Pretty sure we could not do this anywhere in the U.S.! Wonder why?... read more

Europe » France » Rhône-Alpes » Chamonix June 8th 2019

A beautiful last day in Chamonix and we were lucky in that our last day here was the opening day for the Brevent lift system summer season. It is a two-stage system that on a clear day provides great views of the whole region and of Mont Blanc - and today was a crystal clear day. Saw lots of hang gliders and watched them taking off. Got some video action that we can share if anyone is interested (the blog doesn't support video). This adventure is just about wrapped up. Take a bus to Geneva tomorrow morning. Our first time, albeit brief, in Switzerland and then fly to Amsterdam in the afternoon. Monday morning head back to SFO. Take off at noon and land at 2:00 pm - only a 2 hr flight if you forget ... read more
Heading up mountain on the first lift
Steep climb
Le Brevent from below

Europe » France » Rhône-Alpes » Chamonix June 7th 2019

Got the "money shots" today with pictures. Will let the pictures do most if the talking. We did: - Train ride to Montenvers and Mer de Glace (which at one time was the largest glacier in Europe) - Telepherique ride to du Plan de l'Aiguille - that is only mid-point to what should have been our final destination but 60 mph winds would not all us to go to the top - maybe tomorrow. ... read more
Mer de Glace
Mer de Glace

Europe » France » Rhône-Alpes » Chamonix June 6th 2019

Mother nature took over today and the mountains were hidden in the clouds. There was more mist than rain but it highlighted a different kind of mountain beauty. It also changed some of the outdoor plans. Took a train ride to a town at the Swiss boarder. Didn't go into Switzerland for a number of reasons - but it was a delightful journey that included seeing lots of meat villages, homes, and a mile-long tunnel! In the afternoon took a relatively short hike out of Chamonix to a waterfall nestled in the mist - but left the camera in the flat - sorry! ... read more
Views from our flat - compare with the cloudless pictures

Europe » France » Rhône-Alpes » Chamonix June 5th 2019

Blog took a day off yesterday and so did we. Decided to just rest a bit - and just enjoy the views. The blogs will also be shorter as the internet speed reminds one of a dial-up modem. The pictures will need to be worth "1000" words. Today' hike was upstream along the Arve river that flow down this valley. Once you leave Chamonix you pass through a couple of small towns but most of the time you're in the forest, listening to the river, with beautiful views on both sides. It reminds one of Yosemite - but the mountains are much closer and bigger! OK at this point it took 30 min to upload one photo at low resolution. May try again later if not we'll share Chamomix pics when we get home next week☹️ ... read more
A view
Another view
The Mont Blanc Express

Europe » France » Rhône-Alpes » Chamonix June 3rd 2019

The original objective for this travel adventure was to hike in the French Alps - we checked that off the bucket list today! We hiked from Chamonix to a little "cafe" located in the forest on the hillside overlooking the valley. The hike was a continuous, but never too steep, climb of about 1000ft over 2.5 miles. Going up got our attention but arriving at "la Floria" was the reward. One should note that the only way to get to this cafe is to take a 5 mi, up-hill hike - a rather interesting business model, but one that apparently works - must have something to do with the view. We had crepes and coffee overlooking the valley in the truly remarkable setting. This one we'll never forget. After lunch we took the valley train to ... read more
On our way to the trail
On the trail
Looking down on Chamonix

Europe » France » Rhône-Alpes » Chamonix June 2nd 2019

Another traveling day - and finally we are in the French Alps. Comfortable, quiet bus trip took about 1 1/2 hrs with great views the entire way. Only one stop in a small town. Lush green countryside - very neat and clean with very modern roadways and a number of tolls. The mountains began to surround us as we left Annecy and continued to grow on each side of the valley. Shortly before we reached Chamonix we passed the entrance to the Mont Blanc tunnel (it is about 7 miles long) that takes you under the mountain into Italy! If we continue up the valley passed Chamonix we'd be in Switzerland! We're on the very edge of France. Chamonix looks like it will be a very nice place to spend the week. On first glance you ... read more
On the road to Chamonix
On the road to Chamonix
On the road to Chamonix

Europe » France » Rhône-Alpes » Annecy June 1st 2019

Spent this beautiful day enjoying Annecy. Started the day with a pain au chocolate from the bakery - a 1 min walk from our door. Everything baked on site with a great selection of breads and other goodies. About as authentic French as you can get. Probably a good thing we're only here for 4 days. Took a nice walk along the river that flows from Lake Annecy. Saw more of the "new" town. Very peaceful park setting and the path went forever. Once you leave the town proper fishing is allowed in the river and they even had small piers setup for wheelchair access to fish! Lunch was a special treat at a very nice brasserie recommended by the lady from whom we rented the flat. We had a great salad and a regional speciality, ... read more
More charming canals
City scenes
From modern to classic in one view

Europe » France » Rhône-Alpes » Annecy May 31st 2019

Started the day at the street market in the old town. It began right outside our door. The first trip to the market was very early, just as people were setting up (took some pictures). The second trip involved some serious shopping for our hike picnic (sausage, croissants and cherries - we already had the cheese) and for dinner ( roti chicken, veggies and a torte chocolate) - but no photos! The bus was running today so we headed down the east side of the lake to Echarvines and hiked to the Roc de Chere for our picnic overlooking the lake. Running out of superlatives, so we'll let the pictures tell the story. Coffee overlooking a golf course!! and the as we waited for the return bus we watched an amazing hang glider show. Will try ... read more
Market  Day
Market  Day

Europe » France » Rhône-Alpes » Annecy May 30th 2019

Yet another beautiful day for us to enjoy. Planned to take a bus along Lake Annecy to a village and take a hike. Walked to the bus station to check on the bus route only to find the streets empty and no bus - it is a national holiday - Ascension Thursday! This bus doesn't run on holidays. On to plan B - this was planned for later in the week, but today became explore the lake by boat. We took a boat that does a 2 hour loop of the lake stopping at a number of villages. We got off at a point 3 miles from Annecy and walked the rest of the way along the lakeshore. Spectacular views from the lake of the surrounding mountains and village. Gee saw a couple of houses she ... read more
A nice place for a lake house
Wonderful natural beauty

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