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Asia » Vietnam July 23rd 2006

Fantastic Food in Vietnam. The vietnamese buy their fruit and vegetables fresh daily so their meals always taste good!... read more
Market Stalls
Fruit Sellers
Streetside Butcher Come Fruit Stall

Asia » China » Yunnan » Dali July 23rd 2006

Saturday July 22nd Needless to say I woke up late on Saturday. We were planning to put our stuff in the dutch's room as we were leaving on a sleeper bus at 22:00 so we had to checkout by 14:00 from our room (wierd checkout time). We woke up too late for breakfast at the hotel so I went to City Cafe to have a chocolate pancake that was delicious. I went back to the hotel and slowly packed. I wasn't too sure what I wanted to do for the day. The brits went to the pagodas the day before and now they wanted to go to the park which is supposed to be nice on the weekend. I decided I'd go with them but I didn't say it too clearly and they still thought I ... read more
Pagodas and lake
Dali Old City Gate

Asia » Malaysia » Penang July 23rd 2006

The directors for the DALAT ESL camp 2006, Jason & Chun Selvanayagam took Megan & I out for seafood for our last meal in Penang. One thing that you must realize is that people from all around the world fly to Penang... just to eat. Being locals in the area, they had just the place in mind for us. We drove from the camp which is on the north east part of Penang island (you can find the campus on Google Earth) all the way past the airport, down to the southern part of the island. This part of Penang is not the hopping business area that the northern part of the island is. It took about an hour to get to an itty bitty side road that boasted an faded sign that you wouldn't ... read more
Me & my boss Jason, & Chun

Asia » Malaysia » Penang July 23rd 2006

Angelina was a local teacher at the DALAT ESL camp, Megan was helping her & in return we got an invitation to her home for dinner! She was going to teach us to make chipatis but she talked too much so we ate store bought chipatis instead. She made chicken curry, it was spicy for me. The chunks of chicken are random hunks of the bird, bones & goober included. The curry part was runny & a piece of ripped chipati is dipped into it. I was struggling with the spice so I asked for water, & I got warm water...blah! Angelina & her husband kept asking if we wanted more food, we said "it's wonderful, but no thank you". In return they kept heaping our plates. Then they brought out rice to sop up ... read more
Angelina, Megan & the hubby
Angelina tying a sari for me

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor July 23rd 2006

I arrived in Cambodia through an "unofficial" border crossing from Laos, set deep into the forest off a long, tiny dirt track. Immigration control was a small wooden hut, and we were obliged to give a bribe to the officers that manned it to let us through; this is standard procedure. Once on the other side, we boarded our transport to Siem Reap, which I like to call: The Rust Bucket. But who am I to judge? As far as I know all vans in Cambodia have doors held together with masking tape, that don't fit the frame, and ocasionally fall off. Perhaps cracked windscreens and no glass in the front windows are the norm, and who needs two windscreen wipers and headlights when one will do? Maybe I'm not used to engine radiators hanging from ... read more
Angkor Wat
Tree-guarded temple door
On Angkor Wat's steps

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi July 23rd 2006

Due to our tight schedule, we didn’t waste much time in Hanoi. The following day we booked up a 2 day / 1 night trip around Halong bay staying overnight on the boat with Deano, El, Rich and our new found Kiwi friends Phil and Tyla. We decided to spend the day sightseeing so organized to pay a visit to the Hoa Lo Prison Museum and the Military History Museum. No fun day in Asia would be complete without a silly hat, so myself Deano and James all bought ourselves a Vietnamese Army hat and set off on our tour. As there were 5 of us there was not enough room in a taxi so I decided to catch a moto. After initially thinking I was going to be stung for the fare as the others ... read more
Hoan Kiem Lake
Prison Museum

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang July 23rd 2006

So the time came to leave Phnom Penh! We have found this bustling city to be very likeable and were a little sad when the time came to leave. Another thing to take note is that Phnom Penh is where all the transport to Vietnam leaves from, so by leaving here means the chances of us getting to our 11th country is getting slimmer. We are unsure as whether we would have enough energy and time as to really appreciate it to the max??? Our bus to Battambang was again HOT!! so much for the air-con buses eh? It eventually left the city after hanging around the bus station waiting for more passengers about 20 minutes late. On the bus, I, Andy started to think just how many buses we have been on in the last ... read more
View from the roof top restaurant

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville July 23rd 2006

One of my favorite stops in cambodia, stay tuned for the blog... read more
Local Volleyball Match
The busy jetty
Three Amigos

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta July 23rd 2006

Thirty Six aching hours of boats, ferries, tat-sellers, taxis, Bemos and a 'coach-full' fob-off in Bima by an angry ex-millitary man now in charge of a bus company that fired up our Italian's rage so much that the situation required poilce intervention. Still, we made it back to Kuta; town of cheap beer, good food, dance clubs, beautiful bodies and ... Australians. Tomorrow my tourist visa expires ... 3 days before I'm due to depart. Technically I'll become an illegal immigrant or something like that. I must ring the British Consulate - it's on my ToDo list but life and motivation here are wonderously slow. Mañana. ... 25th July Spent 2hours in the local hospital's A&E department after Nic managed to bite through his bottom lip whilst diving onto Mikey in the shallow end of our ... read more

Asia » Laos » East » Phonsavan July 23rd 2006

Phonsavan, Plain of Jars. We left Luang Prabang and headed on down to a little dusty town where, scattered in the surrounding highland hills, lie huge jars that where carved from heavy stone boulders and somehow dragged to these sites and left to rest on these evergreen grassy hill sides. It is amazing that these jars survived the Vietnamese / American war, as over 2 million tons of ordinance was dropped on Loas during this time - more than what was dropped on Germany and Japan in WWII - and most of the world never knew, go figure. We took these sites in with a few other couples: Irish, American and British. The day was one of interest and wonder as we were transported from site to site in our super swift van. Locals always know ... read more
Plain of Jars - site 1
Plain of Jars - site 1
Plain 1

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