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January 26th 2010
Published: January 30th 2010
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Left for Kanchanaburi in the early morning and was picked up by the shuttle from my room. We went around Khao San picking up others and low and behold, I see Manne and the two girls (Annie and Holly) I met previously, piling in. Funny how we always run into each other. After a three hour ride we arrived in the area and immediately were let out at the war cemetery, where the remains of hundreds of allied prisoners of war from World War Two rested.

From there we went to the nearby war museum and the bridge on the river Kwai, made famous from the 1957 movie. I really enjoyed that movie and it was cool to see the actual bridge where so many died building it along with the whole Burmese-Thai death railway, in person. We then went for lunch and then headed to a scenic waterfall about a half hour away. I borrowed Manne's bathing suit since he didn't want to go in, and got refreshed in the waterfall. Then nearby we rode some elephants for a short time. Everyone wanted me to take pictures for them and I had about five cameras around my wrists. I saw an elephant piss for about two minutes straight and another crap a Jurassic Park sized turd.

Following that we went to the Tiger Temple, a place where Bhuddist Monks tamed and took care of many of Thailand's tiger population. We got to see many of them up close and they are big creatures! We also saw them playing and jumping all over each other in some water. One of them jumped and scratched another and he in turn let out a massive roar. Wouldn't want to piss one of these off. Many other animals like water Buffalo, were out grazing. Lots of flies there too and they kept trying to get into all the wounds on my feet. Bug spray didn't seem to help. In retrospect I'm not sure if going to see these captive tigers was a wise decision, as I'd later hear some depressing things about how they were treated in captivity and then paraded in front of us stupid tourists. Overall a long but fulfilling day.

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1st February 2010

Hey Danny Your trip looks crazy. Skydiving, scuba, tigers. Sure is different from when I backpacked through Europe. I certainly didn't have any money to do the stuff you're doing. Basically it was cheap food, visit historic sites from the outside and buy booze from the local liquor store. Glad you're having a great time. How much longer are you travelling? Enjoy and stay safe. Acher
2nd February 2010

Hey Acher, yeah I have been spending a lot here in Thailand although I definitely am buying cheap food and booze, and staying in very basic accomadations. Those activities did cost, but are actually way cheaper to do here than probably anywhere else in the world so it's really worth it. Of course I have been meaning to travel for a while so I did plan the trip with certain activities in mind. There's no way I'd be able to do this kind of thing in Europe! Anyway take it easy. Danny

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