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Asia » Taiwan » Hualien October 10th 2006

I went into Hualien City on Sunday, to meet my colleague Anna for church and lunch. We went to the RC place, and they do indeed offer incentives for conversion. Most of the folk are from the Philippines, so a lot of the singing was in Tagalog. The sound of the music is very Polynesian in nature, and thus very much to my taste. Speaking of taste, there is a lunch laid on afterwards—traditional Filipino home-cooked. Anna and Allen (her trusty co-teacher) and I could not stay for lunch. He had a busy afternoon planned, and Anna and I met up with Paul Rowe, my new Australian sidekick from the orientation. We sat in a waterfront place in Hualien Harbour (my American readers will please note the correct spelling), and we had lunch while looking between ... read more
The Yates and Douglas...

Asia » China » Hainan » Sanya October 10th 2006

SANYA ISLAND, CHINA Sanya Island is located in the South China Sea. We stayed at a lovely resort on a beautiful beach, with very few tourists. Our pictures are from another beach we visited for a couple of hours…many different, unusual sights… and very hot, yet many people were fully dressed… The most fascinating… People, yes young children too, lined up for a short boat trip to “see the sea” from a glass bottomed boat offshore. Donned, for this precarious trip, with wetsuits to keep dry and mouth guards to help keep their teeth from breaking… A week earlier, a small typhoon hit the area. The waves were big but that didn’t stop them! Men, fully clothed, helped guide the boats in the right direction time after time… We sat there and watched in awe… Often ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Boracay October 10th 2006

As a result of the timing, a national Korean holiday known as Chusuk (similar to Thanksgiving) happened to fall on the weekdays, meaning I had the whole week off! My friend Jenny and I planned a trip to Boracay to take advantage of this rare holiday. MANILA We arrived in Manila on Sunday afternoon and rode a company taxi into the main city. FYI for future travelers en route to Manila, metered taxis are not allowed in the international airport b/c they are potentially dangerous and notorious for ripping people off, so only company taxis are allowed. Since they have a monopoly on the airport, they charge you nearly triple of what a meter taxi would cost. So I suggest that you walk out of the airport and ride a metered taxi (but be smart about ... read more
How do you like our new look?
Inside the cave
3 HOURS after the all night drinking

Asia » Cambodia October 10th 2006

The sound of birds singing is drowned out by the voice of an excited little girl "Look mommy there's an airplane up in the sky". Minutes later her village amounts to little more than smouldering ashes, her excitement replaced by a bewildered look of shock and fear. She looks at the people around her, one-by-one their fearful eyes narrow to expressions of hate. "Did you see the frightened ones? Did you hear the falling bombs? The flames are all long gone, but the pain lingers on..." The next minute I'm on the back of a moped anxiously looking up as the clouds swallow the remainder of the clear blue sky… I've overslept, it's almost midday and as my driver accelerates to make up for lost time he pulls a wheelie. Then my alarm clock goes off; ... read more
Macabre and the Magnificent
Krueng Girl
Tampuang Girl

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan October 10th 2006

Back on our dodgy bus (that almost caught fire yesterday) for yet another long day of travelling. Had a few beers with lunch at the hotel, which made for an interestingly tipsy half hour push bike ride to the elephant breeding site. Had fortunately sobered up in time for the tiny canoe ride across the river to the centre. Felt sorry for the elephants because they were mostly chained up & Deb was so upset she decided to cancel the trip she'd booked to go work there next week. Dinner was at a local restaurant Hannah took us to, followed by (surprise, surprise), another early night...... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul October 10th 2006

Since Thankgiving just passed for Korea, we got to thinking that we were thankful for quite a few things ourselves. Being so far from America, we missed certain aspects of life. So here is a list of things in no particular order that we are thankful for: *Ben, there won't be any pictures in this one, so don't even think about complaining, lol Professor Yoo This one we have to say is number one. It is because of this little woman we are in Korea. She set everything up. She has connections all over the world and has helped us experience more due to them, even more so than the other international students here. From our plane ride over (direct and she got the school to pay for it) to little day trips we take with ... read more

Asia » Taiwan October 10th 2006

It's been a busy week for me at the Dream Community. I've been working mostly with three different groups. There's a dragon puppet for an elementary school. The teacher wants the body to resemble the Taipei 101 building. I've also been working with a couple of preschool teachers who have meen making insect masks and costumes for kids. Next they want me to help them make a hollow tree carried on bamboo poles that the kids can run in and out of. About midweek my knees are really hurting. I've not quite recovered from the Tsao Ling Trail hike. I seek out care at a clinic around the corner. I hobble in at about 9:30 pm and receive pulse diagnosis, acupuncture, cupping, massage, adjustment, and traditional Chinese medicine. I come back the next day for electrostim ... read more
Skinning the Dragon
Elementary Students

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi October 10th 2006

Went back to Kanchanaburi as we'd seen a poster in the Jolly Frog guesthouse saying that people could come to a school and teach English to the children there. We emailed the Teacher at the school and they said it was fine for us to come down for a couple of days. Both me and Dave were really nervous about what to expect from doing this but it was really great fun. We were only expected to answer back to them in very simple greetings and helped the teacher play some games where you used opposites and played basketball, using the words 'Pass to', 'shoot', 'dribble' and 'exhibition' kind of showboating with the ball. As we'd enjoyed it so much me and Dave said we'd definately go back the following day. Although the school was closed ... read more
Getting on the Bike, Second Day
Dropping a footplant...
Helping out....

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei October 10th 2006

Political demonstrations are rare in Canada. Serious ones at that, I mean. Sure, you get the odd gathering of a few dozen 'activists' upset over something they usually know very little about - they just feel like bitching because they have nothing better to do with their time. Some moron is yelling into a megaphone, a few rocks are thrown, a squad car rolls up asking them to 'please stop it', and the end result is some raving lunatic on the six o'clock evening news whom you would like nothing more than to beat senseless with a phone book. That's not the case here in Taiwan, when on National Day over one million people marched through the streets to support the deposition of President Chen Shui-bian. A staggering 70% of the population favours the removal of ... read more
No Pee!
Taipei 101
Martyr's Shrine

Asia » China » Beijing » Temple of Heaven October 10th 2006

Summary: After our visit to the White Cloud Taoist Temple we have enough time to visit the Temple of Heaven. It's after three o'clock so the sun and the light is great for making pictures. We enter the Temple of Heaven from the North Gate, it's usual to start your round trip from the South Gate. But due to traffic jam it's now more easy to start from the North and during our visit Li drives his car to the South Gate. The Temple of Heaven, the Tian Tan, where emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties held the ceremonies of worshipping heaven and praying for good harvests, was first built in the 18th year during the reign of Emperor Yongle (1420) of Ming Dynasty. Under continually reconstruction and enlargement, the Tian Tan was finally completed ... read more
Temple of Heaven
Temple of Heaven
Temple of Heaven

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