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Asia » Taiwan September 24th 2006

This weekend was really busy. We had several groups come in to work on projects. Three more bicycle animals were started, and I began to work with a teacher who wants to create a large Chinese style dragon puppet with butterfly wings and a body shaped like the 101 building in Taipei!... read more
Melody as Coyote
Creating the Torch
101 Dragon

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta September 24th 2006

G'day G'day...we are back! There is a significant blog-lag here because we have been having a pretty lazy time in Indonesia since our last post way back in August! So, we left Darwin for a 10 day holiday from our, erm, holiday. It's hot in the Territory - I started to find that my speech was going. When asked the simplest question..usually would you like a beer (they like to drink up here, now so do I), I found myself replying with a yeah, no, yeah answer. Plus, there is only so much sunbathing you can do around the pool eh. The beers were taking their toll on my belly as were the dorms. Two girls managed to bring a different guy back EVERY night to "show" then their rooms, for want of a better phrase. ... read more
"Hello, Massaah!"
Ulu Watu
Ulu's secret beach

Asia » China » Ningxia » Yinchuan September 24th 2006

Binnen de stad bezochten we alleen het Provinciaal Museum, dat gelegen is in het domein van de Chengtian tempel (22Y inkom). De gebouwen zijn in traditionele stijl, maar zouden een oppoets- en schilderbeurt kunnen gebruiken. Rond het centrale binnenplein zijn in 4 grote zalen, 4 verschillende tentoonstellingen te zien: Deze over de Xi Xia kultuur is de meest recente, en beste voorstelling, echt de moeite waard, er is Engelstalige ondertiteling. Ook deze over de rotstekeningen die overal in de Helan bergen werden teruggevonden is de moeite waard. Ook hier is Engelstalige ondertiteling. Wij waren blij eerste de tentoonstelling gezien te hebben, voordat we ter plaatse gingen kijken. De zaal over de geschiedenis van de provincie Ningxia, laat vooral historische relicten zien die in de provincie opgegraven zijn, velen daarvan kwamen uit graven uit Guyuan. Hier is ... read more
De Zuidpoort te Yinchuan
108 Tibettaanse pagodes bij Qingtongxia
De Grote Muur bij Sanguankou

Asia » China » Shanxi » Datong September 24th 2006

Sunday September 24, 2006 - Today we arrived in Datong around 7am. We went to the CITS office at the train station - this is the goverment run tourist office - and planned our day. We decided - like so many others on our train - to just do a day tour and leave the same night on a train to Pingyao. We had a couple of hours to kill so I got a breakfast pancake kind of thing on the street and we bought some snacks for the day. Steve work up sniffly and as the day progressed it turned into a cold. Met back with the group at the train station at 9am where they shuffled us all into two vans - there were 29 people in all. We chose the smaller minivan and ... read more
Side View
Dragon stairs
Just hanging around

Asia » China » Shanxi » Datong September 24th 2006

After the Great Wall we spent our final day in Beijing checking out some of the local markets. We bargained hard and found that if you’re really not interested in what you’re buying and are willing to walk away you can get things for an absolute steal because they chase you down and virtually give it away! We picked up some small souvenirs and Faye got some jewellery. Later in the evening we headed over to the railway station to catch our first ever sleeper train to Datong. We were in a hard sleeper which consists of small compartments with two sets of three bunks. We were on the bottom bunk so luckily we didn’t have to climb and we could actually sit down without banging our heads on the bunk above or the ceiling. The ... read more
Hanging Monastery
Yungang Caves
Yungang Caves

Asia » Japan » Ehime » Matsuyama September 24th 2006

Another weekend of Sports Days (this time it was the Elementary schools, so I didn't get to participate). First a wine and cheese night at my house Saturday night with some fellow JETs. We enjoyed a fine meal at the local "Betty Crocker" restaraunt on the ocean, then hung out at my flat for some wine and cheese. Not exactly fine wine or the greatest cheese. It's hard to find good cheese on Shikoku. The Hokkaido versions of Camembert just don't quite cut it, and leave the party cutting more cheese later in the night. Sorry, bad joke. But true. Sunday I burned my cheeks watching the Hojo Elementary School Sports Day. The relays were the best. Some of the first graders would forget to hand off the baton creating complete confusion in the race. Kawai!!! ... read more
Shikoku's fall colors

Asia » Philippines » Mindanao » Misamis Oriental » Claveria September 24th 2006

For our next two days here in Cagayan De Oro, we have De Oro Mountain Explorers or DOME to entrust our lives to. Seriously! For the next two days, DOME shall take us to three ecotourism activities, namely: Canopy Walking at Claveria, Spelunking at Kweba De Oro, and Water Tubing (aka White Water Rafting Pinoy-Style) - I heard we are going to jump from a bridge too! As early as 7:30am, DOME’s jeep picked us up at PNRoa. We met Jerome (DOME president), Meg, and a few more of our guides for the day. "The Binary Tree" At around 9:00am, we set foot at Barangay Magbais, Claveria and started trekking for 30 minutes. This was a rather pampered trek because we were provided walking sticks and we didn’t have backpacks to carry. We noticed a strange ... read more
Trekking to the Canopy Walk
Zipping down to a tree
Another hanging bridge

Asia » Vietnam » South Central Coast » Khanh Hoa » Nha Trang September 24th 2006

24/9 Vlucht naar Nha Trang 25/9 Zwembadsessie, visbbq en Guava Bar 26/9 Eerste twee open water duiken. Modderbad in spa - smelly maar supermassage 27/9 Volgende twee oceaanduiken, brevet gehaald. Start Highlands Tour met Ting. Rit naar Lak Lake, overnachting in dorp ethnische minderheid 28/9 Olifantrit 's ochtends. Allebei ziek, naar Dalat. 29/9 Dalat (ziek), Crazy House, Pongour waterfalls, aankomst Cat Tien Nat Park, night drive 30/9 Cat Tien Nat Park ochtendwandeling en aankomst HCMC. 1/10 Wandeling HCMC, War Remants Musuem, sushi... read more

Asia » South Korea » Gwangju September 24th 2006

Hey ho there So it s finally come around and jenny teacher decided she would tie the knot. Silly sausage haha, We all headed up to Suwon and watched the wedding, she looked stunning. Its weird because everybody talks all the way through the ceremony and it doesnt make it feel special at all. There was all this lighting business going on like it was a huge play or something, and funny music so it was slightly bizarre and differed from the traditional wedding that I'm accustomed to. We went to Naejangsan ( i think ) national park and checked out some temples after it with the Korean teachers, its really pretty up there. And we got Heidi to take the cable cart up the mountain she was so excited it was really sweet. Then we ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phuket September 24th 2006

: In mid-September through early October, Andrew and I had the opportunity to travel to Thailand Singapore, and Malaysia. Here are some blurbs of what we experienced during our trip. Khao Lak, Thailand (Le Meridian Resort and Spa) Andrew had a weeklong work conference in Thailand and lucky for me - significant others were welcomed to attend. The conference was held in the town of Khao Lak, which was the most severly hit area from the tsunami in 2004. His company chose this location to help bring in much needed revenue. The location was beautiful and you couldn’t tell that a tsunami ravaged this area just two years ago. I jumped at the chance to hang out on the beach and catch up on some reading so off we went. While Andrew was stuck in meetings, ... read more

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