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Published: May 11th 2009
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So yesterday we went on a sailboat to travel around a little. We went to monkey beach and fed the monkeys some bananas then we did some snorkeling which was really great loads and loads of fishies! We also went to Maya beach which is where the movie the beach was filmed although i haven't seen the film ( surprise surprise) but yeah, we watched the sunset from the boat in the middle of the sea with the sails out and the engine off it was a gorgeous feeling of freedom. We arrive back on Ko phi phi around hmm lets say 8 pm and then i realized i'd forgotten my sunglasses on the boat, the boat driver said that they would bring them to the office today, so today i go to the office and the glasses are not there and we are due to leave today and the sail boat is already out at sea!!!! So i go to the beach and get a longtail boat try to put the price lower but it doesnt work sooooo i end up just paying the full amount and gripping on the boat for dear life we set off to chase the sailboat the longtail boat driver understood i was in a rush so he sped REALLY fast haha it was very cool very james bond adventure like especially with the scenery around! I got my sunglasses back and came back to shore woohoo missiong accomplished! anyways yeah thats it we are leaving today and heading off to Ao Nang will write more soon! xxx


12th May 2009

That's hilarious
Great story. Sounds like you really would have missed those glasses... That beach must have been amazing, I'm sure they spiced it up in the movie but still. Really would love to join. Enjoy every minute! x
17th May 2009

I WANT TO FEED BANANAS TO MONKEEEYS.U suckass...and u get to be snorkling too :( Haha, I was waiting to see when u were going to loose those glasses, Cannot beleive u got them back, must've been a fun lil adventure chasing after the boat; u shud've filmed the whole thing. I Can't beleive u were on the Fucking beach from 'The Beach' U bastard! UR SO LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love u but hate's still an obsession xx

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