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Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi February 2nd 2024

From Ayutthaya, I took a minivan to Kanchanaburi, the city that was made famous because of the movie The Bridge On The River Kwai. I was visiting for more than the bridge, my main aim was to visit the Erawan Falls. A 7 level waterfall with emerald green waters, this is named after Airavat, the Elephant that Lord Indra in Hindu mythology rides. A 1.5 hour bus ride each way from Kanchanburi and a 45 minute hike upto the 7th level are completely worth the experience, especially given that you can just jump into the pools and cool down. Visiting the Burma Railway and the bridge was a must do and I did go and see them, though it's a somber experience, if you remember that nearly half the prisoners of war who built this died ... read more
Erawan Waterfall
Erawan Waterfall
Bridge on River Kwai

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi November 24th 2021

Today was intended to be a relaxing day (relatively speaking).We're going to spend the day in this area, and sleep in town another night. But not in this hotel. The breakfast served here is bad, the coffee worse, and the room is just too gloomy. So we reserved a room at the Water Park Hotel Kanchanaburi as it had good reviews and price. More on that later... We went for a walk to the famous bridge over the river Kwai, walked across it and took some selfies. We sat on the grass under the bridge and read a bit about it, and found that not only is the name a misnomer, but it's mispronounced as well! The bridge spans a river of a different name that, together with the Khwae Noi rover flows into the Mae ... read more
The bridge
On the bridge
Rose apple slices

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi November 23rd 2021

We are fresh and well rested, and had a good night's sleep. Even the gecko didn't bother us. There were a couple things we wanted to see in Uthai Thani before we moved on. We started with the Crystal Temple, Wat Tha Sung. We wanted to see the thing the town is most famous for - the floating houses first, but we couldn't find them, and people around there didn't understand what we wanted. So we started with the temple. I know I've said that we were all 'Watted out', and I stand by that, but the Wat Tha Sung is special. It isn't super ancient or important, but instead of covering everything in gold like most other temples, this one has a huge main hall with lots of pillars and a Buddha and shrine at ... read more
Wat Tha Sung
Worshippers at Wat Tha Sung
Purple in Uthai Thani

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi October 24th 2018

Tu som urobil chybu so zamienanim penez. Som zamenil malo resp bolo to dost na prezitie ale clovek si nemohol dovolit nic extra. Inak thajsko mi nema co ponuknut, i ked v kanchanaburi mi odporucali navstivit malo turisticky (?) Ubon Ratchathani. BANGKOK Tu som pobudol len kvoli zubarovi. Toto mesto neni pre mna nic extra. Z novych veci som navstivil akurat Benchakiti Park. Ten je fajn na relax. Ubytko Central guesthouse - dvojpostel, fan, share kupelka. Nic sa tu za tie roky nezmenilo, akurat tu bolo menej hosti. Cena 170b. Z nostalgie odporucam. KANCHANABURI Uplne skvele relaxacne mestecko pri rieke. Super nocny trh. Moznosti roznych moto vyletov. Skoda, ze mi nevyslo moc pocasie. Sem sa clovek fakt s radostou vracia i ked i tu je citit utoky turistov. Oproti minulajsku tu vyrastlo dost barov a nobl ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi October 20th 2018

V noci zobudenie na silny dazd, ktory pokracoval aj rano. Ranajky teda v restike, ktora otvarala az od 10.00. Dal som si ryzovu polievku so shrimy. Bola ok, len prilohy bolo malo, len 4ks. Jedna stara baba, moja susedka aj s dvoma dedovcami, tez susedi, ma volali si prisadnut ale to som odmietol. Prakticky cele doobedie len na terase, bo prsalo. Na obed vybehnutie na vojensky cintorin odlovit kesku, to sa nepodarilo. Pri cintorine odstavene 3busy turistov ale z vozidiel vyslo mozno tak 20ludi, ostatny fotili len cez sklo. Ti co vysli von robili rozne pozi pri hroboch. Fakt zadny respekt. Za cintorinom kupujem kusok kurata, to mi nasekali, dali omacku a malu ryzu. To zjedenie v prijemnom prostredi ubytka. Tak nakonec je vsetko po starom a da sa ist aj k rieke a na fajn ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi July 27th 2018

A railway very much connected with a bridge, a brother very much connected to a brother and a market very much connected to a train Thailand is a large country and there are hundreds of places we would like to visit throughout the country. There was no way for us to squeeze in more than a handful of those on this trip. Bangkok was an obvious first choice since we flew in and out of there. We wrote about most of the places we visited in Bangkok in our previous blog entry. Here we are going to write about the other places in Thailand we went to. Samut Songkram Bangkok is big, chaotic, noisy and is far from being the most beautiful place in the world. We wanted to see a tiny bit more of what ... read more
Chang and Eng Bunker statue
Former Bunker brothers museum
Phra Ram Ratchaniwet

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi December 24th 2017

booked a tour to the death railway as it is called here. The tour picked us up at our hotel in Bangkok along with 8 additional people from there hotels. A couple hours later we were taken to the war memorial in Kanchanaburi to view prisoner barracks and the history of the construction of the railroad from Thailand to Burma. Marie an I took the tour long tail boat up the river to the railroad bridge. There we all boarded a train to the end of the line near the Miramar border. Had a nice lunch and were dropped off at our 5 star Dheva Mantra Hotel back in Kanchanaburi. The movie bridge is misleading as there were 2 bridges side by side. both were bombed a couple times and rebuilt by the Japanese with prisoner ... read more
Boat trip up Kwai river
Original railroad hacked out of the mountainside
Dheva Mantra hotel room

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi December 19th 2017

Ok so in the unlikely event that anyone was waiting with bated breath for the rest of my blog entries I do apologise. When we got to Phuket the laptop got stolen by the kids and plugged into the television so that they could watch movies in the evenings, which didn't give me any blogging time. But I did make lots of notes and I was determined to finish this thing, so although we are long since home, I am going to try and finish out our last 2 weeks and add all our photos in so that this remains a good record of our trip. I have just been reading some of the posts and I really wish I had done this while things were still fresher, but here it goes, I shall do my ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi December 18th 2017

Day 13 - ok so it's all catching up with me a bit! I woke up when the alarm went off feeling really crusty. In no way up for a full day tour with a group of other tourists, so Todd went and saw reception to cancel. It cost us 30% of the tour cost, but it was worth it for the sleep in. Todd came back to bed and we crashed back out until 10:30. It was great! I woke up feeling better, but not wonderful, so we lazed around for a while longer then got all our laundry and stuff together from the past 2 weeks. We discovered that we can send the laundry out for 50 baht a kilo.....yes......this is amazing! We bagged it all up and Todd and Kalyb dropped it off ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi December 17th 2017

Day 12 - Ok so this day didn't start out too well for me. 12 days in and I have had to say hello to my first hangover, courtesy of all the riverside cocktails last night! I was not in the best way. I laid in bed while Todd was in the shower wishing for death.....or if not death, at least for the panadol and berocca to kick in quickly! Todd took the boys down to breakky while I tried to get ready and compose myself lol. I came down for breakky and Todd had ordered me an omelette......I sooooo wasn't keen for eggs! I nibbled on my toast and chugged down some water and then it was time to get going! Today we were heading to the Sai Yok Noi Waterfall, the Hin Dat Hot ... read more

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