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May 19th 2009
Published: May 19th 2009
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On our last day in Khao Suk we had an amazing experience, Mark and Julia the couple we met the day before on our leech experience invited us to join them at 6 am to go up the mountain to see the fog clear off the cliffs with the limestone rocks sticking out. We got up and met them outside at 6 and sat on the back of the pick up truck and off we went, being out that early in the mornign with the air blowing in your face felt great! We got up and the fog was still to strong to see anything we stayed there for a bit waiting for it to come down and then decided to go have breakfast and come back up afterwards, so we did that and then we went back up and it was starting to move but not the way we had wanted/ expected it to. Mark then proposed to drive us around so we could see the rocks and cliffs all around because the limestone is just facinating so we did that and boy was it a beautiful ride it was really all very very gorgeous and this is all sitting on the back of the pickup so the view is great! We then went back to where we were staying packed our bags and then went for a walk on the grounds of the hostle where there were loads of flowers and insects. Mark came with us and was holding his black board up for us at places so we could get cool pictures which was really kind and then it started raining so we went back into the lounge like area which is higher up but compeltly open so yoursitting there with a view of the cliffs and the trees the birds butterflies and when its raining it all looks really cool. so we sat there and talked with mark and julia about thailand and different things they were so nice to us and also gave us their phone number incase we needed anything and such its experiences like this that make you love travelling when you meet genuinly kind hearted passionate people. It was hard leaving Khao Suk especially after that experience because there was still more to see but the travelling must go on. At 4 20 we set off to wait for the public bus the bus was supposed to arrive at 4 30 and then it was a two hour ride to surat thani where we were taking the train back to bangkok, the train arrived at 5 05 oh and yeah a taxi guy came up to us and was like where you going we told him and he was like ohh the bus is coming at 5 30 and we were like yeah ok we know because we knew the game he was playing it was great when we got on the bus at 5 ish it was like hahaha anyways we arrived at train station steve went off to get the train tickets and then the train was an hour late so more waiting finally we got on the train and prpared for the 12 hour journey back to bangkok =) back in bangkok it felt weird cause it felt like being back " home" in a sense cause finally it was arriving back to somewhere we knew. anyways im done rambling will write more when we are in chiang mai taking the train tongiht woohoo x


23rd May 2009

Damn trains and waiting
Well it's gud u guys met people u can rely on or help and such in case of an ememrgency. YOu must be so sick of waiting for things to arrive or waiting for things to take u places; i know i would be, oh and call on smelling that Taxi guy's ripoff dealio thing. One leg of the jounrey is almost over,wooo

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