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May 18th 2009
Published: May 18th 2009
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So after the whole urchin incident and all that we took a bus up to Khao Suk reserve, we organized to have a minibus take us there from the place we were staying at. ( never trust anything right) anyways so on friday we get the on the mini bus and we start driving first the driver is going up and down the same road doing U turn after Uturn and getting out of the bus and then coming back in its all very weird, he finally starts driving but hes going south, we were heading north so its like " whhhaaatt?" and then he drops us off at this place where we get attacked by people trying to makes us book a hostle place at Khao Suk you know like attacking us about it and we are like no no no we already have a place cause we were angry it was such a sneaky cheat thing to do! Alright so we get back on a different mini bus and after like an hour we leave and head towards Khao Suk we get there and guess where they drop us off? yep infront of the hotel they wanted us to stay it....grrr anyways we get our bags and start walking and soon we find a place called morning mist and it was really nice there we had a little bungalow with a little veranda with a hammock and stuff with a view to the river, the garden filled with fruit trees pretty birds and flowers! ( Alex trhis is a little extra comment for you the fruits we could find in the garden were , start fruit, papaye, mango,pinaple, passion fruit and another fruit which i still dont know the name of but its huge and looks weird =p) . So there thats adventure number 1 with good ending pheww.. that day we didn't do much because the mini bus people wasted so much time in taking us there that we just didn't have enough day light to do much. The next day though we went in the reserve....da da da so we go in and like start walking first thing we see is a lizard not the most exciting thing but quite cool but then we see this spider HUGE spider that looked quite nasty hehe oh also saw a little baby iguana and lots of birds and stuff and stuff all alright and then it started raining, pouring actually so we started heading back to where we were staying. Once back at the bungalow we noticed we were bleeding i was bleeding on my thigh and around my ankles and steves leg was bleeding too/. The bleeding was not stopping i rinsed out my thigh and then it still bled over and over so when ur bleeding like that after getting out of the jungle and seeing weird spiders and little snakes and such you freak out! So we went to ask this canadian guy we had met that mornign called mark hes been living in thailand for a while and hes a photographer, he instantly told us oh yeah its leeches! apparently theres two types of leeches the water onces which are flat and ones that can be found like anywhere and can fall off trees and stuff and those ones are round... hmmmm but they are not dangerous and stuff so its ok! Alright i have to go now but i still have so much more to write! I will add more later on! xx


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