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Well its been a long absence since my last blog and it’s been a great start to 2015. After seeing Naomi and Alex off on their long trip to Hobart on the 27th I had two days to myself and pottered around doing boat maintenance and cleaning. For a long time the bilge has been collecting water and it finally gave me a chance to dry it all out and find the source which it turned out was from our salt water galley foot pump. Fortunately we had a spare, it was configured the opposite way around but with some new hose I managed to squeeze her in and enjoy a dry bilge for a while. On the morning of the 29th my friend Maggie was arriving from the Netherlands and we had been exchanging emails ... read more
Maggie arrives
NYE cocktails
arriving at Maya Bay

We were only one hour as the crow flies from Phuket and yet we felt wonderfully remote. 'Our' island, Koh Yao Noi, ('long, little island' in Thai) lies in Phang Nga Bay marine park, an archipelago of 44 islands, some inhabited but mostly tiny limestone outcrops. Koh Yao Noi measures 50 square kilometres but has less than 4,000 inhabitants, mainly small fishing communities; our hotel (aptly named 'Paradise Hotel') had its own bay at the northern end, an hour's bumpy drive by four wheel tuk-tuk over tracks through the forest from the island's harbour. At least the journey was worth it. Against a backdrop of mountains, looking out over a bay of craggy islands, we felt like we were in a scene out of The Beach. This was to be a time of rest and recuperation ... read more
Koh Yao Noi Phang Nga Bay
Hornbill Koh Yao Noi

We booked a day trip with "On Sea Speedboats" for snorkeling and kayaking at the Ang Thong marine park northeast of Samui. They were very good...prompt pickup in fancy plush van at o'darkhundred (OK, 7 am, but we're on holidays here!)'. Our hotel made up these huge 'boxed breakfasts' since the buffet hadnt opened yet for us to take. Too much food for anyone but a linebacker, but we don't like to waste, so took it along on the boat (hint: pretty paper mache bags vs salt water.....decision to ocean!) There was pre-seasickness food for us at the dock, tea and toast and a big bowl of individually wrapped Gravol tablets. Sean, mariner that he isn't, took this as a very bad sign, and sat looking queasily out to sea as we waited to board. The ... read more
Snorkelling spot, Ang Thong
View from lookout, Ang Thong
Not the "James Bond rock", but close!!

superbe journee ! et beaux paysages que demander de plus ???... read more

Sunday 23rd January 2011 After a lazy morning at Phi Phi Hill we boarded our ferry to Phuket, but we decided not to stay there. We hopped on a bus to Phang Nga where we booked a tour of the National Park and James Bond Island the following day. Monday 24th January 2011 Our tour took us to Phang Nga National park where we drifted through Mangroves on the slowest boat ever. We seemed to be overtaken at every turn, which worried us slightly as we wondered how we would fit everything in when we were travelling at half the speed of all the other tours. After travelling past many ‘sights’ that our guide pointed at and announced their names, we went kayaking (well, we sat in a kayak while a local tour guide did all ... read more
Being overtaken... again!
Richard holding up James Bond Island

Having left Khao Sok with a feeling of contentment that we had found something nearing the mythical stories of natural beauty you hear and read about, we felt optimistic about our next stop on our world tour; Khao Sok was a destination advised by a friend which paid huge dividends, so given that our good friend Oli had advised we head to Ao Phang Nga (having heard great things about it) we thought we would ride our luck whilst it was in. Riding just our luck, however, would not get us to Ao Phang Nga so we forked out 500baht each to catch a minibus from Khao Sok to our destination via Krabi. Upon arrival into Ao Phang Nga bus station we immediately consulted the local travel and tour agent eager to explore the Archipelago which ... read more

In der Bucht von Phang Nga gab es zur Abwechslung ;-) mal viele Karstfelsen zu sehen. Die Bootsfahrt ging zunaechst durch einen Fluss an Mangrovenwaeldern vorbei, hinter denen immer wieder hohe, von tropischen Baeumen bewachsene Felsentuerme und -Mauern hervor ragten. Einige bildeten Durchgaenge und kleine Hoehlen, unter denen man hindurch fahren konnte. Nach einer Weile wurde der Fluss breiter und die Mangroven verschwanden allmaehlich und ohne, dass wir es richtig bemerkt hatten, waren wir auf dem Meer in der eigentlichen Bucht. Den Hoehepunkt der Fahrt bildete der Besuch der sogenannten James-Bond-Insel, wo der beruehmte Felsen aus dem Film "Der Mann mit dem goldenen Colt." steht. Ohne diesen Felsen wuerden vermutlich deutlich weniger Touristen kommen. Auch, wenn die Phang-Nga-Bucht beeindruckend ist, kann sie mit der Halong-Bucht in Vietnam definitiv nicht mithalten.... read more
Photo 4
Photo 5

Last stop in Thailand in a magic place. We rented a longtail boat for the day to wander in the biggest mangrove in Thailand, visiting breathtaking caves and islands. Next stop is Bali.... read more
Photo 4
Photo 5
Photo 3

Ellie hadn't slept well as she'd been ill with fever most of the night. We got ready and checked out by 11am, then walked up to Mr Keans tourist information centre to book our coach trip to Bangkok this evening. Along the way, we both said how many people had warned us we'd get homesick, and yet surprisingly neither of us have... not once! We may have needed the odd hug from our Mam's, and I've really missed not having Ant around, but I haven't missed England at all. Mr Kean turned in to Mr Mean and wouldn't sell us a coach ticket. He said he "didn't like us" because he'd seen us use another tour company for our James Bond Island trip yesterday. At first I thought he was joking and laughed along with him, ... read more
Who you trying to kid??!
Midnight feast

We were meant to check-out by 7am to make it to our bus station in time for our transfer to Ao Phang Nga. As usual, we hit the snooze button a few too many times and were running late. With our backpacks weighing us down, and morning traffick to dodge, we ran and got to the bus station just as our mini-bus arrived. We collected loads more passngers along the way. They kept cramming luggage in the back and at one point Ellie's luggage fell off the pile and on to the road. I sat next to a Hungarian guy (who I'd guess was in his mid Fifties) who insisted he ask me 20-questions despite knowing little English. I was impressed that he'd decided to learn the language at such a late age, and admired his ... read more
Tree's that grow in the water
An island close up
Cave writting: 3,000 years old

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