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Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Tao June 7th 2018

Koh Tao is visited mostly for its exceeding reputation for scuba diving. We spent 3 days at Big Blue Diving school, completing our open water dive course. We didn’t actually see much of Koh Tao itself as we spent the duration of our time there learning to dive. However we stayed on a perfect beach with clear water and golden sand, with fire throwing and entertainment every night at the beach bars. Big Blue had been recommended to us as the best place to learn to dive, and it really was. Our instructor was a young Israeli lad called Yam who taught us in the most fun way possible, making us feel completely comfortable and confident. Once we’d got the basics, he had us doing backflips and tricks under water. We loved it. We did 4 ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Tao August 24th 2017

We have had such a great time on this beautiful island. The others swam with the sharks again this morning, the boys for over two hours. We swam in the pool and messed about on the beach. Then we packed our bags because tomorrow morning we leave here at 5.0am to catch the ferry to Don Sak. This afternoon the the weather changed. It is windy, the sea is rough and we have had a few spots of rain. We are hoping our ferry won't be cancelled because of rough seas. ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Tao August 23rd 2017

George and Sam had the closest encounter with the sharks early this morning. Georgie said it's the first time he felt nervous as one of them was circling him. They hope to have some good photos. After breakfast we got a ride to the pier in town and hired a longtail boat and went right round the island. We had was such a fabulous day. The sea was rough for the first part and we got very wet indeed. We arrived at a group of three small islands that were so idealic except there were so my tourist there and it seemed they were all wearing orange life jackets. Most if them I think were Chinese. We walked along a spit of sand that joined two of the island and there were rows of deck chairs ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Tao August 22nd 2017

I hardly dare whisper this but the weather is perfect. Monsoon! What monsoon? Early this morning the others were out looking for sharks and I sat on the veranda with my pot if tea. Mollie came back after about an hour and said "I think that's enough swimming with sharks for now". We did laugh - how blase is that? We've had another lovely day pottering about swimming etc Included here some screen shots from the go pro ... read more
IMG_6804 Infinity pool

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Tao August 21st 2017

This morning I woke very early and the cove was mine. From the veranda I watched as, slowly, people came down to the beach for an early morning snorkel. There are never many people on the beach. The sea has white horses today but our little cove is quite calm. The boys went snorkeling early and came back thrilled to the core saying they had been surrounded by black tip sharks, the biggest one about 5 1/2 ft. They woke Mollie and went again and saw more sharks but not as many. I'm so pleased for them. After breakfast we went into town for supplies. It was to hot to spend too much time looking around so we came back and went to the other side of the peninsular to snorkel. It was so lovely and ... read more
IMG_6797 A Black Tip Shark
IMG_6577 Sam with early morning cupper

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Tao August 20th 2017

Today I overcame my sea phobia and went snorkeling with the others. So many different colored fish and only a couple of feet from the shore. As we swam further out it was sad to see all the broken coral that had obviously been trampled on by us humans. This cove is quite shallow. George and the kids went snorkeling on the other side of our little peninsular and said that though it's a bit of a climb down to the water it is much deeper so the coral is still beautiful. I'll go there next time and see it Later in the day the three came back from a long snorkeling session and told me how they had seen a black tip shark and they had followed a turtle for about half an hour. They ... read more
IMG_6350 Washing sand off feet

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Tao August 19th 2017

After breakfast and a swim we finished packing and took the truck back into town and waited for our ferry to Ko Tao. The sea was choppy on the one and half hour journey but we were all fine. (I took a travel pill). It was very busy when we docked but our driver was there to meet us and he drove us up the steep, narrow roads to Sai Daeng Beach Resort. This place is absolutely stunning. It is set into a rocky hillside. The reception is at the top (I don't think I'll be climbing up there much) and the chalets are scattered down the sides down to the beach. Our rooms are just about on the beach which is great for me with my dodgy hip - it couldn't be more perfect. G ... read more
IMG_6277 Waiting for the ferry
IMG_6291view from reception
IMG_6297 Welcome drink

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Tao June 17th 2017

So after Tom and Andrea left us, we were back on a boat again in no time heading back to Koh Tao. This time round there was no time for beach hopping, it was strictly PADI! The first night we had homework to do, before even putting our feet in the water. The next few days we spent in and out of the water and in the classroom qualifying for our open water PADI! Our group consisted of six girls, four of us were physio's (poor jo!), and Maria the crazy Italian! We nicknamed ourselves 'Alex's angels' as a tribute to our instructor. On the last night we had all agreed to meet up on the bar crawl in town. So as the older ladies we went back for a nap and then a quick shower ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Tao April 30th 2017

Arrived in Koh Tao feeling a little zombified after our 14 hour trip from Bangkok which included a 4 hour stopover at a port in the middle of the night where we slept like homeless people on wooden benches. As you can imagine, not the most soundest of sleeps, massive respect for the homeless! Got picked up in an open back truck and taken straight to the resort which was beautiful, right on the beach front, private pool, giant snails, lizards, frogs and lots of lovely people! We checked in and signed straight up to start our PADI open water course that day as we were told the first day is only an hour or so... little did we know it also included 4.5hours of homework on the fake iPads. When we got started on the ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Tao February 2nd 2017

Ko Tao is reputed to be the cheapest place in all of Asia to dive or get diver certification. On this relatively small island there are sixty four dive companies. One of them - Baan's Diving - boasts certifying more divers than anywhere else in the world! Well, since we were just next door on Koh Phangan, we decided to come and check out Ko Tao and while here get reacquainted with the sport before heading soon to our next, dive specific, destination. Its has always been a bit unnerving to return to diving after several months absence. Will we remember all the important stuff? Diving after all has so many ways to mess you up big time if you screw up. Will we remember to equalize? How challenging will maintaining neutral buoyancy be this year? ... read more
One of Many Diving Boats
Bird Beggars
Coconut Tree Street Sign

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