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Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga June 28th 2017

Hello my fellow travellers! I had a bit of a slow start this morning but I got a nice little walk through Siauliai together with Ugne and Paulius where she told me more interesting things about some of the buildings in the city. Because of that though I didn't arrive in Riga until around two in the afternoon but it actually wasn't that bad because Riga's old town is quite compact, there is a lot to see but there aren't any large distances to traverse between the sights and even the bus station is right next to the old town. The first thing that caught my eye when I stepped of the bus was a tall and massive building standing a bit away from the centre so I decided to start with that one so I ... read more
KGB Stūra Māja
KGB Stūra Māja
Brēmenes Pilsētas Muzikanti

Europe » Lithuania » Siauliai June 27th 2017

Hello my fellow travellers! Today was my final day in Lithuania as I will go to Riga in Latvia tomorrow. It is fascinating, I find, that my last day in this country would also be, by far, the best one. This part of the trip was very spontaneous, I felt that I had seen what I wanted in Vilnius and I had heard, already back in Kaunas, about Kryžių Kalnas, a hill covered with over 100.000 crosses. It's located about 10 km outside of Siauliai so I decided to go there and it was a really good decision. I sent a last minute couch request to a family of three, Ugne, Egidijus and their son Paulius and it was accepted immediately even though Egidijus was away, working on a boat, and Ugne was tired from preparing ... read more
Kryžių Kalnas
Kryžių Kalnas
Sv. Apastalu Petro ir Pauliaus Katedra

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius June 26th 2017

Hello my fellow travellers! This morning after we all woke up we had some more home grown mint tea and waffles with home grown strawberry jam before we went to the bus stop. Milda's brother Ignacius came with us, doing his best to pedal an adult size bike and doing a good job despite his young age. We all laughed at his shenanigans and it was a pleasant walk to the bus, we chatted in a relaxed way. Livija was going to her campus first to then go and meet her mother coming in from Kaunas to meet her for the day. I myself had decided to go to a nature area recommended to me yesterday by Roberta, the area is called Pūčkorių Atodanga which sounds very funny to me since the first part of that ... read more
Three Martyrs
Aušros Vartai
 Šv. Onos Bažnyčia

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius June 25th 2017

Hello my fellow travellers! This morning I took the train from Kaunas to Vilnius to check out the capital city of Lithuania. I met up with Roberta who stayed with me in Sweden last year together with Paulius and Ruta and I handed over the keys to their apartment to her as agreed upon beforehand. She told me that there would be a celebration at Šv. Stanislovo ir Šv. Vladislovo Arkikatedra Bazilika, the main cathedral of Vilnius, as a local Archbishop, Teofilius Matulionis, would be beatified which is a rather big deal. Before I went there though I went to the church Šv. Konstantino ir Michailo Cerkvė further up the hill since I could see it from the point where me and Roberta met and it looked quite beautiful. Close to the church is a nice ... read more
Kalnų Parkas
Šv. Stanislovo ir Šv. Vladislovo Arkikatedra Bazilika

Europe » Lithuania » Kaunas » Kaunas June 24th 2017

Hello my fellow travellers! As I mentioned yesterday I would spend this day following the traces of a genuine hero that I expect all to few know about, the name of that hero is Chiune Sugihara. For you that haven't heard of him before, he was a Japanese diplomat that was sent to Lithuania in 1939. When Hitler rose to power and invaded Poland a lot of Jews realised where the winds where blowing and fled to Lithuania, set on fleeing through Russia to the Dutch colonies where they would be safe. There was only one problem, to get an exit VISA from Russia they were required to have a transit VISA for Japan since Japan occupied Manchuria at the time. Hundreds of Jewish refugees showed up at the Japanese embassy, desperate to receive a VISA. ... read more
Sugihara Family
Sugiharos Namai
VISA for Life

Europe » Lithuania » Kaunas » Kaunas June 23rd 2017

Hello my fellow travellers! After an early start, that involved an unexpected radio interview about couch surfing and travelling, I fled the Swedish Midsummer's festivities in favour if the Lithuanian Summer Solstice festivities. I will be staying for two days in Kaunas with Paulius and Rūta whom stayed with me a couple of years ago. Unfortunately we only got to meet briefly as they are going to their home village 100 km away from here but they are kind enough to lend me their apartment while I'm here. From here I will continue to Vilnius where I will stay with a new girl but also meet up with Roberta who also stayed with me last year. Today I mainly just walked around in central Kaunas with a short break together with Paulius, Rūta and Rūta's sister ... read more
Romas Kalanta Memorial
Lovely Dinner
Šv. Arkangelo Mykolo Bažnyčia

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm December 3rd 2016

Hello my fellow travellers! I landed in Stockholm early this morning, Marcus was busy with work and the preparations for the birthday party so I'd spend the day alone until the party in the evening. I had already decided to visit Livrustkammaren, the part of the royal palace that houses the arms and armour of the former Swedish kings and queens, I visited it once when I was a boy but it was a long time ago and I looked forward to seeing it once again. On my way there I first passed S:ta Clara Kyrka, a beautiful church built in the latter half of the 16th century on the same site where a nunnery and another church was once located that was torn down by Gustav I, in Sweden known as Gustav Vasa. As I ... read more
The Budget!
Royal Guard
Clothes of Gustavus Adolphus

Middle East » Oman » Muscat December 2nd 2016

Hello my fellow travellers! This morning Hemant drove me down to the centre of Muscat where I started by buying my bus ticket back to Dubai for tonight so that I wouldn't miss out on it, I had to wait a bit for something which I didn't quite understand what it was but finally I got the ticket squared away and I could get on the city bus going to the historical part of Muscat. This is a new bus line that Hemant didn't know about so I sent him a text about it so he can inform his future guests about it. I jumped of near Al Alam, the royal residential palace in Muscat. It's about 200 years old and is a beautiful, albeit modest, palace that also serves an official function as it receives ... read more
Lovely Family!
Al Alam
Al Mirani

Middle East » Oman » Muscat December 1st 2016

Hello my fellow travellers! I started my day early, going to the small Sabkha Bus Station where I was told that the bus to Muscat would leave from. Turned out it doesn't, it used to be possible to go this route by taking a bus from here to Hatta, on the border to Oman, and then take another bus from there to Muscat, but the bus between Hatta and Muscat no longer runs. The bus instead runs from another bus station, one that I ironically was at yesterday. Well, since I had already missed the direct bus to Muscat I decided to take my chances on the Hatta route, figuring out the crossing some other way. While waiting for the next bus to Hatta I sat and talked to the station attendant who brought me tea. ... read more
Awesome Barbecue Group!
Awesome Barbecue Group!
Awesome Barbecue Group!

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai November 30th 2016

Hello my fellow travellers! Today I started by going to the Al Bastakiya, an historical area built around the mid 19th century, that contains the oldest buildings in Dubai. The area spans some 31,000 square metres and is free of charge. It's a very lovely area to walk around in and just enjoy the atmosphere, it's filled with museums and cultural sites of various artistry and it's all free of charge which is really great. There is also a piece of the walls of old Dubai remaining inside the district. A really beautiful feature here is the barajeel, tall wind towers that stretch up into the sky which really elevates the feelings of being in the old orient. This area was actually scheduled to be demolished in 1980 and much of it was demolished and the ... read more
Al Bastakiya
Al Fahidi
Dubai Museum

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