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Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Nakhon Sawan March 15th 2013

'Ten Baht,' said the rugged, heavy-set Thai woman sitting inside the rusty, caged snack shop, holding a two-meter long bamboo switch which she pointed toward the raving mad crowd gathered outside of her office. She took the stick and jabbed at one of the Macaques as it tried to wedge it's way between the worn metal cage and the wretched tin roof, cackling with one eye open and one shut as the boorish beasts looked on with a healthy dose of respect and indifference alike. She opened up the door and emerged from her self-imposed prison and tapped the seat of my motorbike with her stick before tapping the seat of a motorbike next to the cage which looked as if some great and ancient demon had torn through it with jaws of steel and then ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Nakhon Sawan February 26th 2013

‘You ready?’ Pi Ying enquired as I sat, sweating and listening to the drilling sounds echoing around the tattoo shop. I looked down at the stencil on my leg; Ben had done a good job in drawing out the larger design of the Celtic gecko with its tail flicking up and around my shin. I had spent a good few nights thinking over whether I really wanted this good luck symbol inked onto my leg. I thought about looking at it in years to come, perhaps regretting my decision. Yet in all honesty it wasn’t the traditional meanings of good luck and regrowth that made me want to get it done. Simply, it would serve as a reminder of our house in Muang Samsip and the geckos who live on my windowsill. At night I hear ... read more
The finished product
Spot the panda

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Nakhon Sawan January 18th 2013

The sun had yet to rise and in fact would not for quite some time as our motorbike convoy departed from the entrance to Sawan Park on our way to Thailand's grandest of swamps - Bung Boraphet as it's known among the locals - is the nation's largest wetlands and home to all sorts of migratory birds, endangered fish, beautiful plants and the lot. When my alarm went off at 5:30 am on a Saturday morning Tara and I were none too happy but I had only had a few beers the night before and felt alright so we drank down a liter or so of water along with some tea and oatmeal with some dried fruit and made our way out to meet with our friends. We felt none too wise for having lived in ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Nakhon Sawan January 10th 2013

After a short train journey of a bit more than 3 hours from Ayutthaya I arrived in Nakhon Sawan. The train station is about 6 ks out of town. The minute I stepped out of the train I was surrounded by tuk-tuk drivers selling expensive rides to town. I decided to take a songthaews together with some locals which turned out much cheaper. Well, I did not have a map nor did I know where my hotel was which I had booked the night before. So it was difficult to know where to get of the songthaew. Nakhon Sawan is rarely visited by tourists. And no tourists - no maps - and no english. This city seems to be fun for me ;-). On the songtaew I got to know Sonja, a german traveller. But she ... read more
me on a tuk-tuk ride
this guy is laughing!
nice tuk-tuks

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Nakhon Sawan February 24th 2012

When people discuss amazing culinary destinations post-industrial, seemingly unremarkable city of Binghamton, New York doesn't immediately come to mind. There is some very good Italian food, reflecting one of the early ethnic migrations to work in the Endicott-Johnson shoe factories, and there are quite a number of Greek diners for reasons unknown to your humble narrator. But then there are the Asian communities, and while they don't get much attention, they are quietly turning out some of the finest meals Binghamton has to offer. The chicken biryani from Moghuls, the baba ganoush from the aptly named 'Turkish Restaurant,' and the lamb gyros and shish kabobs from a tiny Pakistani hole in the wall known as Taj Restaurant all make the list for some of the finest ethnic food I have tasted anywhere in the country. But ... read more
Mee Leung 2
Marinated Pork

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Nakhon Sawan February 8th 2012

On January 23rd we witnessed far and away the most extravagent New Years celebration of our lives - and not just because the point of this New Year is not all out inebriation. Never had I imagined that so much time and effort (not to mention sweat) could be poured into an event culminating in 24 hours of celebration. For months now Tara and I had heard the fast, driving rhythm of Chinese drums in the distance, had seen groups of men in colorful uniforms parading Chinese dragons and tigers through parking lots, seen old ladies delicately hand painting hundreds of paper lanters outside of their shops and had read and heard that Nakhon Sawan was the best place to be in Thailand for Chinese New Year. Finally, we witnessed what all of the fuss was ... read more
Traditional Thai-Chinese Dance
Trying to catch a glimse
Preparing for the festivities

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Nakhon Sawan January 27th 2012

Thailand is, in many ways, a land of informalities. Nowhere does this present itself so strikingly as in the traffic system - with the traffic laws, or lack thereof. When traffic lights go out, the biggest and / or fastest go first. At a five-way intersection, proceed with caution. If you get knocked off your bike, get yourself up quickly. Don't get me wrong, there are traffic police, some traffic lights, and some laws governing who is at fault when there is a major accident, etc. By and large, however, the roads in Thailand follow the laws of the jungle. You must at all times proceed with extreme caution... ...Nothing could have seemed farther from our minds last weekend as we rode to the bakery with our friends Jenn and Kristen - who was visiting from ... read more
Get well cards 2
Swollen ankle
Road Rash

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Nakhon Sawan January 16th 2012

In honor of teacher's day, for which we have off of school, I am providing a small update to this blog. When it was published it appeared all the way at the bottom of the page, so I updated it in hopes it would move to the top, so people could see that it was on here. Other than that, the content is the same. Enjoy! For those of you who don't know, but care to, I teach at Satri Nakhon Sawan School in Nakhon Sawan, Thailand. Satri is a Thai word for female students, as Satri used to be a school for girls only, but over the years has admitted enough boys to the point where the population of both sexes is roughly equal. There are somewhere between 3,000 and 4,000 students at the school, ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Nakhon Sawan November 22nd 2011

Well from my vantage things have been so busy the last week, or two, or however long its been since we left Kanchanaburi, that I can hardly get my head around it all. We have done so much in so little time that I was reminded of a verse from a song "like a ten minute dream in the passenger seat, while the world was flying bye, I haven't been gone very long, but it feels like a lifetime." So much has happened, and I'm hoping now that I can at least get some semblence of it down on paper. The last time I sat down to write we were in Kanchanaburi, planning to reassess our situation. From our perspective, ATI and Innovative Solutions had let us down. From the very beginning of the program we ... read more
Beer Garden in Bangkok
We step off the train in Bangkok and see...
Boat Launch

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Nakhon Sawan March 16th 2008

Day 9 - Nakon Sawan I've now had 3 days in the saddle and getting used to the riding and the temperature. My body hasn't quite caught up though and it takes all of about 15 minutes for my shirt and helmet to be full of sweat. Frustrating as the Thais don't show any sign of sweat. I'm currently in the central plains of Thailand temperature about 25C at night and up to 40C during the day. Needless to say this makes the riding a damp affair and I have been staying in guest houses/hotels so far to make the most of a shower. Also there are people (and wild dogs) all over the place and I don't fancy an encounter i with a pack of the latter late at night (i can hear them howling ... read more
Aunthaya Temple
Elepahant Festival

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