Stoborness brought us to Ko Phi Phi...

Published: May 8th 2009
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So yesterday we had the intention of taking a longtail boat from Krabi town to Railey beach which is supposed to be a really gorgeous beach. So after checking out of the place we were staying having breakfast and all we headed down to the pier. We soon started trying to bargain with the longtail boat drivers trying to get the price cheaper, a bunch of people joined us ( French couple, scottish guy, and we think canadian guy) we wandered around the pier for a good while trying to get the price down the longtail boat drivers laughing at us etc etc... Now what is important to know is that all this arguing was for 1 pound! We wanted it a pound cheaper than what it was anyways we finally said fine we are leaving and decided to walk to another pier which on the map didn't look that far away...carrying 20kilos it wasn't that close! The heat didn't help much either! We finally after a good walk saw the sign for the other pier and started walking down the road with only 1.3 km left, a really nice Thai guy in a pick up truck offered to give us a ride to the pier which we gladly took so we jumped on the back of the truck and he took us to the pier. Once at the pier we found out that there were no boats going to Railey from there HAHA only boats going to Ko Phi Phi so we just decided to change our plans and make it here. This island is definately well so far just not what i expected way to touristy and like all that but tomorrow gonna walk into the jungle and to the other side where hopefully we will be finding a more deserted beach and a nice spot for snorkeling... basically this is agia napa in thailand =p anyways im off bye bye!


8th May 2009

Shall we meet in China?
Only 1 picture! I will be in China in a city called Guangzhou in 10 days shall we meet ;) Bisous
17th May 2009

Geez Louiz, was it like DOE all over again? But just like ten times worse cos of the heat etc Hope u made the most of the Island and went clubbing etc Jungle, woah, bet that will sticky and full of deadly animals..yaay lol xx

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