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Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Mae Salong August 21st 2012

Goed uitgerust sprongen we opnieuw de Songtaeow op (de gekleurde open jeep – die ze hier taxi noemen) naar het busstation. Daar namen we een lokale bus, een heel gek ding met tal van kleurtjes en luide toeters. Na een uur verkrampt te zitten kwamen we toe in een klein dorpje waar we tenmidden op de snelweg 'afgezet' werden. Langsdaar is het zei de vrouw en daar moesten we het mee doen. We zagen alleen een klein restaurant en vroegen of ze ons konden helpen. Niet hier, het is hierachter. Gelukkig moesten we niet te ver zeulen met de bagage want de taxichauffeurs sprongen recht om ons te helpen. We vertrekken euh...als de taxi vol zit zei hij. Ok, we waren nog maar met 3!! Er kunnen wel 8 of 10 mensen in die taxi! Een ... read more
Not so much legroom in this bus/Niet zoveel beenruimte hier
Shared taxi with Kelda from Scotland/gedeelde taxi met Kelda van schotland

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Mae Salong August 8th 2012

About a week ago I packed up all my things and left them with a friend to keep for me with the rest going with me on my bike. My goal is to explore parts of Northern Thailand and Northern Laos over the next month or two with a plan to enterinng Northeastern Thailand and then Cambodia following that. I would like to do so by motorbike. More than anything it is a chance for me to explore the uses of my camera in order to create images that are meaningful. If any good stories rise on the way I hope I will recognize them and be able to tell them. I have been on the road for six days now with tomorrow being a week. I spent one day-and-a-half in the mountains around Chiang Mai ... read more
Assam Tea Leaf
The Cashew Fruit
Fully Loaded Up on the way to Mae Salong

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Mae Salong June 8th 2012

Day 11 Today I decided to spend a few moments on reflection. Such as did I make the right choice to come on an Intrepid? How does one translate the experiences I am having into a meaningful context for readers? I certainly feel that I am actually a real tourist who has had the opportunities presented by the Intrepid people that one would never have had an opportunity to experience otherwise. The places we have visited would have been fairly well vetted to make them a meaningful experience and they are not in a city or town but in the out of the way places. Maybe a veteran traveller would be able to find these places but I am really happy that I made the choice to travel so that I got to experience these places ... read more
Scorpion at temple
On elephant at temple
On steps of temple in Mae Salong

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Mae Salong June 3rd 2012

Day 10 Today was all about getting reorganised for the trip North into the cooler, but still muggy weather and our visit to the hill tribe countryside and tea plantations. We arranged to meet at 8.30am so as usual, I was up about 6am getting organised and of course wanted to ensure the latest blog was up for you to read. This trip turned out to have a turn of events as we visited some caves on the way called Phra Non Cave at a place called Wat Tum Chiang Dao. The entrance to the cave was administered by the Buddhist of Thailand as once again they seem to be everywhere making money for the Buddhists and that allows them to build and maintain their ornate temples. The Caves were enormous and I fear much more ... read more
PhraNon Cave entrance
water carriers in caves
Buddhists in caves

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Mae Salong April 9th 2012

It is perhaps one of those places that life in modern society convinces you can no longer exist. A small sleepy town, quiet, mysterious, with jaw-dropping beauty. You can at once feel as though you have captured it's spirit, while likely never even cracking the surface. I will admit that as we sat in a small town, the name of which escapes me, surrounded by what seemed to be the least hospitable group of Thai's we had yet to come across, under a literally smoke-grey sky, I was wondering why in the world we were headed to Mae Salong. What could possibly sit a top those grey mountains that warranted the long journey to Chiang Rai, the taxi to a secong bus station in Chiang Rai, and the overcrowded bus - luggage in lap - to ... read more
Countryside 11
Going somewhere?
Selling her wares

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Mae Salong March 20th 2012

unfortunately i had started to cough and thought i was getting sick ... also my eyes had turned red and where really bothering mi, so i was like not in a good mood thinking i had attracked some kind of infection ... however i started to realise that it wasn't my body acting up however i've hit the main burning season where the farmers burn their old wasted crops, debris and leftovers from winter ... as agricultural is THE main way of living here, i have just been living in a cloud of burning smoke ... After 5 days in the mountains i decided it was time to move on ... i hopped in a taxi taking mi the exact opposite way i wanted to go ... west instead of east ... however i knew that ... read more
goodie m on the right bus
what happened to the tarmac
mi new home away from home

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Mae Salong March 18th 2012

Aah the little pleasures of life ... in this far away village i have found the best bananabread i've ever tasted in mi life ... so have of course become a regular customer at the this heavenly local bakery (after losing 20 kilos i decided i can spoil myself a little bit). Here i met an advanced bycicle tourguide from england who was in search of some new routes ... i had seen him struggling up the mountain the day before and told him i was very much impressed, however that he was crazy ... a laughter accompanied by nodding of his head 'i've biked all over the world, the Andes, the Himalayas however this is the first place i have ever needed to dismount my bike and push it ... well i did at dirt ... read more
quan yin discovered II
quan yin discovered III
QY temple and mi hair bare the same markings...

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Mae Salong March 18th 2012

Exhausted and disillusioned i found my way back to the Mai Sae busterminal and decided to hop a bus to Chiang Rai, about one hour ride south of the border ... this time also an a/c bus, however now i knew to sit on the correct side away from the sun and way in front ... during this trip my frustration ebbed away and as much as i had wanted to toss away LP, i browsed through it again to find my next destination, a little remote village hidden away in the stretch of mountains west of me ... it was described as to have a chinese feeling as the inhabitants are descendents from immigrants which fled China in1949 when the communist took over ... once i arrived at downtown Chiang Rai i ended up ... read more
mountains up to 2500mtr
Chiang Rai
connected XII

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Mae Salong March 6th 2011

HE SAID... We woke at 6am to prepare for the days ahead. We checked out of the hotel and left at 7.45am for the Chiang Dao Elephant Training Centre. We arrived around 8.30am, fed bananas to the elephants, watched a show and then went for a ride. While the show was difficult to watch (elephants pulling logs and painting pictures is not really my idea of entertainment), the ride was great. The elephant Ren and I clambered onto was hungry, so she decided to go bush a number of times to eat. She also took her own path during the river walk, making a beeline for the riverbank where she could clamber up and munch on the undergrowth. As we made our way back to the minibus we were presented with a framed photo of the ... read more
chiang dao elephant centre
chiang dao elephant centre
chiang dao elephant centre

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Mae Salong January 27th 2011

We arrived in Bangkok finally after 34 hours of travelling. Stayed at the 13 Coins hotel. I'm sure it was great in its' day. Now is pretty run down, but full of character. I understand there is a Moi Tae boxing school there as well. Up early the next day to catch the flight to Chang Rai on Thai Air - Big difference - very quiet flight, no little kids. Driver met us at airport and took us to "Big C" everything store. We bought bedding and personal supplies, then on to Thoed Thai near the border with Burma. We were quite the site riding in the back (yes the bed) of a pick up truck to the border. Then onto the back of motorcycles down jungle trails to Lo Kai Wan. There Dr Myron and ... read more
Thoed Thai
The Team
Transport to LKW

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