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May 14th 2009
Published: May 14th 2009
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So we are now staying in Ao Nang, which is still touristy but of course this is now low season so there aren't a lot of people around. So yesterday we went to Railey beach which is really nice and if you remember was where we wanted to go originally but then we were too stubborn to pay the extra pound for the boat trip there. So, on the walk to the boat we took our shoes off for maybe 2 meters in the sand to get on the longtail boat and guess what julie does yes she doesn't see the urchin there in the white sand right in front of her and steps right into it! Anyways that was painful anyways we still got on the boat, we got to Railey around midday with a couple that we have been chilling with for the last couple nights they were going rock climbing and we were going to check Railey out and find a needle or anything i didn't care much to get the spikes out of my foot found a first aid place and the lady inside told me i had to stick my foot in urine for 15 mins and then the spikes would come on a beach im supposed to find a bucket and then pee in it and then sit there with my foot in it for 15 mins! ( of course Steve found this really funny and was preparing to take lots of pictures of this) anyways we kept on walking and i just thought if i find a bucket then ill do it but i wont go out of my i walked on the tip of my right foot, the beach we found on Railey must be the nicest beach we have seen so far gorgeous with the limestone rock cliffs all around very cool. There is also a temple there in the rocks which has loads of penises however you spell that, its quite a hilarious site. Fishermen believed that the spirit of some princess lives there and they would go there before going out to sea for good luck men also sometimes carry a penis on a key chain as good luck and also while we were there people were coming and praying to them so yeah interesting.Anyways theres a lagoon on Railey which you kinda have to climb to its a good old climb ill tell you that and the ground is a kind of clay like texture so its a little slippery but do able and we did it me with my urchin foot and Steve with his fear of heights but it was definitely worth it the site was gorgeous! So calm and peaceful you get to the lagoon which was salty didn't really expect that but anyways when you looked up the cliffs surrounding made the shape of an eye so we were literally in the middle of the cliffs completely closed off i cant really explain but it was really really cool/. Anyways so we got back late afternoon and back at the room i managed to get the spikes out with a needle... ( pee my ass) i bet the lady was having a good laugh or maybe it does work i don't know i prefer getting them out my way! Anyways my foot is fine and all is good we staying in Ao Nang another day and then we will be going to a reserve where hopefully ill be able to get some good wildlife pictures!
See you!!!


17th May 2009

Of course u would step on an urchin, why would u not have?;p You should have done the urine thing, it is true and helpful and it fights the bacteria too, plus it would have been hilarious. I didn't know they had a huge gay fisherman fan base over there, sounds awesome, praying to penises, i'm suprized there isnt a temple like that in LA. Hope u Have fun at the Reserve!!! Love u lots xx

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