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Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Jomtien January 26th 2015

Today went around a lot of Jomtien with a motorbike taxi looking for a new room or house to rent. Found a lot of cheap places but all was rented out, found a awesome big house but cost 25,000 and had nothing inside.. not even air-con. But end of the day, LUCKY! found this nice area with small 1 room + bath houses, in a quiet neighborhood with lots of trees and flowers.. 8,000 Baht a month + electric/water.... read more
2015-01-26 15.02.53
2015-01-26 15.03.20
2015-01-26 15.04.28

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Jomtien December 20th 2014

My girlfriend calls me and says, my boss want's to talk to you... I'm like umm why now what... He had apparently been talking about someone to fix hes website and she told him she knew someone who could handle that, was true but still had not done any full websites my self with WordPress, I've been used to pure PHP, PHP Frameworks etc and for doing websites as a profitable business I had plans to go with the WordPress market... anyways, I went and had a talk with her boss, he needed someone to take care of the existing website, however promoting that would be a nightmare, needed the website rebuild from scratch and cleaned up, all content had to be redone so it looked nice. I took the job and started working on their ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Jomtien December 2nd 2014

2 Days ago I spend all the money i could afford and then some to buy half of the computer equipment i needed, now sitting in office working alone while my boss is on holiday, he send me an email saying he have to let me go, and apparently he also mailed everyone else... closing the company I have a job until 19 December and then finished. So I'm in quite a big mess, as I sure hell won't travel back home and go for social care, no way I'm going back to the European way of life ever again. I started getting my website up and running, already had the domain but nothing on it...... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Jomtien November 12th 2014

Ted and I arrived in Jomtien last night and today we are getting ready for our trip to Maesot and Future Light Children's Home. Our Australia/New Zealand friends Simon and Bronwyn arranged for a 2 bedroom condo for Ted and I in their building, the Somphong. They also had a nice cold beer ready for us at their beautiful condo overlooking the Gulf of Siam before going out for some great Thai food at a local outdoor restaurant. We woke up this morning to beautiful sunshine and the morning sounds from the local Buddhist Temple...great to be back! Simon and Bronwyn laid on a beautiful breakfast for us this morning before starting out for the day. We picked up our SUV rental this afternoon for our trip to Maesot....thanks for arranging this for us Simon! Before ... read more
Loading up supplies for Future Light Home School
Seafood Dinner
Early morning view from our condo balcony

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Jomtien June 27th 2014

Introduction to Thailand Landed in Bangkok ??? Airport 6am, Its was nice temperature inside the airport so didn't think it was so hot down here, took a few minutes to find my way thru the passport check and then waiting to get my luggage, when i came out there was a few booths with Coffee, Taxi offers and so forth. I walked around a few minutes and bought a SIM card for phone.. found the nearest exit, when i came outside.. Wow... 6:30am or so... it was smoking hot, I hurried and walk to the nearest Taxi and asked to go to Jomtien, Was told i could get there for under 1,500 Baht, yet i was so shocked, scared or something about being in Thailand and all alone.. So took the first and best one to ... read more
jomtien beach

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Jomtien January 20th 2014

Its been while since my last blog update. Since I last wrote I haven't really done much that deserved a good read so I thought I would bank up some days. Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th were spent on Jomtein Beach in South Pattaya. The beach was beautiful. The Thai people line it with overlapping umbrellas which pretty much went down to the sea (it wasn't a very wide beach but very long). This meant that most of the time when I was sunbathing in my deck chair I was actually sitting with my feet in the sea, sounds weird but the waves are so small as the water is so calm, shallow and clear so it was pure nice. It was also pretty cool under the umbrellas too, like a labyrinth where the Thai locals ... read more
Jomtein Beach
Pattaya Bay

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Jomtien January 21st 2013

Tuesday 15th January Woke up early as we have a flight to Phuket, then another to Bangkok, got up around 6am as our flight to Phuket was at 8:50. Got our key deposit back ($30 Singapore Dollar) and headed to Changi Airport by MRT, nice and easy because its only a couple of stops away on our line. Arrived and headed for the ticket booth to get our $10 SD (each) deposit back for the rail pass we bought, all of a sudden we're loaded, haha, $50 SD up. Problem is, it's Singapore Dollar, haha, can't use it anywhere else, so wanted to change it to Thai Baht (TB), but we are at the airport, so the rates of exchange are usually terrible. But we didn't have a choice, so K went off to change ... read more
Pattaya walking street....
Drinks in Pattaya :)
Pattaya walking street....

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Jomtien December 18th 2012

Heratys klo 5.30, jotta ehdin katsomaan aamun tahtia. Sitten uimaan ja syomaan ravintolassa aamiaisbufee 190 bahtilla eli 5 eurolla. Sita seurasikin monta tuntia lorvimista hotellissa. Yritin nukkuakin, mutta naapurikorttelista kuuluva poraus hairitsi. Lahdin rannalle klo 15. Olisin voinut menna aiemminkin. Rannalla oli nimittain paljon varjoja ja tuoleja, eli en olisi joutunut olemaan keskipaivalla suorassa auringonpaahteessa. Kavin meressa kolmesti. Illaksi syomaan Pattayan keskustaan. Menin kansanpaikkaan ja tilasin poytaan kuuman lautasellisen kalaa ja vihanneksia.... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Jomtien December 17th 2012

Laitettiin herätys kuudeksi, jotta ehdittiin uimaan ajoissa, kun ei ollut vielä liian kuuma eikä aurinko porottanut liikaa. Uitiin vielä hotellin altaassakin. Menin sitten pelaamaan bridgeä kolmeksitoista. Pelipaikka oli vaihtunut viime talvesta Pattayan keskustasta lähelle Jomtienia.Paljon oli tuttuja kasvoja. Partnerikseni tuli norjalainen pelaaja. Pelitulos ei ollut erityisen hyvä - alkaakohan minulla olla peliväsymystä? En muistanut ottaa kameraa mukaan pelipaikalle, joten se jäi nyt kuvaamatta. Käytiin sitten rannalla vielä auringon laskiessa, mutta ei uitu. Mentiin lavataksilla katsomaan Pattayan keskustaa. Kierrellessä satuttiin suomalaisten rekkamiesten baariin, jossa juotiin yhdet. Paikalla oli yksi suomalainen rinkkamatkailija, joka oli ollut Kamputseassa. Kesät hän työskentelee Malagassa, pitää siellä baaria uruguaylaisen tyttöystävänsä kanssa.... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Jomtien December 16th 2012

Valvoin taas yöllä pitkään. Jukka otti aamulla hyvän kuvan. Valitettavasti hän unohti ottaa mukaan matkalle piuhan, jolla saa siirrettyä kuvia tietokoneelle, joten saan hänen ottamansa kuvat vasta jälkikäteen. Nyt juna ei ollutkaan paljon myöhässä. Haimme korvauksen vaunutason laskusta, otimme rautatieasemalla kahvin ja donitsin. Metrolla ja Sky Trainilla bussiasemalle. Olimme siellä klo 7.55 ja saimme paikat klo 8.00 lähtevään Pattayan bussiin. Matka ilmastoidussa bussissa kesti 2 tuntia. Tinkasimme lavataksikyydin Jomtienille 100 bahtiin. Samassa kyydissä olleet tsekit maksoivat paljon lyhyemmästä matkasta 150 bahtia. Majoittuminen hotelliin. Puolilta päivin aamiaislounas, päiväunet klo 13 - 17. Illemmalla olikin sitten jo siedettävämpi lämpötila. Pyörin Jomtienillä enkä lähtenyt käymään Pattayalla lainkaan.... read more

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