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7th June 2010

Thanks Karen! Yes I am having a great time- thank-you for saying I'm doing a great job, I really do love my writing and these places make it so easy for the words to flow! I wanted to write about Turkey but this computer on the ship won't allow me to access my USB where I have written the blog. Oh well, will wait til I return to Athens on the 11th. Time will fly this year so I will definitely be seeing you soon xx Glad to hear all is well back home with you guys, much love Alyse
6th June 2010

Hi there
Hi there ALyse, I am sitting here in front of the fire reading your blog. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time. I can only imagine all the sights you are enjoying. I hope you are keeping well - sounds like are you are by the description of the food you have been indulging in. How very exciting for you experiencing the different life styles. I would love to do a quilt shop visit one day. Probably in the US. I would go with empty bags and bring home all the latest ranges of fabrics. Oh to dream!! ALyse, you are doing a wonderful job with your blogging. Keep up the good work!! Can't wait to see all your photos. Christmas in July is only around the corner. We may be able to sit in front of the fire looking at your photos and hearing about your trip. Take care Alyse - looking forward to seeing you Much Love Karen xoxoxoxox
30th May 2010

roughing it
Hi Miss Alyse-grace and Edward, well I guess someone has to do it all!! and you want to still go back, what a cheek!!! what gorgeous sunsets, you are both so truly blessed to spend these wonderful moments together with many more to come, hug and kisses Mum
30th May 2010

kitty shelter
the kitty shelter/boat is truly amazing, what a great idea, as you do miss alyse, look out for the cats!! food glorious food!!thank-you meow!! love you
26th May 2010

Hi Alyse and Ed, Wow, it looks and sounds so fabulous, I AM JEALOUS!! You both look so good and happy, why would you not?!!!! Have some of those delicious Greek sweets for me Alyse, and Ed, you can afford an extra kilo too, stay safe happy and wise. Lots of love to you both, ps you need a tan!! too much time in the cold, oh well, Edward, Greg and I send our very best wishes to you and your team, stay safe over there and will see you soon enjoy your holiday with the best girlfriend in the world!! xox
22nd May 2010

love the hats
Hi Alyse, the shop looks fabulous, love that hat! yes it will look great for the races, you both looked gorgeous outside the casino in m.c yes you are right, that was a sign, you now have more money to spend on yourself!!! yeh!! keep on keeping on xox
21st May 2010

I loved your photos and post of Monaco, France, etc! Made me want to go back there! My blog is looking for travel photos, tips, etc, to share. Like maybe of that The Poezenboot in Amsterdam, and how fellow travelers can help the stray cats?! If you have the time, check it out, or email me at Continued fun on your travels! Heather :)
21st May 2010

thanks kelly!
Thanks Kelly and co! Yes Ed and I have reunited and are having a fantastic time. It really is a whirlwind tour of Europe- we feel we just get settled and then have to make tracks to the next country! Better to pack in the excitement than relax we think, especially seeing as though this is Ed's only 2 weeks to do whatever he wishes over 8 months. I have passed on your well wishes to him. Can't wait for Greece next! Hope all is well back home xx much love, Lysie
From Blog: Ciao bella Roma!
20th May 2010

'HI Gracie and Ed
Glad you feel better Edward driving out of the City, do not blame you!! Enjoy these special times together so you both have plenty of reflection times later. Pleased Alyse the pains have subsided, it is a lot to deal with when travelling, your body does take a pounding as Edward would know, your body has to be so prepared as well. Love you both, glad to hear you loved Cannes and would love to return Alyse, maybe it could be your movie premier!!! How did you go at the casino in Monte Carlo? hope you had a little bet or to!!! our lucky family numbers now, not just yours Alyse!!! All the best for the next leg of your journey together, especially for you Ed, take care, I will worry more about you on your bike than over in Afganistan!!! you know me....hmmm you behave Alyse!! I do not need a heart attack too!! Stay well, happy and wise and soak up every treasured moment of this wonderful holiday together, following you on blog, keep them coming, Nana Ruth sends her love to you both as she does not have a computer, wants to ring you!! so cute, I am keeping her informed and she knows exactly where you are following her intinerary you gave her, I just have to tell her what you write in your blogs and emails, get your tooth looked at Alyse, could get nasty, hopefully not, miss you both, Savanna and Fuzzy miss you heaps, just kidding!!, they are spoilt rotten, they are fine and dandy. Miss you both, dad sends his love Alyse, he is not a typer and his very best wishes to you too Ed, have a great time in Amsterdam and stay safe, not high, well it may be hard not too!!! just kidding!!! have a beer for dad and I, we would love to go to Europe one day, you both are very lucky. All well at home, business as usual, looking forward to Sex ansd the City Movie Yeh!! going with the girls hopefully, Lions taking a hiding, not too good, oh well, go the Lions, sorry Edward, ok then , Go the Blues!! someone has to win. Talk soon hopefully, enjoy, love to you both Mumma xxxoooxxxx
15th May 2010

merry men
Hi, Stumbled across your blog when checking to see if my friend had posted video yet. Yes, while doing other publicity for Robin Hood, Russell Crowe had announced he, Scott Grimes, Kevin Durand, and Alan Doyle, would be singing on the Spanish Steps. Alan is the one with the guitar - he's normally with the band Great Big Sea. Happy travels!
15th May 2010

singing in the rain
what a shame about the weather, as long asa your hearts are singing
15th May 2010

Hey Lysie! We're all thinking of you here. Hope you're having a fantastic time! Have you met up with Ed yet? Wish him all the best from us. Looking forward to your next entry xx
From Blog: Ciao bella Roma!
15th May 2010

Hey lysey.... Good you got there have obviously been Practising your Italian.... So how did it all go with Ed...did you cry.... I bet heaps.... Enjoy every moment.... Say hello to Ed ..... xxoo
From Blog: Ciao bella Roma!
15th May 2010

è come la sua vacanza in Roma che va
Ciao Gracie, che il viaggio, sono soddisfatto così lei è sano e salvo e bene fare la doccia!! Ho scommesso che ha sentito grande, posso immaginare solo il suo essere di felicità con il suo Edwardo amato!! l'inviando il nostro amore ed i nostri migliori auguri per un pozzo meraviglioso hanno meritato la vacanza, siamo molto orgogliosi di lei entrambi. Lo sguardo dopo che l'un l'altro e la presa sopra ogni momento emozionante romantico che lei spende insieme, l'amore sempre xox di Mamma ed il Babbo, amo il suo italiano Alyse-Grazia, guarda la sua linea di vita!! oh ciò che il diamine, va per esso! piace
From Blog: Ciao bella Roma!
21st July 2008

Hi Lycey, Boy can't believe you have been gone over 3 weeks now. Hope it has all been fun overall and that you enjoy your last week. I bet you are loaded with goodies. Can't wait to see it all. Lions won thank goodness. Stay safe talk to you soon. xxx
16th July 2008

Hi Lycey, Hope your all ok after your ordeal. Terrible... Everything sounds exciting and so different to here. I guess if you lived there, they would say not, as you get used to the one place being the same. If you see any cheap soccer shirts for the boys and you have room grab them and I will fix you up. Seems ages you have been gone. I hope it feels slow for you. Make sure you stay safe and keep having lots of fun. Glad your ok, drink lots of water and I will talk to you soon. love raine xxxxx
8th July 2008

must be having a great time
Hi Alyse, have not heard from you for a couple of days so guess it is going fantastic, I AM ENVIOUS!!! BEHAVE AT THE MONTE CARLO CASINO! TONIGHT no. 32 for dad!!! love Mumma xxx
6th July 2008

Hey lycey, Certainly sounds like the life, you wont want to come back. Did you have a win at the casino... money or prince... either would do..... Ben right up beside brownie in the car today. He said he looked at me and I looked at him, window open, metre away,ben said nothing. oh well should have been you. going down the coast for lions on aug 2nd, try and let us know if you want tickets, staying overnight. Anyway, keep enjoying yourself and take everything in. love rainee xxxx
2nd July 2008

Big Ben - Impressive
Make sure you get enough sleep and eat well. Looking forward to hearing all the stories. Take photos of celebs! xxx liv
From Blog: London Calling!
1st July 2008

Hi Lycey, I envy you seeing all the places that you have mentioned especially buckingham palace and changing of the guard, which I have never seen. Have a great time and keep healthy. Love Nana xxxx. Hey Alyce, Mitch says hi and we are keeping up with your blog. Harrods sounded great. What did you buy? Don't forgot to find your frenchman.....cherie..... Love the Porters xxxxx
From Blog: London Calling!
1st July 2008

Hey chick! So glad to see you are having a great time! NO SHIT by the way....London - home of the Queen! lol you crack me up! Burberry jacket....oh so Jealous!!! :-) love you ~ Alycia xoxoxo ps. i saw sex and the city...FANTASTIC!
From Blog: London Calling!
30th June 2008

good morning Alyse
so happy you finally arrived at your accomodation ok, hope you slept really well last night. Was gkad to hear your voice. Have a great day love Mumma
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