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Asia » Singapore September 14th 2006

So, I've had an interesting few days. I haven;t met up with Ashley yet, but I'm supposed to meet her in two hours. Turns out I had the wrong number for her for a little while, then I figured it out. Yesterday I went to the zoo. It was pretty cool, one of the better ones I've been to. Plus, they specialize in primates, which is always interesting to me. The previous day I walked around in the financial district. Kind of overwhelming. Clean, though. Not much else really to say about Singapore, but look at the photos and you'll get an idea.... read more
View over the square reflecting pool
Tibetan Buddhist Painting
One of the Salas

Asia » South Korea » Seoul September 13th 2006

It’s the middle of September, almost four months since arriving in Korea, where has all the time gone? I arrived in a whirlwind of confusion back in May. After being taken straight to my school from my flight, looking rather disheveled and worn, I was introduced to my school master. An experience I will never, never forget. Initially I thought I might be turned away as this stern, serious looking man looked me up and down; I could tell he was thinking, “what is this they’ve sent us”. Then a smile broke and I’ve been treated like a king ever since. The formalities and paper pushing, lesson plans and the like, are often tedious, but it’s part of the job and I knew that before I started. The kids are fantastic and I don’t have any ... read more
My classroom
My apartment

Asia » Japan » Chiba September 13th 2006

I had my first class at Meikai yesterday, and that class is TINY. Over half the people in it dropped because they don't want to go out to Shin-urayasu. But we get reimbursed so I would rather take the classes I like. So, my real, graded Japanese class is fun. The teacher, Yahagi-sensei, is really cheerful. I think that woman must down about a pot of expresso before school every day. But she's patient and is allowing us to ask her questions in English if we don't understand. The structure of the class is a little odd, so I'll explain. It's "Jissen Nihongo" which means practical Japanese. Instead of learning in a linear fashion, we study 5 topics while I'm here, each about two weeks. Our first topic is "making friends." In that topic, we learn ... read more
Japanese tatami room in my house
Mini shrine to Okasan's husband

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar September 13th 2006

From "Hip Hop" to "Punk Rock", a shift in graffiti as we crossed over to Russia marked a change in landscape, peole, and attitude... with one common theme - they all got bigger. The plains of the steppe were exchanged for hills and mountains, stocky asian nomads were replaced with improbably tall, skinny caucasians, and friendly individual style gave way to harsh greetings and conforming leather jackets & military fatigues. It's been 2 or 3 weeks since my last blog, but when i look back it seems like months ago! So much has happende, I don't know where to start, i'm writing this with my finger in a splint and stitches in my leg - but they're a relatively recent addition. We spent 10 days in and around Ulaan Baatar after thetour, most people headed off ... read more
Terelj locals
Our camp
Camp no. 2 - beautiful!

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Samui September 13th 2006

Our final stop on this grand adventure is a little tropical island off the southern coast of Thailand - Ko Samui. We're staying in the Samui Yacht Club - no sign of a yacht but they do have nice individual cabins just steps from the beach, a pool and a pretty good bar/restaurant where we've been taking all of our meals. Both the ocean water and the pool are pretty warm but still refreshing when the sun is beating down. This has been a really nice, relaxing end to all the travels. We mostly just read, sunbathe, eat, and sleep all day. Oh, and we found a tailor who custom-made us some nice new suits for work (which starts gasp in about 12 days). Our hotel is isolated which is nice because it means a quiet, ... read more
Seen on the way to Lamai Beach
Private Beach

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Samui September 13th 2006

After nearly 2 weeks of constant sunshine we will be saying goodbye to Ko Samui tomorrow and heading up to Bangkok to join our 2 week tour of northern Thailand and Laos. Tired of the beach, we decided to cough up the cash and go on an organised tour (or as its more commonly known a "fleecing"). Alledgedly, we were in for a fun filled day that included a nature walk, a lesson in Thai cooking, elephant treking and moneky training (not Ralph but real monkies!!). In reality, genuine highlights included a very scared Ralph (and myself) on top of a huge elephant (with equally huge turds, although Ralph thought that the elephant was cute.....personally the word smelly would be my choice), and a very cute monkey. The nature walk consisted of a 1 minute walk ... read more
Big Elephant (big dung heap)
Jungle trekking (hardcore)
2 natural beauties

Asia » Singapore September 13th 2006

Hello guys. Have just got to Perth but will tell you all about Singapore first. Well after the long journey there we finally got to our hostel and began our first problem with hostel booking forms...... long story. Anyway it did get better, we walked the City back to front, from the main shopping area-Orchard road to Chinatown and Sentosa Island. The place was so well looked after with beautiful plants everywere. The humidity was a little unbearable but it didn't stop us and and to save a little dosh we mostly walked. chinatown was great, although David must look like he would look good in a suit as we were hassled by many tailers!! I know Dad.... you did tell us!! Sentosa Island was amazing and the trip over there was a little scary on ... read more

Asia » Japan » Ehime » Matsuyama September 13th 2006

Is it really Thursday tomorrow? Already? I feel like the week has just begun! It has been a crazy busy week. And a week of many firsts (as is every day in Japan...). Monday I taught my first special education class. There were 3 students from 7th and 8th grade. I gave an edited version of my self introduction and then worked on the alphabet, fruit names and animals. The real kicker was my Board of Education (bosses) sent the top dog from the office to come watch me teach for the day. Definitely a nervous wreck. But what are they going to do, fire me? he. hehehe. They left with smiles on their faces which can only lead me to believe they were pleased with my work. Because they left before I was done. How ... read more
Sports day practice
Whats going on?
The commute

Asia » South Korea » Seoul September 13th 2006

The training is taking it's toll on my body, as I now have a slight fever and headache, as well as a sore throat. I have managed to communicate my predicament to the other students with my crappy korean, so they have been very helpful in getting medicine for me. I have slept for much of the day, apart from this mornings running session, which I sat half out of. I am alot better now having the day off, but realized just how boring the life of a korean fighter must be - sleep, wake up, train, eat, sleep, wake up, train, etc, etc...and these kids do it day in day out - which explains why there is not an ounce of fat on these kids (or more to the point, there is ALOT of crap ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap September 13th 2006

Hey everyone well this is it finally with pics and everything (tell me if the pics look okay i had to drastically reduce the size and therefore the quality and this computer monitor is horrible and all my pics look bad) (also comments and messages are different comments i can let everyone see and messages just go directly to me email this is basically for my mom and dad as they dont email me but add comments that are basically emails to me) (and sorry no spell check) so onto what i have been up to. Well ill start where i left off my first day in cambodia, i got up in the morning not really sure what to do so went and got my free breakfast, while there i met up with one of the ... read more
more palace
Vendor in a market
Phnom Phen

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