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Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi February 17th 2017

I left the dizzying madness of Bangkok behind via (surprise, surprise) a public bus - $110b - bound for Western Thailand near the Burmese border. My destination was Kanchanaburi - a town with a storied, albeit dark, history. Here in town snakes the River Kwai. In the second World War the Japanese needed a safer route to transport military goods into Burma to supply their troops who were fighting the British. The ultimate goal was to push into India. A railway linking the lines in Siam to the ones in Burma needed to be constructed. The 415km line was to start in Kanchanaburi, crossing the River Kwai, and moving North to Burma. After a three hour bus ride from Bangkok I showed up into town and found a place to stay. I ended up in an ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi August 21st 2016

Sunday 21st August 2016 I was up really early this morning in order to reach Hua Lumpong Railway Station before 6.30am. I had asked P to book a ticket for me on the weekend excursion train to Kanchanaburi and beyond. The Railway Station where I boarded my train was of a decent size and it was not as intimidating as I had envisaged. Getting my bearings right was very straightforward as the overhead screens clearly showed which platform I was supposed to go in order to board my train. The excursion train is a typical third class non-air-conditioned carriage that served its purpose even though not particularly comfortable for the 12-hour journey. I had always wanted to try out this route since my previous trip and this was sort of a personal achievement for me. Train ... read more
My meals on board
The imposing Chedi @ Nakom Pathom
Nakhom Pathom Station

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi February 8th 2016

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi January 6th 2016

The border at Htee Kee was an interesting experience, we were stamped out of Myanmar and then we crossed the six kilometres of no man's land to the Thai border! Our taxi man, chatted to the guards like old friends and he drove us the six kilometres for 7000 kyat extra :) We were super happy we didn't have to walk as they were armed guards facing into the ditches posted every 100 metres for the whole six kilometres! The Thai border official guy was very pernickety wanting to know exactly where we were going and the full address of our hostel! As backpackers, we didn't have this info as we normally just rock up a place on arrival. So, we copied a place from our guide book lol! We then waited for the public bus ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi November 30th 2015

Geo: 14.02, 99.53Today we took a trip. In the morning we went to the Erawan National Park know for it's 7 stage waterfall that you can climb and swim in the pools created by those falls. We've made it 'till stage 6 where we sat a bit with our feet in the water feeding the fish. Lots of small fishes there and they eat the dead flesh from your feet and yes it tickels. Every time Thierry took his feet out they attacked me, got tired of counting them when I reached 10 on one foot only.After lunch we went to the hell fire pass where you could get an idea on how terrible and 'spevially how hard the work was done by the prisoners of war constructing the Dead Railway. After that we took the ... read more
Erawan National Park

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi November 29th 2015

Geo: 14.02, 99.53Arrived early this morning and took a taxi to Kanchanaburi. Due to some closed bridges saw a lot of Bangkok on the way. Our driver didn't know our hotel or how to use his gps so lucky for all of us, we brought our gps so Thierry guided us.As soon as our room was ready we took a siesta and afterwards managed to arrange our trip for tomorrow and we took a walk to the bridge over the river Kwai. Sunday and a festival so lots of people on the bridge. We were sitting at the river with a good view on the bridge when the train passed so picture time. On our way back the train to the other side had to pass when we wereon the tracks, not much space between us ... read more
Here is the train111

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi November 25th 2015

One of the things I am going to try to do on my travels is to see and enjoy festivals and events - the local and specific, the national and mass attended.. The good, the fun and the 'hmm I'm not sure about this' ones. Loy krathong (and 'loy kra-tung' out loud as I learnt*) was a regions wide festival I was looking forward to before I arrived in Thailand - knowing it would be when I was starting all this, and that I'd likely be in a place that partakes. I wasn't in one of the hotspots, like Sukhothai, but Kanchanaburi and I enjoyed a colourful, chilled and fun time. The festival goes a long way back, with Hindu origins, though its exact beginnings are a little unclear. It was likely started as a way ... read more
Beautiful temple grounds
My krathong
Off to join the others

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi November 23rd 2015

Today I was up early for a trip with the local Good Times Travel - to the Erawan national park with the 7 tier waterfalls and then the death railway. This trip was done very well. We arrived at the national park as one of the first people, and were given four hours to just go as we wish. Through the national park route there were 7 waterfalls reaching higher up, where some of the pools could be swam in.. Excellent! I set off, and enjoyed the contained, natural forest noises about me as I tried to keep ahead of the crowds (I know, to be honest the competitiveness set in and I was eager to get high quick, whilst telling myself that it would be much better to get there then do the swimming and ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi November 22nd 2015

. Today it was time for a little quest. I'd made a note of a hill cave temple - Kaopoon - before I'd left the UK, which was a little out the town and a good chance to enjoy a cycle. I hired a bike and okay, to be honest bicycle, I did judge you a little with your basket and strange frame - but you turned into the perfect trip accomplice. We rode through the town, taking diversions from my vague mental map as my eyes caught something. So we rode down Song Kwai road and Pak Praek, where we found the Wat Chaichumpon temple complex, bustling with Theravada monks, and containing the Jeath war museum and various statue tributes. The roads were decorated with thai and yellow flags above (yellow for the king - ... read more
Morning street pace
Lovely riding
 cave room window

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi November 21st 2015

And I'm bound for Kanchanaburi. There's two trains a day from Thonburi station over in the west of Bangkok - 7:55 and 13.50, any guesses which I got?! For the three-four hour journey I was thinking I'd get a good read in between my current books, including A History of Thailand by Baker and Phongpaichit which has been excellent so far. Rather, I spent almost all the journey looking out the window, it was so enjoyable. I'd recommend the train to anyone - fast, comfortable (though it's called 3rd class, really?), scenic and colourful. I wondered what others' journeys were. This route heads up to Nam Tok of the Hellfire Pass and further up from my stop of Kanchanaburi is the (in)famous River Kwai bridge that i would head to later. At the stops on the ... read more
Hi West Thailand
Kanchanaburi evening

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