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May 1st 2009
Published: May 1st 2009
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On Ko Lipe we ended up staying at a place called Pooh's ( with a little winnie the poo on the card) but turns out the owners name was Pooh they were really friendly and made amazing Barbecue chicken and fresh fish ( yum!) They had a Golden retriver called Sam ( haha) who was five months old and was super friendly and playful and also very naughty everytime they would clean the place up sam would come in proudly carrying a massive bug or a piece of wood that he had found and would dirty the place up again and then run away and the guys who had just cleaned would come back in see the mess and go SAAAAM but with big smiles on their faces which was great to see=) So yesterday I was on an Island called Tarutao National Park, it was beautiful there a practically untouched Island with beautiful beaches got a canoe and went around one of the "rivers" which seemed more like a calm salty lake trees everywhere with roots sticking out of the water. Went into the little paths between the trees where is was proper tropical forest scenery really beautiful! Then went back to the bungalow and was quietly having my pee and suddenly steve started yelling for me to come out saying " monkeys monkeys quick they are leaving" ( which is what i heard although steve insists it was " monkeys monkeys come quick before they leave" i ran out of the bungalow to find that macaques had come to chill all around where we were staying they let us take pictures of them while they proudly tipped over the bins to try and find some food. One of the males which I think was the leader made his way up to the terrace and was looking in our bags! When he saw that we caught him in action he started running after me teeth out and all! Real scary haha those teeth look quite sharp and are quite big! I flashed my camera in his face and that kind of scared him off and he stopped bugging me and ran back to the group ( he still kept his eye on me though). At sunset hundreds of little crabs were running along the beach they were all over it was really coon to see and they had made little holes everywhere in the sand! In the middle of the night the electricity was turned off so the fan stopped working in desperate need to get some air i opened up the windows but there was no breeze to be found 😞 so the remainder of the night was quite hard!This morning went up Toe Boo Cliff which kind of takes you to a high point of the Island have to climb through the forest to get to it the trek up there is worth it though cause it really is gorgeous to see all the tree tops and the sandy beaches up from high! Well thats pretty much my update we are now in Trang back on the mainland and staying here over night ( room with AC and Hot water which is a great luxury compared to the last couple days =p) and its only costing a fiver! Love it! Anyways gonna go get some laundry done while we can! Will get back to y'all soon =p
Lots of Love!


3rd May 2009

Now that's more like it
Thnks for giving a good detailed account of what has been happening wit chu That sounds like so much fun, I wish I could see sam the retreiver it must have been the cutest thing ever, except when it had a big ass bug in it's mouth I keep watching that reality show shipwrecked that Joe was on and seeing these pristine beaches with cyrstal blue water and i'm so jelous that u are actually on them :) the canoe must have been super fun too And the whole monkey scenario sounds hilarious, I'm gagging to see all these pictures that u've yet to upload..cant u at least send a few via email or summing? Sounds like u're surrounded by a lot of 'proud' animals ;p And the crab thing sounds awesome tooo and the hike too, i cant even imagine the view I'm bored off my ass working on essays and shit, so not much to report, so have twice as much fun for me Love u lots miss u more xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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