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9th June 2019

3 weeks really flew by from our perspective ! Looks like you had an amazing time! Safe travels home.
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7th June 2019

Glacier etc.
Wow! Beautiful pics! Looks like Jackie is holding on pretty tight on the ride up the mountain........ Your day is almost as exciting as mine is going to be - I'm on my way over to the Court to paint a bedroom. Whooie!!!! Travel safely...... Hugs, Me :)
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6th June 2019

Slow Internet
Hi - Just to let you know, we're happy to share whatever you can get out. The trek along the river looks like something I'd love to do, too. It also looks like the river that runs through Bozeman, MT. Take care - Hugs, Me :)
3rd June 2019

It looks beautiful there ... where’s the food pics ?
1st June 2019

how's your French going?
1st June 2019

Mon francais
d'accord - je peux parle mais ne personne pouvoir me comprendre
1st June 2019

Okay Jackie, you take the house in the second photo that you say you could live in - I want the one in the first photo that is titled "One of Gee's favorites". Would be be neighbors? Your trip so far looks just grand, but waaaaaaay too much walking for me. My knees would strongly object. Stay safe and keep having fun. Hugs, Me :)
1st June 2019

I had a cortisone injection before we left and I wear a knee brace so I'm good to go .
29th May 2019

that is all.
27th May 2019

Souvenirs from Murano and Burano........?
How difficult is it to keep from buying lots of souvenirs from Murano and Burano? The glass from Murano looks so beautiful and colorful. Continue to enjoy your travels..........
27th May 2019

Bought one small pair of earrings . I only have a backpack so can't get much . The food is very good but might be eating a bit too much bread🤪
27th May 2019

Fishing Markets and Strolling buffets
Sure wish I could join you for some tasting. It all looks and sounds awesome. Wish I could join you for some tasting and strolling. It looks and sounds awesome. Don't worry about calories until you get home.
24th May 2019

do they have any cannolis?
From Blog: WOW - just WOW
25th May 2019

Oh yes , we'll have one for you 😀
From Blog: WOW - just WOW
24th May 2019

those apple pancakes looked amazing! I wish I could eat one.
24th May 2019

it looks super fun!
From Blog: First big step
24th May 2019

Did you happen to send us a little package with two appletaarts? Sounds yummy! I like this blogging thingy because it's almost like being with you.........
24th May 2019

It was amazing esp mit schlag!
23rd May 2019

Very Cool
Those fritters look like extra large pizza’s and you ate one each?
23rd May 2019

That is a Dutch "pancake"
Yes, we each had our own- why not!
21st May 2019

angel of harlem
pretty! i am going to expect mom to jazz up her poses a little...
From Blog: First big step
20th May 2019

Only three bags?
Auntie Marie would need that much for one day! Be safe and have fun. It will be great traveling with you.
From Blog: Three Bags Full

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