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Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai November 29th 2016

Hello my fellow travellers! I landed early this morning at 2 a.m after an overlay in Istanbul which was the cheapest flight to get to Dubai. I must admit that when I booked the flight I was a bit hesitant to book a flight that would have me landing in the middle of the night but things was nice and calm and it felt very safe here. Nothing was open at this time of course so I just browsed the area for a while, checking out a couple of the mosques around the airport, before I made my way into the city. My first goal was the massive Dubai Mall so I took the bus to the newly constructed metro to it, the bus was interesting as it had a separate area that was only allowed ... read more
Burj Khalifa

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm November 27th 2016

Hello my fellow travellers! This trip sort of came about a bit on a whim, I felt I needed a bit of a break from work and my last trip to Japan was quite far behind me and I really had an itch at the bottom of my feet to get back out on the road again even if only for a short while. While looking on the world map and browsing for flight tickets my eyes fell upon United Arab Emirates and it's neighbouring Oman, I did a quick check and found that I didn't need a VISA for UAE and I could apply for one at the border crossing into Oman. At the same time an invitation for the birthday party for two of my friends, Marcus and Christofer, came into my postbox, they ... read more
Kungliga Slottet
Marcus and Me

Asia » Japan » Shizuoka » Shizuoka March 22nd 2016

Hello my fellow travellers! This morning started off very calmly, cuddling a bit with Vivian while looking after Anzu who was playing in the playground next to the house. Meanwhile Junko and Takae made breakfast, I can get used to this kind of life. After a while a neighbours child that Junko know also came up and chatted with us for a bit, it was a nice and relaxed morning, although in fairness, most my mornings here in Shizuoka has been quite calm and relaxed which is a nice change of pace from my regular travelling. Once we all felt properly awake and ready to go we loaded up in the car and set our sights on Fujinomiya, it's located at the foot of the iconic mountain Fujisan and our goal here was the waterfall Shiraito ... read more
Takae and Me
Otodome no Taki
Soga no Kakure Iwa

Asia » Japan » Shizuoka » Fukuroi March 21st 2016

Hello my fellow travellers! This morning we left Shōkichi behind in Kakegawa while me, Junko, Anzu, Takae and Vivian piled into the car to go to nearby Fukuroi to meet up with Yasuyo and Hideyuki. Yasuyo is a really good friend of Junko and Hideyuki, her husband, is the mayor of Fukuroi. I imagine that I could ask for no better guide of Fukuroi and I anticipate that this day will be quite spectacular! As we arrive we are greeted heartily at the driveway by Yasuyo who leads us into the house where I shake hands with her husband. He won't be coming with us for tour of Fukuroi as he's busy, I guess the work of a mayor is never done. Like Shōkichi they live in a beautiful, yet humble house, akin to the others ... read more
Teaching Some Swedish
Watching the Fish
Feeding the Fish Onigiri

Asia » Japan » Shizuoka » Kakegawa March 20th 2016

Hello my fellow travellers! After a truly spectacular day yesterday in Atami it was now time to take another small trip, this time to Kakegawa where we stayed with Junko's husband Shōkichi in his beautiful traditional home. I was a bit tired on the drive up since I was woken up quite early by the neighbourhood morning exercise routine, which was quite fun to watch from the window even though I didn't participate. The Japanese surely are a healthy people and the exercise was quite well attended. Once we had all woken up and had some breakfast me, Junko, Takae and Anzu got in the car and drove to Kakegawa, or rather (I think), a small village outside of the city of Kakegawa. This is as rural as you get in Japan with only the occasional ... read more
Shōkichi and Junko
Group Shot
Goofing Around

Asia » Japan » Shizuoka » Atami March 19th 2016

Hello my fellow travellers! Today might well have been one of the best experiences I've ever had. As a surprise for me Junko and Mrs. Sato had planned for us all to go to Atami, a city near Izu where Mrs and Mrs. Sato live, where we would would a dance performance by geigi, or as they are more commonly known in the west as, geisha. It was a performance that was truly spectacular and one that I will always cherish. The day began with us all, me, Junko, Anzu, Takae, Takae's mother Aiko and of course Junko's dog Vivian getting into a car and driving to Atami Geigi Kenban Kaburenjo, the theatre where they perform their arts in Atami, and where we was to meet up with Mr. and Mrs. Sato as well as another ... read more
Atami Geigi Kenban Kaburenjo
Atami Geigi Kenban Kaburenjo
Splendid Feast!

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Minato March 18th 2016

Hello my fellow travellers! I had an early start today, getting up and leaving together with Christian, ready to embrace whatever my last day in Tokyo would have to offer. I had a pretty full day planned for today as well, with a visit to Minato in Tokyo, then Kawasaki and then finally meeting up with Juno in Shizuoka. I said my goodbyes to Christian and thanked him for his kind hospitality before we split up, him going to work and me heading for San'enzan Zōjō-ji, commonly just known as Zōjō-ji. It's a large and breathtaking temple complex that officially originates from 1393 but can trace it's origins even further back to the 9th century. Like many other temples in Japan it's been moved around by orders of the various rulers of the region. Unfortunately, again ... read more
Tokugawa Ieyoshi
Tokugawa Ienobu
Tokugawa Ieyshige

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Shibuya March 17th 2016

Hello my fellow travellers! This morning I said my goodbyes to Ryosuke and thanked him for his kind hospitality, I've had an absolute blast the two evenings that I've spent with him. Since he'll be busy for tonight I'll instead stay my last night in Tokyo with a German guy, Christian, who lives in Minato. That will actually be very convenient for me since that's the part of Tokyo where I'll be spending tomorrow before I go to Shizuoka. Anyway, for today I began by going to Shibuya, primarily to visit Meiji Jingū, but also to see the area in general as it's a very famous part of Tokyo. As I came to Shibuya Eki I found myself in one of the busiest transport hub in the world with an average of 2.4 million travellers every ... read more
Shibuya Sukuranburu Kōsaten

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Chiyoda March 16th 2016

Hello my fellow travellers! I slept like dead during the night, though before falling asleep my feet did indeed get licked by one of the dogs, but I didn't mind, it reminded me of one of my parents' dogs who used to do that and whom I was very fond of. This day started easy with me and Ryosuke taking a walk together with the dogs, it's something that I promised I would help him with as a thanks for letting me stay with him and I'm enjoying every second of it as his dogs are very nice. On the walk I also visited the small local shrine Mukōjima Akiba Jinja. After the walk me and Ryosuke split up and I headed to the metro to go to Chiyoda. From Tōkyō Eki, the main station, it's ... read more
Tatsumi Yagura

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Taito March 15th 2016

Hello my fellow travellers! After a long flight, with an unfortunately really crappy entertainment system, I landed at Narita International Airport and was greeted by a sign saying welcome to Japan with the rising sun adorning it. I took a deep breath and savoured this moment, a moment that I've been longing for since I was old enough to long for anything. Japan has always held a special place in my heart and I've made several attempts at learning the language but unfortunately so far coming up a bit short in that regard, but I hope that this trip will renew my vigour in that regard, I hope that I'm at least sufficient enough in my language to get around while I'm here. I believe that the tipping event that finally made me take the leap ... read more
Saigō Takamori
Shōgitai no Haka
Kiyomizu Kannon-dō

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