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May 5th 2009
Published: May 5th 2009
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Alright so lots to catch up on the last time i wrote I was in Trang! So the day after my last entry took a very cool ghetto boat off to Ko Mook! There were only Thai people on the boat and we left from a little pier called Ko Mook pier, the boat was super loud and the whole thing creaked and moved with every step and movement but it was still a brilliant experience! Not to mention everyone on the boat was really friendly! We got on the island and it started raining...once the rain had stopped we asked for a taxi to take us to the bungalows we wanted to stay at, now taxi means jumping on a scooter ( with massive 15 kilo backpack on ur back and also camera bag which i was tryikng to balance on my leg and hold with my left arm!) and on we jumped one scooter each. Going through the little dirt roads with rocks and bumps and puddles and all that holding on with one hand with the backpack and camera bag and flip flop threatening to fall off was quite the adventure! Amazingly I didn't fall off!!!!! We arrived to the bungalows ( place is called rubber tree) and for the first night decided to get the cheapest bungalow which as a outdoor bathroom, a fan, bed and is made out of bamboo, I'm all excited about how cute the bungalow is and all that and Steve is just a bit worried but I felt like a little kid with a cabin =p. So that day we went for a long walk into the village and got to see lots of people doing their day to day things everyone i mean EVERYONE said hello with a massive smile on their faces everyone was just really nice! A guy drove by on his scooter and stopped by us and pointed to his leg and on his leg was a little baby monkey he put it on my shoulder and of course i just melted =p at night when we returned to the bungalow their was a lovely tarantula looking spider waiting to cuddle up on my bed!!!!!!!!! ( now understanding why steve was worried about the little bungalow) I tried to do the julie saves the day like i do usually in cyprus or london with the spiders there you kmnow catching the spider and putting it outside. I have to say this one was a little scarier! I took a pot ( which was the pot in the bathroom because u fill it with water then put that water in the toilet cause there isnt a flush on the toilet anyways whatever!) I tried to catch it it ended up running out by itself after some very clumsy stumbling acorss the room. That night the rain started and lots of frogs came out and i even saw a snake! Not too sure what it was though hehe! And it rained for the next couple days so we didnt get to do too much we went out whenever the rain stopped and walked on the beach, it was really cool being on the beach when the storm was starting at night and the lightening was striking! Also went on a hermit crab hunt looking at all the different shells that they were living in and all the diffferent sized ones ( it entertained me for a good while ) anyways this mornign we came back on the ghetto boat except this one was leaking too!!! heh and are now in Krabi province and jsut about to plan our next Island to hop on! Lots of love xxxx


5th May 2009

Hey sista! I want pics!! I want to see what you are seeing :) At least one of the best for each main destination! Gros bisous, Michael
5th May 2009

Whoo, haha the scooter thing sounded funny, it couldn't have been pleasant :) Too bad it's been raining soo much, here the weather isn't any better.. Please tell me u got snaps of the baby monkey, it sounds so cute, U lucky duck Fucking heck, u know me i would've have scurried the hell out of there if i saw a tarantula on my bed, good thing it went by itself There's so many animals there; lots to photograph which is gud. It's cool how each island doesnt seem to be the same Wonder what the next one will entail xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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