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Asia » Cambodia » East » KratiĆ© July 16th 2006

We crossed the border pretty easily with a 1 dollar bribe on either side. We had to cross a river no great shakes except on the way to the boat a motorbike loaded with a huge hog rides past us. I was even more impressed when we relise the pig was still alive. It started squeeling and didnt stop untill we got to the other side. Was a horrible sound. We evetually got to Kratie. Woke up the next mornig and missioned up the river to go and see the rare Irwaddy dolphins. It was so serene chugging on the river folling the dolphins. we made two new friends Nick and Samantha. Doing amazing trip before moving to London. Kratie is a very small untouristic place, but i dont think it will be long before it ... read more

Asia » Laos » West » Luang Prabang July 16th 2006

19th Jul 2006 Luang Prabang Hi everyone. I'm doing great. I just spent two days on a slow boat from the Thia/Laos boarder to Luang Prabang. Had a great time, met so many people. Luang Prabang is a great little town seems to be supported by backpackers. Every street you turn down has little restaurants, markets, and the nicest people I have ever met. Cheap every thing here is so cheap my guesthouse is costing $2/night(a great room) a good meal with a large beer is costing $1.50 - $2.50. I think I will spend a couple days here. I have tried almost every type of food I have come accross. I have not gotten sick yet except for the self inflicted mornings after too much drinking(i.e. the first morning of the slow boat). Cheers Tim ... read more
Tat Kuang Si (waterfall) 3
Back of Slow Boats
Laos Girl on Slow Boat

Asia » China » Beijing July 16th 2006

The idea to book a holiday (it's been 5 years since my last one), came in september 2005. So after a few months of looking i decided to book a single trip. Most of my friends wanted to go with their boyfriends or just simply didn't want to go any further then Spain. I finally made the decision in december. It was a group of 14 people, all single, 4 guys/men and 10 girls/women. We had a great group. We met each other on Schiphol (Amsterdam Airport). After that we had a 2 hour flight to Helsinki, 2 hours of waiting, and a flight of 7 hours and 15 minutes to Beijing, China. There is a +6 hour difference from the Netherlands to China. With the flight times it was pretty horrible. We landed on Beijing ... read more
Fan dancing in the morning
One of the Protector of the Forbidden City
Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Padang July 16th 2006

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai July 16th 2006

So last night I took the overnight train to Thailands second largest city. I was trying my luck for a sleeper car, but unfortunatley I did not book ahead as recommended. I was lucky to get one of the last 6 seats on the train though so I can't complain. The ride wasn't bad, I just wish I could have dropped $2 more and been able to lie down. I would have taken the top bunk so I would have been just a little father away from the spiders with the 4 inch legspan crawling on the floor. I arrived at 5:30AM and now I had to get to a guest house. I always do this. How come the most convenient method of transportation always gets you to your destination either extremely early in the morning ... read more
Me and Dumbo
The Stairs

Asia » Mongolia » Gobi Desert July 16th 2006

July 16th Even with rain the gobi is still hot, the morning entails another lamentable breakfast and off to the yal valley. After arriving we hike through the mountain passageways untill we arrive at the Ice canyon, due to the rain I left my camera behind, I'll try to post some pictures another time. It was quite amazing and on the return way it had rained enough to make the small caves within the ice passable, saving us the trouble of climbing over them again though the prospect of hundreds of tons of ice crushing us was also exhilarating. The gerbil like creatures living in the valley's are also quite cute observing our every move and occasionally becoming the super for some of the mongolian herders. After squeezing the russain mini bus through the mountain passages ... read more
Lonely Road of Faith
Tallest Sand dunes
Camel riding/racing

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar July 16th 2006

The highlight of the Mongolian year is the Naadam Festival held anually between the 11-13th July. It consists of the 3 'manly' sports; Archery, Wrestling and Horse racing, although the popular Ankle-Boning has been added to the roster in recent years. Although we had never actually planned to be in Mongolia for this event, it just so happened that we were and what a bit of luck that turned out to be! Having arrived back from the Gobi the previous evening, I managed about 4 hours sleep before waking up at 05:00 to call home and let everyone know that I was safe and well and up to this point, have not yest decided to jack in my job and become a nomadic herdsman on the Mongolian steppe. We had pre-booked a day-tour from the hostel ... read more
Archery - Naadam
Archery Parade - Naadam
Opening Ceremony - Naadam

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor July 16th 2006

Yes!!! the day had finally come to immerse ourselves completely in ancient and revered rock and rubble...the time to crawl out of bed at 4am..the time to realise that because the day is breaking behind the cover of very slight cloud we won't see the epic 'sunrise over Angkor'...but also a time to realise that 10 minutes after sunrise is also a pretty beautiful time to be around...and a time for jumping on that 'sunrise' bandwagon to pass... so..on with the day!! began by recording a 'happy birthday Kips' video in front of Angkor which everyone around the peaceful (before we got there..) lake thought was hilarious...a little white girl talking and blowing kisses to a camera at 6am...Angkor draws all sorts obviously... And then we set off..this time as a four...Me, Ruth, Domi and Davin, ... read more
Early morning madness...Apsara stylee

Asia » China » Guangxi » Yangshuo July 16th 2006

Due to extremely bad weather in the first days of my trip to China I don't have pictures here. Don't worry they're coming in the next blog. Friday July 14th I was still in a bad mood from the day before. I woke up late and took time to prepare everything so by the time I was in the ticket office for the bus company that would take me to Guangzhou it was 10:00. I got a ticket for 11:30 at the other side of the border and I took a bus going to the border. I did all the border formalities things which took about 30 minutes, withdrew some RMB and went looking for the bus station. The first thing that caught my eye when I crossed the border was the tour groups and the ... read more

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Dharamsala July 16th 2006

So.... apparently I'm Tibetan. Not exactly surprising considering how close China is to Tibet that I look "Tibetan," but it's pretty funny. Everyone here seems to be surprised I speak with an American accent, and when I tell them I'm from the US they go, "No, but where are you *really* from?" and when I simply say I'm from Taiwan they go, "Ok, but is that where you live now?" There's just no winning. Another amusing result of my new assumed identity is that everyone approaches me when we're in the store or in restaurants and mostly ignores Zara, while all the beggars immediately go to her for money and assume I'm just too hard-hearted (or maybe she looks more compassionate) to give! Oh well. So, been here for a couple of days and I simply ... read more
The Dalai Lama's monestary and residence
pre-sunrise monsoon in the Himalayas

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