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Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City October 2nd 2006

Coffee shops are where vietnamese men gather for their pastime. They can be there at anytime of the day, morning, breaks between work, afternoon, afterwork, at night, ... It is the place that they meet potential business partners, and and to socialize with friends, associates, co-workers. It is also the place that business transaction takes place quite often. I am amazed at the amount of time they devote there rather than at home with family. I found myself often be taken there to spend an enormous amount of time for ... nothing, really. Anyway, my time in vietnam is soon over. It was good to be back for a visit of the homeland where I was born but I'm ready to go back to the States where I currently live and where things are more ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City September 27th 2006

Well, after a wonderful introduction to Vietnam thanks to Sun and the crew from Mekong Tours we've hit the big smoke and have been partying in Saigion (Ho Chi Minh City) since the 24th. After continuing on with the crazy German, Thomas, and Austrian, Karl (who has been confused as an Australian the entire time, namely because noone has heard of Austria before - I mean, what have they done really ? ;)), the four of us have made it our duty to check out the nightlife of Saigon making sure to include bartering with the locals on every single item possible - be it chewing gum, cigarettes, photocopied versions of Lonely planet, or roses, the boys have done it all. But definitely some of the best victories have come from Paper, Rock Scissor competitions. Beating ... read more
Chau Doc and Saigon
Chau Doc and Saigon
Chau Doc and Saigon

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City September 21st 2006

Thursday 21st September 2006 We arrived in Ho Chi Minh at a very early 5.30am. We slept at our guesthouse for a couple of hours before heading out to explore the city. We walked from our hotel and stopped for a browse around the Ben Thanh market and after a couple of small purchases we headed zigzagged through streets to the Reunification Palace. This is where in April 1975, with tanks crashing through the gates, and with the VC’s victory that this event brought, the South Vietnamese government finally lost its cause and the Republic of Vietnam ceased to exist. Its interesting to be able to stand on the balcony where the VC flag was raised and look down to where the tanks came through and the masses gathered. Unfortunately it started to rain, so we ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City September 17th 2006

Howdy avid followers! Hope everyone is well and that by the time you read this Mayo are crowned the new All Ireland champions. (Sorry Hels) We left Phu Quoc in low spirits, feeling as though going forward was futile as the best had already past. However we arrived in Can Tho (the main city in the Mekong Delta) and quickly booked a boat trip to see the floating markets, in order to keep ourselves active. The next day we arose very early (our boatman picked us up at 5:30 with a big bag of baguettes and bananas for our breakfast) soon we were seated in our little boat ready for a seven hour tour of the Mekong delta and some floating markets. Not long after we reached the first market...a frenzy of activity...all sorts of fruit ... read more
Early morning Ca-Phe Sua Nonh on the Mekong
Floating Market
Black and White-so much more flattering at 5:30 in the morning

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City September 15th 2006

Monsoon Oh good old Ho Chi Minh city- The land where you ask for a haircut and get a 90 minute massage- but I'm not complaining- and as far as confusing me it included a hairwashing. So after failing to communicate my intent- I went to the dollar salon- where my haircut cost- $1.33. The Weather Yesterday we had two monsoons- today just one- but it flooded the streets- to the point that the some opportunistic children went swimming- As of yet this is the most rain we've experienced on the trip- the rest of the time-fortunately has been sunny. People in crosswalks Traveling in Thailand conditions one well to question the intent and advice of strangers- especially those that strike up a conversation- We met a man- who Sam believes was named Minh and I ... read more
The tour guide
Dog Delishe
Speedy biker

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City September 12th 2006

Back at the Go2 bar- sippin on a Saigon... My guide book referred to Saigon as quaint- and I'm not so sure- I have an incling to refer to this city as crazy or bipolar- which come up severely short- The best word I can conjure is adolescent- I will save you the barfy stages of life metaphor- suffice it to say-(I haven't met a teen that I could refer to as quaint) This city is every bit as involved in the business of brothels and the like- (as Cambodia and Thailand) except it is a lot less open and admitting of the fact- until you get in a taxi- Driving in Saigon This is incredibly disorienting- as there is no change in elevation-and every street has buildings four to five stories- so it all blurs ... read more
mas soup
Restaurant Origami

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City September 12th 2006

Travel over the last few days has involved various extremes which has seen us leave the comfort and sun of Nha-Trang for the rain and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City. We stayed in Nha Trang for about 5 days of beach bumming fun, and thoroughly lived it up. After the effort it took to get there we settled into a nice routine of lie-ins, sunbathing, beach footy and fine dining. The best day there (and my personal favourite) involved a very leisurely morning on sun loungers, sipping beers, eating mangoes and developing melonomas. After an inexpensive and tasty lunch in a bar full of package tourists (who'd paid through the nose for their holidays; Idiots) I decided to have a go at Wakeboarding. It cost a fairly expensive 16quid but was worth every penny. Like ... read more
Board Stupid
Nha Trang Coast

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City September 11th 2006

The last few days in Ho-Chi-Minh-City have been very educational and emotional. After visiting both the War Remnants Museum Reunification and the Cu Chi Tunnels I feel that I have a better understanding of the struggles faced by all men who fought in the Vietnam Conflict. The War Remnants Museum was filled with pictures and stories about what men and women faced on all sides of the conflict, and it was very moving to see the dedication that both the north and the south had for their cause. The Cu Chi Tunnels are where the Viet Cong lived for 5 years underground after the napalm campaign killed on the trees and plants. In addition to climbing through the tunnels, we ate a traditional meal of tapioca root and nuts (yuck!), saw the various kinds of traps ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City September 10th 2006

Vietnam was not on my original plan of this trip but after a few weeks of travelling solo in Europe, reality kicked in and I was tired of the constantly planning things (of when to go, what to eat, where to stay...) and decided to switch gear and changed my travel direction. Instead of visiting (in depth) South Korea (which I had not planned much) I opted to go to Vietnam and visited friends where I did not need to plan anything at least of where to stay. So after I landed at Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho chi minh city (formerly Saigon), I was met by a good friend from high school and I was escorted to the seperated customs section and cleared for entering to the country. Got my backpack at the ... read more
a catholic church in saigon
a millitary stadium
mooncakes for sale

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City September 9th 2006

Back in Nam It occured to me today- that I can legitamately utter that phrase Sadly when entering Vietnam I had to depart with my tickle me elmo. He was keeping me company on my long journey from home- laughing at my stupid jokes- commiserating with me when I couldn't speak the native tongue- and elmo just laughed it off when I punched him, even took it well when I accidently ran him over. I will miss the soothing laugh. But as per my agreement on my Visa and entry into vietnam, along with my drugs and guns, I had to do away with "any children's toys that promoted unhealthy social development" Ah yes Vietnam. But alas, I have something to fill the void AS most cliche utterers will tell you (I'm no different) money doesn't ... read more
Rappin on the rooftop
Pagoda Palace

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